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Ahole Smashes Car Window

'Leave California or Die'

4/10/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The car belonging to Octomom had the window smashed.
Outrage over Octomom's decision to go on welfare has reached new violent heights -- because last weekend, some cruel jerkwad straight up SMASHED her car window ... and even left behind a handwritten death threat.

Nadya Suleman tells TMZ, she heard several strange noises outside her house early Saturday morning -- but brushed them off and went back to sleep. When she got out of bed at 9am, Nadya says her neighbors were at her door ... and informed her that her car window had been broken.

Whoever vandalized the car knew who his/her victim was too -- because the criminal left behind a handwritten note, reading, "Leave California or you will die."

Note to Octomom: Leave California or you will die.
Octo's father filed a police report after the incident. The investigation is ongoing.


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I dont think she would of smashed her own car window!

824 days ago


How in the hell does this woman sleep in till 9am? I have kids and I am outta bed most mornings by 6am! And I have no where near the amount of kids she has!

824 days ago


I find it funny that the note was written on kids writing paper. The general population doesn't have kids writing paper that they use. Second..its a mix of printing and cursive.. I wonder if it was her oldest child? Crying out for attention!

824 days ago

beth heath    

she's got 14 kids and can SLEEP UNTIL 9:00?

824 days ago


I have MS and I work a full-time job!! And this piece of trash doesn't even work! I'm so tired of supporting lazy ass people that won't work!! Get out there and get a job! And sleeping till 9:00 am so who the hell is watching those kids you had to have??

824 days ago


whoa..i understand a lot of people dislike her for going on welfare, but to start damaging things that belong to her and her children is down right evil. That van is her transportation for her children. If idiots like this person continue to do harm and other evil things, she will need more money from the state and in the end you it will be your faults.

824 days ago

LR Light    

They should investigate this. It looks like Octomom did this. She is complaining about how she never has any time to sleep so being asleep at 9 am is fishy. Also, truly, who would do such a thing and think they could get by with it? Neighbors better duck too.

824 days ago


Why doesn't anyone go after her fertility doc??!! He can't create this problem and then just get to walk away. He should have to pay restitution to the State of California and Nadya. Ultimately it is the doc who got her into this mess.

824 days ago


I'm wondering if she did this herself to receive more sympathy and attention. I feel bad for the children.

824 days ago


Yes.. Please stay in California. Pennsylvania does not want you here and neither do the taxpayers. We already have enough free loaders that don't want to work.

824 days ago


I think the bigger question is, what the hell is a mother of 14 kids still doing in bed at 9am? You can't tell me 14 kids were sleeping soundly at 9am.

824 days ago


im sorry but how does a mom of how many kids sleep in til 9am???? funny that your on welfare but you can afford people to take care of your kids so you can get your beauty rest.

824 days ago


She made no mention of any note when the cops were there to take a report. They said they just came to hear about it on TMZ. They`re going back out to see about it`s validity. Wild guess? Publicity scam.

824 days ago


She made no mention of any note when the cops were there to take a report. They said they just came to hear about it on TMZ. They`re going back out to see about it`s validity. Wild guess? Publicity scam. Oops, forgot the link:

824 days ago


You all know what a drama queen she is - she probably did it herself for another three seconds of fame. Just another public relations scam for her - implant 12 embryos to get 8 babies for fame and fortune, dress up like a pregnant nun, whip a grown fat man, take pictures of your saggy boobies, parade your ugly ass photoshopped body in a bikini, lock your eight babies in a room so that they are developmentally disabled so you can get that monthly check. It just goes on and on. She's a scammer. One scam after another. One get rich scheme after another. S***.

824 days ago
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