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'Texas Women'

INSANE Woman-on-Man Brawl

Outside Bar [VIDEO]

4/6/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_8b2v4tar_0_vjr52tbxDon't mess with "Texas Women" -- because one of the female star's of the CMT reality show single-handedly took down a MAN with a nasty flurry of punches ... and the brutal street fight was all caught on tape!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... the fight went down February 18th outside some bar in Fort Worth, after a guy called Brooke Jeter the C-word ... rhymes with runt.

Brooke's husband jumped to defend her ... but she didn't need the help ... and beat the guy down with haymaker after haymaker ... it's pretty gnarly.

Cops swooped in ... ripped Brooke off her helpless victim and put Brooke in handcuffs. But she didn't go quietly ... so one of the officers shoved her on to his squad car to calm her down.

We're told the fight will most likely be a plot line on the show, which premieres Saturday.

Yee. Haw.


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The headline is silly and written by someone who knows nothing about Texas. Texas women use their brains and determination to fight back, not their fists. Besides, this woman was fighting like a 5 year old rather than someone who knew what they were doing and was lucky she was being helped by the guys.

I am from Texas and I know many women who would have cut him to the knees verbally and he wouldn't even realize what happen until they walked away.

The police did a great job of handling the situation, but I think they should have taken in her husband and anyone else who started throwing punches at the guy just because he called her name. Granted, it was a really nasty name and he is just as much of a jerk as the rest, but starting a school yard fight about it was stupid.

929 days ago


If she was black the cops would have shot her. She was reaching right near his gun too.

929 days ago


More TMZ BS!!! You need to get your eyes checked. The two guys were fighting (sort of) and she came in to double team that one guy in the baseball cap. The police arrested her and the guy in the baseball cap. The cops should have arrested the guy in the cowboy hat also. It's easy for her to be hitting the guy when her "husband" is holding him.

929 days ago


What kind of drugs was whoever posted this smoking? That's anything but "single-handedly took down a MAN with a nasty flurry of punches"

929 days ago


Americans are the stupidest hillbillies on the planet, and that includes kenya, afghanistan and siberia.

929 days ago


Ha ha her big man looking self could probably beat the cop up with those cuffs off

929 days ago


White chicks get away with murder she wold have been beat half to death or tazed or shot if she was any other race

929 days ago


cop grabs that chicks boobs at 1min 2 sec part lol

929 days ago


These people aren't celebirdies. TMZ is becoming just as lame as Perez Hilton's blog.

929 days ago


Lock that "C-runt" up and her little beyatch cowboy husband. The midget cowboy started it. He shoulda got his cowboy ass kicked.

929 days ago


Ugh, f*cking hicks... I have to admit, I couldn't stop laughing when her own husband punched that c*nt in the face. It's easy to "beat down" another person when the're being held.

929 days ago


redneck voice "Get that on camera! Get that on camera!"

929 days ago


women fighting is the best thing ever!

929 days ago


i will take a big check and she can beat me up, too. i can take any punch and i LOVE money!

929 days ago


More garbage brought to you by reality tv. What a surprise they'd plan to put it on the show. Thanks, I'll pass.

929 days ago
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