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Having Blue Ivy

Leaves Her in One Piece

4/10/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce in a one piece swim suitJust three months after giving birth to little Blue Ivy, Beyonce showed off her curvy maternal physique in a chic one piece black Norma Kamali swimsuit while taking a dip in the Caribbean on Monday.

The 30-year-old is one hot mama.



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srsly: about an hour ago

Do you guys really not get that TMZ is trolling with the "post-baby" and "after giving birth" stuff? EVERYONE knows Bey never had no baby. You guys not getting the joke are the doofuses.
Ok, than Mel Gibson's ex gf wasn't preggy either. LOL
Some of Oksana's pics didn't seem right. The one where she was at the club with MG touching her stomach, then same pic later of her sitting there with him with flat stomach and dress up to her you know what.

Oh, no.. I talk of MG again. Here comes 2 idiots. LOL

927 days ago

Throwback kid    

She needs to cut her carbs and spend less time on vacations and more time on a treadmill. I always thought she was overrated, she is carrying way too much body fat for a young woman, she looks out of shape.

927 days ago


Listen people look at the pregnancy photos every woman of colors nose widens when they are pregnant and she had a c section you cant excercise for six weeks after one yet photos taken 4 weeks after birth showed her with a flat stomach! We all know Bey faked the pregnancy who cares she gotta live wit that humiliation not us!!

927 days ago

who cares    

Ok so there is no question she faked the pregnancy, but why???? Is she that vain and feels her getting pregnant will for ever change her figure or do you all feel she just cant have kids?

927 days ago

Jill Conway    

What a cow.

927 days ago

Throwback kid    

Lets hope Beyonce never tries to act again! she must have gone to acting school with Madaonna! just awful, she makes a lightweight like Jessica Alba look like Meryl Streep. I couldn't believe how bad Beyonce was in that Austin Powers film, she literally had no talent. Then she was in Dreamgirls and was just as bad even though her people tried to hype it up like she could act. Jennifer Holiday had no experience at all and blew Beyonce off the screen . Beyonce is very lucky to be where she is in life, she has very limited range as an actress and singer

927 days ago

Silly TMZ    

I think the people on here are hilarious!! All the women out there who let themselves turn into beached whales just because they got pregnant are accusing her of faking a pregnancy because she didn't turn into a beached whale. Pretty sad! And is it so surprising that rich celebrities would close down a wing of a hospital to have a baby? Or that they would release professional photos afterwards? Not every woman uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat like a pig for 9 months.

927 days ago


Look.. TMZ.. it is obvious that you can't tell beauty from poop. Maybe it's the gayness maybe it's the momentum from daily crap that you post. But seriously.. add a real man to the staff and you will be fine

927 days ago


Am I the only one who is totally over this woman? Everything about her is so contrived and her music is bland, overproduced diarrhea.

927 days ago


I am not one of these people who believe in cover ups and fake stories blah blah, but in this case, you have to be realistic. She is making it more and more obvious that she was never pregnant, yes that child is her's a nd Jay Z, she paid a sarogate, but, the whole quick pregnancy, the flopping belly, the amazing svelt body, really? What really made me wonder was it was originally reported she had a c section then in the birth announcement by them they made sure it said it was a natural birth, that made me think she first thought a c section would be more realistic but, then realized oh yeah someone might see my stomach and see no mark, so obvious that she did not have this child in my opinion.

927 days ago


Listen Beyonce. Every woman who has given birth to a baby KNOWS that
you DID NOT give birth to Blue Ivy. You used a surrogate, and its time for



927 days ago


There is NO WAY IN hell this woman delivered a baby....everyone who has a baby has some sort of a gut for at least a few months...yeah, you can wrap it up and suck it in with clothes on, but that bathing suit ain't hiding one really gives a holy crap if she popped it out of her vajay or not but dont lie about it as if you proud that you are a parent, regardless of how your baby came to be. shame on you for lying and shame on people who actually believe that she delivered that baby

927 days ago


its possible to be this size stop hating on her i lost lots of weight after i delivered my baby and im talking within weeks when your doing stuff with and for your baby like washing clothes, washing bottles it keeps you busy

927 days ago


Yall know damn well that Beyonce always wears a 2 piece bathing suit, trust and believe she had that baby ...besides Blue looking just like the noth of them Beyonce wear spanx believe that...and yes it is possivle to lose baby belly and weight with breast feeding and a good diet,ontop of that some ppl dont always gain weigh all over some ppl just get a belly...some ppl gain weight when they are preggos and some lose, in my case i lost weight causer i couldnt put anything in my mouth w/o feeling sick. So it is very possible for her to look this good after three months

927 days ago


She NEVER WAS PREGNANT!! Why TMZ continues with the lie is beyond me, the video of her witht eh baby bump that collapsed whern she bent down says it all

927 days ago
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