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Bristol Palin

Levi Johnston's

a Deadbeat Dad

4/7/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin
Levi Johnston
owes more than $38,000 in unpaid child support to Bristol Palin -- according to team Bristol.

Bristol's lawyer tells TMZ, Levi hasn't made a child support payment for the ex-couple's son Tripp since June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

According to court records, Levi is required to pay $1,750 a month -- which means his outstanding balance is $38,500.

As for why Bristol hasn't attempted to enforce the order -- via wage garnishment or otherwise -- Bristol's attorney tells us, "We forbore pursuing child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship" ... no kidding.

We're told Bristol is still holding out hope that Levi will pay. So far, no word back from Levi's camp.


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Poor Bristol! Whatever will she do to put bread on the table and a new boyfriend in her two story house across the lake from her folks? That horrible Levi; you just know he's living high on the hog while Bristol and Tripp starve to death on his doorstep! It's just so unfair!

Funny how this all comes up when Levi gets another girl pregnant and mentions that he doesn't get to see his boy very often. Never cross the Palins, because they hold grudges like Gollum held the ring...

927 days ago


Does this guy even have a job?? I doubt he even makes $1700 a month.
Not that I believe anything those idiot Palin's say. They've been trashing this guy since day one.

927 days ago


Bristol......your reminding me of Christie Brinkley ! This Is your sons father it out together for the sake of your child

927 days ago


$1,750 FOR ONE (1) CHILD ??

927 days ago

The Real JJ    

I never heard of a chick that wants to wait for the father to become a man and pay child support. Women that check on time or theyturning yo ass in. Don't sound right.

927 days ago


Good luck Bristol, this chump probably won't make $38K in the rest of his life.

927 days ago


MORON.....Got another baby on the way. Buy a condom butt wipe!

927 days ago


The reason Bristol hasn't tried to enforce the child support order is because the judge will have to reassess Levi's situation and adjust the amount on his current income (current amount based on his playboy earnings), and then visitation will also be brought to the judge's attention, how they've been keeping that child away from his father! She's hoping he'll just disappear...and he's playing right into her hand.

The Palin's are the biggest hypocrits I've ever seen!

927 days ago


He will become the next Bill Clinton if he decides to become President.

927 days ago


If he has not made a effort to pay in 22 months, why would anyone think he will now..He has another baby on the way.
Drag his dead beat ass into court and get Tripp the money he is intitled too..

LEVI - be a man and own up to your obligations..Stop sticking your stick and making all these babbies, you can not even do right by the one you have. Any man can be a biological father, it takes a real man to be a DAD...Make it right..

927 days ago


"Levis camp"...what kind of "camp" does this mongrel of a man have?

927 days ago


Don't get me wrong, I think Levi is a total idiot, and not a particularly good guy, but what the?

Another judge bankrupts another guy with an outrageous amout of child support. No wonder so many athletes are broke. They get these high support figures, and most of the time, even after they go back to court, post-career, they can't get the amount lowered. And the women are more than happy to comply with this outrageous amount, regardless of the consequences.

This guy made a lot of money, for what anyone with half a brain, knew would be for 15 minutes of fame, yet his support was based on that. No wonder men hate divorce is always so unfair.

For the record, I have my child 6 days per week, and STILL pay $60...00 a year in support. I only make $40K/year right now, and my ex makes more than I do.

927 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    


927 days ago

Joan K    

Bristaol, get it from your Mommy.

927 days ago

John Galt    

What, so she can get plastic surgery? It's not like she is a mother in need. That pig should be paying Levi.

927 days ago
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