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Bruce Jenner

Kim Kardashian's Flour Bomber

Is an 'ASS'

3/29/2012 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0329-bruce-jenner-vidBruce Jenner is rallying behind his stepdaughter Kim Kardashian -- claiming the rogue PETA member who dumped flour on her last week is nothing more than a pathetic little "ass."

Bruce and Kris Jenner were leaving LAX yesterday -- when a photog asked what they thought about the flour-bombing PETA activist Christina Cho blasting Kim for wearing the flesh of dead animals.

Bruce didn't miss a beat, calling Cho an "ass." Meanwhile, Kris played coy.

As we previously reported, Kim's sis Khloe has already cut ties with PETA over the flour-bombing -- accusing the organization of "bullying." 


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No way! Kris let Bruce talk?
She did not emasculate him on camera?

947 days ago


Get your balls back Bruce, and encourage Scott and Lamar to get theirs back too.

The Kardashian women love to take away a man's balls, his spine, his dignity, his money, his everything.

947 days ago


There is a huge segment of the population, who absolutely are sick of the K. family.It appears that they continue to PROSPER!!!! Why do the most immoral,depraved people continue to be successful? I would really like to hear some intelligent responses about this, and is there ANY sign that they & their corruption are going down??

947 days ago


OH MY GOD, It's the crypt keeper, what a ugly man!!! Was he deformed in a accident? Was he burned in a fire? What the hell is wrong with this mans face????

947 days ago


dammmmnnn look at bruce face!.lol.....bruce is a Officially a Kardashian now... his face is pull all the way back just like his wife..

947 days ago


Probably not a good idea to be a family member of a Kardashian and use the word 'ass'.

947 days ago


Big-bad-Cho gotz what she wanted:


-At the expense of the Kardashians.

Let's see how she now lives-wid-it.

Painted-a-big-bulls-eye-on her-own-cowardly-back.

947 days ago


We really need to boycott TMZ....what used to be a somewhat cool site is now a advertisement for the Krapdashian family....why does TMZ give so much space praising these idiots?...and I didn't know that TMZ also owns toofab.....which is always kissing the teats of these pigs....and BTW...Bruce is a cross dresser isn't he?...didn't I read that on TMZ?...he probably wears the Krapdashian collection at home so there is no accounting for his taste and who he thinks is an ass.

947 days ago


Bruce Jenner you know we despise your family,and Kloe the big one mad at Peta belive me Peta is happy you are not posing for them not more they have beautiful ,intelligent women in Hollywood to be in the magazines . Thansk you Kloe for not posing for Peta we are happy to not see your ugly face on it! Is funny this people specialle Kim who make all the family famous after the sex tape ,they think they are unique and royalty,keep dreming in your laureles...I saw your stepson being hancuffed by the police he thinks he is God,he was treatening a photographer ,why TMZ is no showing , the video? Is everybody saw the video? he was mad and the police got him but of course "money talks" he was out on minutes not charges at all,well that is being a Kardashian.Kudos to the woman who bombed kim with flour.Good job go girl! we not need the Kardashians in the tabloids we had enough! Karma is comming to them .This people is all over the tabloids I saw Kim comming out of the church of course she called the papparazy to take photos of her leaving the church...the church? I can't believe ,this people will sale the soul to the devil just to be in the news..disgusting family.....

947 days ago

Kris H is a classy guy    

Bruce the only @ss I see is you. You are an @ss for staying with this woman, who does nothing but boss you around like a little boy, or maybe you are into that. So here is what I say, if you really want to see what a true @ss looks like all you need to do is hold up a mirror, it will be stearing back at you.

947 days ago


bruce u look like a damn fool.. u used to be a icon... now u look and act like a idiot.... my bad bro but its true

947 days ago


Bruce Jenner is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to old to be wearing an earring!!!! If I were his children, I would be embarrassed. Also, he looks an LA woman...too much plastic plastic

947 days ago


people need to boycott tmz, all week they've had all the krapashians who probably own too fab also...please tmz stop with these people and too fab.. both the krapdashians and too fab are nothing but lies.

947 days ago

L. Weatherby    

What has this girl done to be famous for other than having Bruce jenner as a step father. The media has given these girls and the likes of Paris Hilton so much attention that they become headliners yet they hadnt done much more than party.. PS Bruce you need a face lift..

947 days ago


Really, Bruce you calling the flour bomber a pathetic little ass. You mean as opposed to Kim being a pathetic BIG ass.

946 days ago
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