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Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston's

a Deadbeat Dad

4/7/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin -- according to team Bristol.

Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, Levi hasn't made a child support payment for the ex-couple's son Tripp since June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

According to court records, Levi is required to pay $1,750 a month -- which means his outstanding balance is $38,500.

As for why Bristol hasn't attempted to enforce the order -- via wage garnishment or otherwise -- Bristol's attorney tells us, "We forbore pursuing child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship" ... no kidding.

We're told Bristol is still holding out hope that Levi will pay. So far, no word back from Levi's camp.


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does levi even have a job?

927 days ago


Levi started hurting his son the day he decided to trash his son's family. It was Levi who started the public war when all he had to do was take the responsible route and growup, get a GED (not hard) get a job, ensure he will always have joint custody legally, pay his share and legally make his ex share his son.

He's done none of these things with maturity or with regularity. What a father. He has nothing positive to show his son . He cannot truthfully prove he manned up because he didnt.

927 days ago


OK so Levi has become all he'll ever be - a loser. Bristol quit bitching about the were an active participant in getting knocked up by a loser so you're 1/2 the problem from the very beginning.
I really have no sympathy for tramps who get pregnant and then complain the baby-daddy isn't paying child support. If they wud have some self-respect and keep their legs closed they wudn't be where they are today......just sayin'.

927 days ago


You have to wonder why she is not wanting to enter the court there any other information she is worried about coming out? Goodness knows of all people HE probably knows alot of dirt on the Palins and you know mama grizzly is probably telling her NO, do not go to court..funny how she waits til NOW, after the announcement of he and his new girlfriend expecting, to start complaining about the $$$.

927 days ago


Pretty much as I figured when he came out with that **** and bull story about how the Palins are allegedly blocking him from seeing the child. Men like to use that straw man excuse for why they aren't paying support. Levi is a total fame whore enamored with himself, and this new girl must be dumber than a rock to allow herself to get knocked up by him.

927 days ago


On second thought, looking at the kid's pic again in this story, he has awfully light hair for having parents with very dark she worried he may say "then let's have a paternity test, shall we?"..and yet another Palin lie will surface?

927 days ago


lol his camp consists of the liberal media who uses him as a mouth piece to blast palin every chance he gets.i seriously dont see why people hate this family so much.obama rolls with radicals and they think he is an angel.gotta love the liberal hypocrites though.they are the ones who say stay out of my bed room and my womb all the while saying the government needs to pay for their birth control.derp

927 days ago


Levi is a SAD excuse of a father..........I see B*TCHN*GGAness is on a rise now a days

927 days ago


If it's true, Bristol could just let it go if she can afford to support her child. I went thru the same thing, no payments, no visits. She can't make Levi care. Believe me , I tried..Even said forget the money just spend time with your daughter ...With luck she can meet a young man that will love her child and raise him as his own.

927 days ago


She should be on her hands and knees thanking Levi for her 4 yr. old money-maker. On the other hand perhaps Levi hasn't paid because HE'S NOT THE FATHER! Get a DNA test Levi - you've been used as another Palin prop!

927 days ago


Todd Palin tried to induct Shailey Tripp into his prostitution ring and she just came out with a book about it (on Amazon). Bristol, WHY did you name your kid after this woman??????

927 days ago


NO news here. Levi ADMITTED on Dr. Phil when he was pushing his book that he was behind 20k in child support payments. Levi has profited from selling his story just because people that are against Sarah's political views PAY$$ him. Rob at Huff Post said Levi's reps are busy contacting the media to sell his new baby story now. Rob said Levi's buddy said it was no accident that Levi leaked about his girlfriend's preg the same day Palin was on The Today Show. Levi plugged his own show when he called into TMZ and spoke very little about his new girl and baby. Levi and TMZ's interviewers went straight into the "attack Palin" mode. It reminds me of the filthy mouthed heckler at Saddle Ranch chop house. Odd that TMZ's cameras were already there and TMZ is the only cameras that got the interview with the heckler. Bristol's show was shut down after that. Does someone want Bristol's new show not to be aired??

927 days ago


If they haven't went after him for it, then they have no reason to mention this. Kind of funny how he speaks out about not being able to see his son and the very next day the Palins come back with this. Just goes to show how white trash and classless they really are. I mean, he's the same, but the Palins are way worse. He probably doesn't even make that much a month! The real reason she probably hasn't tried to get it is so she'll have something to hold over him in the media (like now), if he says anything about her.

927 days ago


Even if he lived in another state, he'd be obligated to pay up. It's called get a job loser and stop going on frequent, expensive hunting trips. Douc*e

Oh and this weekend he's hunting again. Sad reality for that boy. Does his family have no priorities?

927 days ago


Child support doesn't have anything to do with visitation. There are many parents in the country who lives in separate states, and the father still is legally obligated to pay.

927 days ago
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