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Dweezil Zappa

Sued By Divorce Lawyer

3/29/2012 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dweezil Zappa has gotten a double whammy in his marriage -- first his wife filed for divorce, and now his divorce lawyer has sued him for not paying his bill.

According to the lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Dweezil's lawyer, James Eliaser, claims Dweeze owes $37,498.75.

Dweezil's wife, Lauren Knudsen, filed for divorce in 2010.

According to Dweezil's retainer agreement, the former MTV VJ agreed to pay the lawyer $625 an hour.  Dweezil paid a $15,000 retainer at the beginning, but it all adds up quickly.

BTW, the retainer says Dweezil must pay $4 for the first page of any fax and $1 for additional pages.

We can't figure out where the 75 cents came from.


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miss tia    

that attorney is ripping Dweezil off! FIGHT IT DWEEZIL!!! love that tmz is covering Dweezil! he's awesome! :)

936 days ago


I wanna yacht... how 'bout you?
Ninety feet long... with a ten man crew!

(google it.)

936 days ago


i always thought he married his lisa loeb rebound girl

936 days ago


No enough "Dinah Moe Hum"

936 days ago


OMG I LOVE Dweezil!! Reminds me of Mtv in the 80's, before reality TV ruined it:(

936 days ago


It should be illegal for lawyers to charge ridiculous amounts of money for basically doing nothing. $625 for just talking to their client? $50 for sending an email, etc. Outrageous.

936 days ago


My father was a lawyer for 57 years. My sister and her husband are both lawyers. Wait until I tell them this guy charges $625./hr. They will shoot!

936 days ago

Mike L    

For those prices, he should sue them right back for being rip off artists. $625 an hour? Good luck crooks. $4 for one fax page and a dollar for each after that?? Please, it costs less then a nickel a page to send faxes. And given that the office most likely has unlimited calling, it shouldn't even cost that! I hope a judge tells this attorney to screw off. Who does he think he is a sports superstar? They're the only ones who get paid that well....... and drug dealers and rappers or drug dealing rappers.

936 days ago


What the wife doesn't take the lawyer does. Just say 'NO' to marriage boys. No matter how hot the chick is and you swear the sex will never get old, it will and so will she.

936 days ago

my guitar wants to kill your lawyer.

936 days ago


Tell the loser attorney to write it off his taxes. SCREW 'em. Attorney fees are a scam.

936 days ago


The $0.75 comes from billing a portion of an hour...for instance a 15 minute phone call would be billed at $156.25.

936 days ago


I have not comment his divorce. However, I am just unlucky...All my working life, when I've opened bills from vendors, I look at some of the charges...It's insane what people can get away with. The last bill I opened had a travel charge for delivery that was 75% more than the cost of the item ordered. The company was only 2 miles away...It sucks to be honest and hard working...

936 days ago


I can't believe that TMZ is accepting ad revenue from $cientology..... whoring itself out to a cult that destroys lives and worse is a disgrace!

936 days ago


Just saw him on Kenny Wayne Shepherd's tour. He's great. Hope it all works out!

935 days ago
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