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Amanda Bynes

Goes Back to the Clubs --

Another Auto Mishap

4/13/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes -- who drove herself -- was seen texting behind the wheel.Sporting another hoochie outfit, Amanda Bynes went clubbing in Hollywood again last night ... for the 2nd time since her DUI arrest ... and it was a disaster.

Bynes -- who drove herself to the Chateau Marmont and Greystone Manor -- was seen texting behind the wheel ... and she eventually backed over a curb in a red zone.

Amanda Bynes strutted her way inside GreystoneBynes eventually got the car parked ... and strutted her way inside Greystone ... the same place where a seemingly intoxicated Amanda got behind the wheel and drove off back in March ... despite desperate warnings from our photog.

Bynes was eventually busted for DUI on April 6 after partying at Smoke and Mirrors at The Standard Hotel in Hollywood ... where she unsuccessfully tried to party hours after her arrest.



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All you 113 people that commented before me.. I'm sneaking on your bedrooms tonight and raaape the hell out of you!! drunk or not!!! P.S. Make shure you get cranberry juice and Vaseline in your local Walmart before 4:56 am!!

926 days ago


the next lindsey!

926 days ago


meghan: 6 hours ago

I bet that picture of her texting is from when she was parked, it shows no proof of her driving while texting. Quit spreading rumors.

Well obviously Meghan is as delusional as that chicks dad.....


Hey MEGAN YOU IDIOT, how many people grip the steering wheel with their left hand if they are in a parking lot with the car off?


Lets hope Amada Bynes just kills herself and no innocent people.

926 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Ya'll know who she texting right... the TMZ tip line on her whereabouts.

926 days ago


When you have to wear band-aids with high heels...maybe its time to find something a little more comfortable. Now that's class.

926 days ago


dear ms. bynes, welcome to the trailer bunny club. heeeere's your free mommy jeans and flannel shirt. u can go on ahead and sit down next to miley. we'll be with you shortly. thaaaaanks!

926 days ago


Holy bandaids on her left foot and the one bandaid on the right foot is coming off) EWWWWWW

926 days ago


Mother nature now introduces us to the impending comet collision otherwise known as Misery Bouleverd’s Amanda Bynes…Never mind kids, it’s just Amanda getting herself primed for her own very special summer blockbuster; ‘Misery doesn’t live here anymore.’

926 days ago


TMZ why dont you just stop stalking this girl and leave her alone? The car is clearly stationary when shes on her phone and just because she has her hand on the steering wheel doesn't mean it was moving. Your really trying to push this young woman over the edge so you can have another Lohan to keep you entertained and make you money. If shes having problems give her space everyone goes through a point in there life when they let themselves go a bit. She has probably quit acting so she can go out and be like people her age and enjoy herself a bit she has been working since she was a little girl. I doubt she will be anything like Lindsay Lohan a few night outs doesn't mean shes having a breakdown shes a clever girl and has more sense than Lohan. The only problem I have is driving while drunk if you've had a drink you do not drive at all even if its a few glasses and that's the mistake she made that night she should of known better and it was a stupid thing to do as she could of injured someone or herself.

926 days ago

Steven Pfuelb    

Time for a AA meeting

926 days ago

Christina Reagan    

I am not sure what is going on with the shoes these days but what is up with them hooker shoes?, honestly I think they do not flatter any woman,what happen to the classy high heel?

926 days ago


Lindsay is probably dancing a jig, this girl is taking the heat off of her LOL

926 days ago


how come in the first pic no one is in the passenger seat, but the second pic she has a passenger? if the cameras leave her alone, no one would know? i do the same and no one cares

926 days ago


she's gross...

926 days ago


I tapped uhaul van leaving out of my parking spot yesterday, you people on here acting holier than thou knows that stuff like this happen everyday and it doesn't mean you're drunk, it can be that she is distracted, yes, it's dumb that she is DWT, driving while texting but it happens and I see it all the time. It's not just celebrities causing stupid accident, it's also regular janes and johns doing the same stuff!

926 days ago
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