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Piers Morgan

I Want Madonna to Apologize


3/29/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_f5b2z1f5_0_7q4tbjfsPiers Morgan
wants Madonna to "get down on bended knee" and apologize to him ... on TMZ -- all because of a mystery feud that blew up on the Internet this week.

You'll recall ... Piers publicly banned Madonna from his CNN show on Twitter Tuesday, writing, "Welcome to Twitter. You're still banned from my show. Love Piers X."

Madonna's manager Guy Oseary thumbed his nose in response, tweeting back Madonna had already been invited to Piers' UK show -- so Piers extended the ban worldwide.

Piers refused to elaborate on what's really behind the feud -- on his way out of an L.A. supermarket today -- telling us, "It's a private spat." (Piers also doesn't return his shopping cart to the cart corral in the parking lot ... but that's another issue.)

Piers added, "Madonna can come on [my] show, but she has to get on bended knee and apologize to me ... on TMZ."

But he probably won't get his wish -- because a source close to Madonna's management tells TMZ, "Piers is delusional for feuding with Madonna. He isn't even on Madonna's radar. The UK invitation speaks for itself."


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Grow up, Piers.

936 days ago

Be a little inappropriate~    

He is one bitter little man.

936 days ago


Ohh PIers... you are such a bastard. I wish Madonna would spit out on your ugly face.

936 days ago


If it is a "private spat", then why is he constantly bringing it up all the time. I swear it is so pathetic. She must of insulted his "Big Ben" 20 years ago and he just can't let it go. Shut up Piers, no one cares.

936 days ago


so 2 douches are fighting it out. yaay. who cares about this piers guy he's horrible and nobody watches his show and madonna should be collecting social security by now

936 days ago


Piers' ratings are way down, so he's starting a celebrity feud to get some publicity. But he probably should have picked a celebrity people still care about.

936 days ago

Patrick Henry    

The question is....WHO hasn't the crass big mouthed Madonna insulted? She loves controversy as she thinks it keeps her relevant. She's an old witchy crone , good for half time rituals( how superstitious) so Piers need not fear.

The fact that he refuses to share what the spat is makes him the classy gent that he is...which is why we watch his show. One should truly feel sorry for Lourdes. Good thing Ritchie finally got away.

936 days ago


He's still pissed at her for turning down his sexual advances in the 1980's!! GROW UP, little man!

936 days ago


LMFAO! this ugly brit needs to go back over the pond and run the Murdoch corrupt papers. Does he really think Madonna gives a rat's a**?? hahaha what a LOSER!!CNN is a joke for hiring a rat bastard slim ball like this

936 days ago


Piers, Please shut up... Madonna can careless if she is ever on your boring, no ratings having show.

936 days ago


Does this idiot really think anyone in America likes or gives a **** about him? His show should be canceled and his dumb ass sent back across the pond.

936 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    


These two probably have tea together every other week. Maybe last week, Midge says, " Oh, I say, Pierzy, my new alboom is coming out, how ever do you suppose I can make one million gazillion euros, can I appear on your programe to promote my alboom?"

"Hold the telly, Modge" PM probably replied, "Let's create a pu scandal, yes, a public pillow fight!˝ Then Mange probably said.

"A Twitter bitch fight sounds delightful! Press for you and press for me, lovely, yes lovely, darling. Oh, by the way, darling, have you seen Molly? Don't be silly, love, I meant Molly Ringwald, I haven't seen her in ages ;)

936 days ago


Sod off, you ninny. The clock is ticking on this bloated, self-obsessed boob.

C'mon CNN really? A reality show judge?

936 days ago


Madonna has spat on a lot of people - especially 'little people' - over the years and back when Piers was an up and coming journalist, she did that to him. She treated him like garbage. Whether you all like him or not, he has become well-known and respectable and I don't blame him a bit for him banning her. Then again, I tend to hold grudges against rude people as well. I would guess that a simple apology would be sufficient, but from what I know of Madonna: fat chance.

936 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    



Go back to the UK, you talentless, useless, lying piece of dog excrement.

Another one of Rupert's lap dogs.

936 days ago
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