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'Real Housewives' Slade Smiley

Attacked On Red Carpet

for Deadbeat Dad Payments

3/30/2012 8:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley were caught in a CRAZY scene last night when a bill collector angrily hit 'em up for more than $100K in late child support Slade allegedly owes for his son ... an 11-year old who's fighting brain cancer.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" couple had just stepped off a red carpet in Hollywood last night when the bill collector jumped out and shouted at Slade, "Pay your child support! Your son has cancer."

As TMZ reported, Slade owes a major chunk o' cash to his ex-gf Michelle Arroyo. Their son Grayson was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 6 and has had 11 surgeries.

In the video, the collector repeatedly says Slade owes $160,000 in back child support -- but Michelle tells TMZ the total was around $130,000 ... until she agreed to reduce it to $95,000 in a recent court hearing.  

She claims Slade is currently paying her $775 per month. We called Slade's rep for comment ... but haven't heard back yet.



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The collector dude is a joke with his roided out "bodyguard." I'm not defending Smiley, he needs to pay, but the collector doesn't even know how much he owes. If that collector pulled that "tough guy" stuff alone, without his roided "tiny down below" friend, he would have an issue.

904 days ago


So his son is fighting cancer and he is running around on red carpets, up Gretchen's azz, and trying to be a comedian. What a LOSER!!!!! I will not be watching that show anymore. This makes me sick! He should be spending time with his sick son!!!!!!!!!

904 days ago


skumbag with RED FINGERNAIL POLISH!!! Grow some stones dude!!!!LOL

904 days ago


WTF does she see in him?! He's not even good-looking and acts like a little b*tch. She's a moron

904 days ago


Child support is a joke. Tell his mother to get a job and pay her son's bills since she had the choice of giving birth to him...or not!

904 days ago


Ever think this may be all he can afford.. and while he is may owe his ex-girl friend money, it sounds like he's atleast contributing somehow. And I don't believe he's abandoned the child, he's active in his life. Sometimes you can do what you can do.. give the guy a break. .

904 days ago


Poor baby brain cancer shame on you Slade I have no words to describe you I am speechless and Gretchen wow I just lost the lil respect I had for your FUGLY ass I wish makeup would not exist so ppl would see how FUGLY you really are Geez.! really now that's so sad.!

904 days ago


What a pig.

904 days ago

Its Me    

I could care less about this guy BUT I will say, at least he's paying SOMETHING per month. It's not what he supposed to be paying, but if he didn't care and was a true "deadbeat dad" like SOO many out there, he wouldn't be paying a dime.

904 days ago


I didn't know Emeril is Slade's buddy!

904 days ago


What a douche bag. His eyes look like he was drinking, money could have gone to child. Why cant women realize..judge a current boyfriend by the way he treats his ex.

904 days ago

Mick Kahler    

As s***my and despicable as Slade is, what does this say about a p.o.s. like Gretchen who is with him? Then again, some women like being with lowlife types because they LOVE hearing others tell them, "oh you can do better than that guy." Disgusting!

904 days ago


Slade Smiley is a despicable piece of s$%@. Reality tv actor, we know they get paid the big bucks too. How can he look at himself in the mirror everyday, carry on with another woman, make tons of money daily. While his 11 year old son has gone through 11 operations for brain cancer and not pay his 95k in arrears of Child Support? He got it reduced to pay only 775 bucks a month how can this happen its abominable that such a thing can go on. Why is he not in jail till he pays up or garnished?

904 days ago


Loser, it's terrible that men don't pay their child support! But, this case takes it to a whole different level!!!!! The child has cancer for goodness sake!!!! Do your duties and help his mother out, it's not bad enough that her child has cancer, but you, the dead beat dad, doesn't help take on the finacial burden?!?!? There is a VERY special place for people like you!!!!!!!!

904 days ago


What a s***bag! The thought of him makes me want to barf. And it proves Gretchen IS a dumb blonde for being with him.

904 days ago
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