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Joe Eszterhas

My Son Taped A Lot

Of Mel's Hateful Rants

4/12/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0412_joe_eszterhas_gettyJoe Eszterhas tells TMZ ... he has hard proof that he witnessed the hate-filled rants he -- or someone -- just disclosed to the world, because his teenage son secretly recorded much of it.

Joe tells us, "A lot of the stuff is on tape." He says the recordings were made in Costa Rica -- by his son Nick. Joe would not say if the alleged comment about John Lennon -- "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot," or the comment about Oksana Grigorieva, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it," or the comment about William Morris/Endeavor Chairman Ari Emanuel, "He's a C**t Jewboy," were all on tape.

In his letter to Mel, Joe wrote that his son recorded some of Mel's outbursts on his iPhone, but the letter did not disclose how much -- now Joe says, "a lot."

Joe also says people who allegedly witnessed Mel's rants are willing to come forward.

As for "The Maccabees" script that Warner Bros. rejected, Joe said, "I'm heartbroken. I put my heart and soul into a script for someone who hates Jews."

Joe said, "He needs help. Badly."


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Isn't illegal to record someone's voice in CA without advising them of it first?

893 days ago


Mel Can and feel anyway he wants its a free country. The day he runs for office then I will care. But for now our forefathers fought and died so he could have the freedom of speach. Mel spews his hate behind closed doors. That is his problem not mine. How would this jackass like it if mel had tapes of him talking trash about blacks and mexicans. We all have rights to say and do what we want as long as no laws are broken. Mel if you want come over to my house and we can spew all the racial jokes you can stand.

893 days ago


just my opinion: 4 minutes ago
just curious to the mel supporters...if the tapes are revealed and we here him AGAIN making racist, misognystic, hateful and sexist remarks...will you STILL justify his bigotry? still forgive him because he made lethal weapon? I truly dont understand the logic. he has a RIGHT to say and feel how he wants about anyone, id never take that right from anyone...but theres a big difference in agreeing in his right to opinion and actually saying people should stop being sensitive, who cares, etc etc. this type of destructive thinking is the reason why so many injustices have taken place throughout the world.
the problem is...many people are so far removed from experiencing hate that they cant empathesize OR theyre too stupid to care, too busy worried about the new iphone 5. kinda sad.
They will excuse him for everything and anything he says or does regardless. To them (The FLOCK) Mel holds a GOD-LIKE Status and actions and words are accepted as if it were gospel.

893 days ago


Jim: about a minute ago
Isn't illegal to record someone's voice in CA without advising them of it first?
Joe's kid did the recording in COSTA RICA. If the kid felt he or others were in danger it's perfectly legal to record.

893 days ago

Mister Big    

Eszterhater looking a lot like Epic Beard Man.

893 days ago


Mel, you're a right git, you are. How stupid are you to be taped foaming at the mouth again? Bloody numpty.

893 days ago


Seriously Mel, you need better "friends".

893 days ago

Mister Big    

I have a feeling both of these guys are right about each other. Mel said those things, and behaved that way. And Joe's script sucked.

They deserve each other. Crap clumps together.

893 days ago


AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! This explains why "MR MEL" put the "COSTA" "RICA" compound back on the "MARKET" - story came out "MID" "MARCH".
That "PLACE" seems to be his "DOWNFALL" - the "PIX" of him and OG were "TAKEN" there....NOW "THIS".
Maybe he "BUILT" IT on an "ANCIENT" "BURIAL SITE" the Mayans are back to "HAUNT HIM" - FIREFLY, what's "YOUR" Mystical "OPINION"

893 days ago


Gee who knew all this espionage was going down inside Mel homes.

Hey Eszterhas ... we already know what Mel sounds like when he’s really mad. There are nine tapes on the internet already.

Your scripted sucked ... take it like a man and get on with your life.

To Mel ... for the love of God ... stop bringing these creepy people in your life. Or at least not in your home.

893 days ago


Tellthetruth59: 8 minutes ago
We don't excuse Mel, we just don't care if he spouts politically incorrect crap in private. I'm more offend by the people with the recording equipment that attempt to extort him.
Beside you, who said ANYTHING about EXTORTION?

893 days ago


@2I - Sorry I had to point out the glaringly obvious. Recording Mel and selling it to tabs is big business for Russian Hookers and now... failed Hollywood writers. Bring it. I still won't give a sh!t and will still watch his movies. Say and do what you want in the privacy of your own home as long as it's not illegal and involves minors.

893 days ago


@ 2I
just laugh at anything woman-hater types. She used to claim she was 'neutral' and not either a beater-boi fan or a fan of his movies.
liars lie!!!!!!

893 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Okay, their both idiots:
Mel, you stop your bad mouthing of people.
Joe, I'm sure your sitting good with your royalties from Show Girls, so why did you continue to work with Mel when he was doing all this.
Israelis, you stop dropping bombs.

893 days ago



NobodySpecial: 29 minutes ago

You got the audio? Play it. ANYTHING that proves some of what Eszterhas mentioned in that letter will show what Mel is really like. Just do it so we can see who is really telling the truth.

I suspect Joe Eszterhas is trying to sell "BELOW PAR" recordings that have been "EDITED" to the "HIGHEST BIDDER". Nobody's interested in paying a great deal for them and Team Gibson isn't caving into his "EXTORTION PLOY".

893 days ago
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