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Joe Eszterhas

My Son Taped A Lot

Of Mel's Hateful Rants

4/12/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0412_joe_eszterhas_gettyJoe Eszterhas tells TMZ ... he has hard proof that he witnessed the hate-filled rants he -- or someone -- just disclosed to the world, because his teenage son secretly recorded much of it.

Joe tells us, "A lot of the stuff is on tape." He says the recordings were made in Costa Rica -- by his son Nick. Joe would not say if the alleged comment about John Lennon -- "I'm glad he's dead. He deserved to be shot," or the comment about Oksana Grigorieva, "I want to f**k her in the ass and stab her while I'm doing it," or the comment about William Morris/Endeavor Chairman Ari Emanuel, "He's a C**t Jewboy," were all on tape.

In his letter to Mel, Joe wrote that his son recorded some of Mel's outbursts on his iPhone, but the letter did not disclose how much -- now Joe says, "a lot."

Joe also says people who allegedly witnessed Mel's rants are willing to come forward.

As for "The Maccabees" script that Warner Bros. rejected, Joe said, "I'm heartbroken. I put my heart and soul into a script for someone who hates Jews."

Joe said, "He needs help. Badly."


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***These are some posts from another web site that I thought were good.***


There is an expression about not passing a smell test. First of all - in this day and age who the heck writes a letter like that period, much less a 9 page letter? Fills it up with allegations that can't be substantiated and then 'leaks' it to the press organizations that have already got it in for Gibson? I can't figure out who is dumber - the guy who wrote the letter and then 'leaked' it, or the so-called news organizations who are reporting on it.

Rohan Mohmand, Scriptwriter, afficionado of film noir, editor, I believe when there is a frame, there is a different world in it.

This is dead news, guys. I can't believe Joe would get so low and publish his letter to the media and bash Mr. Gibson like this. Everyone should understand this that what the letter states is old news. Joe, who disappeared all this years after getting lucky with 'Basic Instint" and spending the money he has earned got the chance to with Mel, and since Mel did not respond to him, he chose to go public.

This is outrageous.


Why would Joe write a letter to Mel recounting everything he already did? So the letter can be leaked? This seems suspicious to me


jOE ...sHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

Big Mel. (Just kidding)Collapse

Oh for god's sake...(I meant jehovah...sorry)...let it go. The guy is a bogun (white trash) australian with minimal education. He's an embarrassment to himself. No need to arc up in a fountains outpouring of jewish pride every time...gets so tedious. The script was it wasn't made...get a grip mate. Not everything is due to a slight against god's chosen people...I mean would you have really wanted to watch a 3 hour braveheart in hebrew?? No. Neither would warner brothers.

869 days ago


Hello, Azlee -- I hope you are well. :)

869 days ago


***This is another good one. LOVE this one!***


One: I'm loving all the tweets and thousands of sublinks to this website declaring that what Joe Eszterhas is proposing is truth. His letter to Gibson doesn't come across as a letter to a business partner... it reads as something HE KNEW he would publish to the public. The incidents are described in such detail it's painstakingly obvious he was writing this to tarnish Mel Gibson.

Two: I also love that instead of making this Exclusive one page, you stretched it out to a whopping THREE pages. I'm sure your advertisers appreciated that.

Finally, Three: If Mr. Eszterhas was smart, he would have dealt with this in a different way, privately. Instead he's aired this to the public in an attempt to harm Mel Gibson's career more than it already has been. But really in the end, having read Mr. Eszterhas's letter... I have to say this:

"I've come to the conclusion that the reason you won't make 'The Macabees' is the ugliest possible one."

He watched Showgirls?

The screenwriter is a hack who hasn't written a good film since Basic Instinct, and even that film wouldn't have been remembered as the classic it is today, had it not been for Sharon Stone's beaver. So before you all jump back on the let's all hate Mel Gibson bandwagon, think about this letter. I don't by for a second that this guy cared so much about the project he'd sit around while Gibson did things like this to him. If the letter is true, I feel more sorry for Joe Eszterhas for sticking around than I do for a dude who clearly has mental issues.

869 days ago


I wonder when the Garbus & Horowitz show begins its next act?

869 days ago


when Harvey brings up this on the show I hope he can address the legal issue that I always thought it was the law that if you are not informed that you are being recorded in order for it to actually be legal to use against anyone

869 days ago


Oh Mel, take my advice and run away from these people! They are like bedbugs, always ready to suck your blood. They worship money! Everything was hunky dorey until the script got rejected = no money! Who records their workmates?? If you feel threatened call the police. Better still, opt out. Greedy mofos - we see thru you.. No one cares anymore. Even if Mel did it, I am fully #teamMel because you have tarnished this man's name for your own personal greed! I have worked on movie sets and we all know there is a lot of yelling and hurt feelings because of the pressure. Christian Bale anyone? Although TMZ tried to sensationalize it, anyone who knows anything knows that the business is very high pressured. Get over it with your constantly hurt feelings.

869 days ago


Supposedly the recordings took place in Costa Rica at Mel's compound. I'd like to know why they felt they needed to record Mel? Sounds sneaky and vile.

869 days ago

Fidel's niece    

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell interviewed
Sharon Waxman from
(the website that published Eszterhas's letter,
Mike Fleming of
reports that Robert Rodriguez, the director
of Sin City, Machete, etc wants to SIGN UP MEL
FOR THE SEQUEL (Machete 2) together with
Michelle Williams.

TMZ and Radar (Pro Mel and Pro Oksana)
now Deadline (pro Mel)
and the (pro Eszterhas)
Get the popcorn,
and fasten your seatbelts!
It' gonna get UGLY!

869 days ago


Hello, FN! Thanks for the update. I saw the stuff on The Warp...they have a lot. I think things will start up again with OG, too. Sounds like her 'team' is gearing up.

869 days ago


When Lawrence O'Donnell announced the new allegations of Gibz' slurs and threats, he said 'he might be even crazier than we thought.'.
He reported on how Gibby told Ez that he had a plot to kill OG using 2 former FBI agents. Too bad this info came after the trial. O'Donnell also said he talked to a writer friend who worked with Gibnuts who said the spirit of Giblitz' statements is exactly what would come from him. he said within the first 20 mins. Of meeting him, Gibby told the guy that whatever he says about the Jews, 1000 Rabbis would be after him. Gibby told him he wears a mask when he goes out and goes undetected. Creepy. Also that Gibby is a constant conspiracy theorist (not unlike flock) who believes that the Twin Towers were brought down by drones from Israel.

Lawrence pointed out that Mel's letter did not refute any specific allegations. (probably because he doesn't know what Ez has). He also said that WB has not dropped the project yet. My guess is they will keep it in limbo for as long as possible. They interviewed Rabbi Foxman who said he hopes the Macabbees never gets made by Gibby, which must have made Giblitz' blood boil!

What bugs me about big mouth is he makes all of these anti-Semitic statements to individuals but is too much of a pus to cop to them when facing the general public.

869 days ago


Cuj -- there was no trial.

869 days ago


Cuj -- another thing -- all of this is hearsay. Hearsay won't stand up in a court of law.

869 days ago


...and tell my why it is necessary for Mel to state publicly what his private beliefs are? Mel makes movies and he doesn't owe the public a d-thing about his private life.

869 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Gibson has given more joy to the world than Israel

869 days ago


I really want to hear the recordings.... Please

869 days ago
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