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Earth, Wind & Fire

Maurice White Accused of

Stiffing DEAD Producer

3/30/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Earth, Wind & Fire creator Maurice White is being sued for allegedly not forking over thousands of dollars to the guy who produced some of his biggest hits ... but there's a catch -- the producer DIED 36 years ago.

The man at the center of the controversy is Charles Stepney -- who produced a bunch of EWF hits from 1974 until his death in 1976 ... including Shining Star, Mighty Mighty, Devotion and Sing a Song.

But according to a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ ... Stepney's children claim they recently discovered their dad NEVER got any royalty checks for his producer work on the EWF hits ... even while he was alive.

Now, they want Maurice ... along with Sony Music Holdings, Inc ... to fork over a HUGE check for all of the royalties they claim they deserve ... dating all the way back to 1974.

We reached out to Maurice for comment -- so far, no word back.


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That's Mr. White leader of EWF he's older now "71"

734 days ago


That is Maurice White he's older possible toupee

734 days ago


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732 days ago


Hell yeah that picture is Maurice White. Y'all trippin. He's wearing a toupee, dummies.

650 days ago


I am a huge EWF/ Maurice/ Charles fan. I know a lot of the background on how this happen through research and knowing certain band members. It was a lot lof lbales/producers that did not pay up upon Chrles demise and actually stole the rest of his work from the family during there time of need. Maurice is a standup guy and he is the lesser of teh offenders in this issuebut because he is one of teh most talented and notable in music, of course media will single him out for headline sales. Not sure on statute of limitations but if he does owe, he and all others should pay to the family. Charles Stepney was a Music Genuis like Maurice White.

510 days ago
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