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Ahole Smashes Car Window

'Leave California or Die'

4/10/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The car belonging to Octomom had the window smashed.
Outrage over Octomom's decision to go on welfare has reached new violent heights -- because last weekend, some cruel jerkwad straight up SMASHED her car window ... and even left behind a handwritten death threat.

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she heard several strange noises outside her house early Saturday morning -- but brushed them off and went back to sleep. When she got out of bed at 9am, Nadya says her neighbors were at her door ... and informed her that her car window had been broken.

Whoever vandalized the car knew who his/her victim was too -- because the criminal left behind a handwritten note, reading, "Leave California or you will die."

Note to Octomom: Leave California or you will die.
Octo's father filed a police report after the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


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just because    

dayummmmm...that guy went H.A.M on octomom's car.. do they know who did it yet?

924 days ago


obviously one of the neighbors did it

924 days ago


Looks like a female handwriting. Maybe she paid someone to do that, so she can get sympathy from people or quick help. I can't trust her words.

924 days ago


That's just plain messed up!
If that idiot who smashed her window is pissed off that she's on welfare, now how does he/she expect her to pay to have a $400 window replaced on her car.
All they did was give her another hurdle to get over.

924 days ago


I kind of think she may have done it to herself. People who are upset about her going on welfare would be insane to break things that will inevitably cause taxpayers to repair. I just wonder if she did this for attention or sympathy.

924 days ago


What an educated loser to smash her window. He/she thinks the state pays for food stamps, get a life the money comes from the federal government not the state. How mush will it cost the taxs payers to put this loser in jail each day?

924 days ago

Cognizant _illiberal    

the note was written by a female, you can tell by the hand writing. who agrees? she might have done it herself

924 days ago


She has all those kids and she sleeps until 9am??? What the hell!

924 days ago

Ron Brown    

This is what happens when news shows treat people like caricatures. TMZ staff, when you look in the mirror this morning, you might see the real A-holes in this story.

924 days ago

Fat Mike    

That's a bit nasty. Maybe the writed is implying she'll die because the healthcare system is a joke

924 days ago

The Real JJ    

Im not a big fan octo as much as the next person but you cant do that its just childish. How hard are you to intimidate a women with more kids than she can keep up with?

924 days ago


AND her 15 minutes of fame continues.....hate it when the media gives attention to those who don't deserve it and allows them to stay in the spotlight which is where they want to be....vicious cycle just look at the Kardashians

924 days ago


Wow. I hate Octomoron as much as the next guy, but this is taking it too far. Going on the internet and ranting about her is one thing, but going to her house, smashing her car and threatening her is absolutely out of line. There are 14 innocent children involved in all of this. Don't forget that.

924 days ago


she did it herself..the note looks like it was written by a female of very low IQ and no education...besides the cops would have the not not her and it would not be pictured in the story

924 days ago


I don't have any kids and I have to be up at 5:30am every day. How does she get to stay in bed till 9am?

924 days ago
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