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Mel Gibson Calls BS

I LOVE The Beatles!!!

4/13/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson is telling friends ... he NEVER said John Lennon deserved to die -- in fact, he's a huge Beatles fan and he plays their music all the time.

Sources tell TMZ, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas' allegations the actor celebrated John Lennon's death are just false. As one source put it, "It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house."

The source adds, Gibson was even playing "Imagine" at a recent function -- the same song Eszterhas says Mel bashed recently, claiming, "Imagine. I hate that f**king song. I'm glad [Lennon's] dead."

Mel is claiming ... he isn't surprised by Eszterhas' false claims in his 9-page diatribe -- because the entire letter reads like a "bad script."

We're told Mel is also convinced ... another major rift between him and Eszterhas had nothing to do with him -- or "The Maccabees" -- it had to do with Mel's other viking-themed film project, which Mel's been developing for years.

We're told Eszterhas was frustrated with Mel ... because Mel had been putting more time into the viking movie than he did into "Maccabees."


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My Big Salami    

Imgaine there's no Mel Gibson....It's easy if you try!

926 days ago

Fat Mike    

Typical American!

926 days ago


Mel's PR team are working double overtime to spin this - we all know he's a hateful, arrogant, racist prick.

926 days ago


The handwriting is certainly on the wall. It doesn't matter which movie is involved, unless Mel Gibson can finance their production without the big studios, he won't be making anymore for quite sometime. The timing of Joe Eszterhas' allegations are just a little TOO CONVENIENT. What's going to happen next will be QUITE PREDICTABLE!!!

926 days ago


Mel's credibility is beyond reproach. Ask his lawyers if you don't believe me. What a swell guy.

926 days ago


Time to to take a break and go fishing , I know a lot of Eszterhas jokes.

926 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Mel LOVES The Beatles...
and TMZ LOVES Mel-odramas...
Click, click = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

926 days ago


As much as I love The Beatles, I would like to believe Mel, but I'm having a hard time what is said from either of these two.

926 days ago


I believe Mel. Someone's is always out to tarnish his name and reputation for a quick buck.

926 days ago


"It's not uncommon to hear The Beatles at Gibson's house."
Sure, and while listen to their songs Mel is wearing a Nazi uniform and shoots with a crossbow at the photos of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

This then Mel may call a therapy...

926 days ago


Why would anyone believe that Mel Gibson would insult Lennon, women, black people, jewish people, or anyone? There is no reason to....wait..he slapped the mother of his child, holding his baby, knocking her teeth out, he cussed her out on the phone, called police officers jewish slurs, and sexist comments...started his own church because the Catholic church was not Catholic enough... With this new information I was just told, never mind.

926 days ago


I can't stand how peoples lives are ruined in the press. The press really does choose sides. They will lead the public into believing anything they want them too. If they don't like Mel Gibson then there will be a slant to really stick it to him. They will play up the other guy and make his part in the whole thing not so bad, but Mel gets it with both barrels. Once again the Jews of Hollywood are giving Jews everywhere a bad name by lying and playing dirty to get what they want. I really hope that the truth comes out faster than the other lets get Mel and destroy him fiasco. Your playbook is wide open for everyone to see your agenda Joe, we have your number and we know why you are doing this to Mel. I hope you feel good about yourself dragging your son into this just to get even with Mel for dissing your work. Well if your work was up to par than you wouldn't be in this situation now would you Joe. Crawl back into your hole you mole for your work spoke for itself and it wasn't good.

926 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh and his best friend is a Jew. Did he mention that also?

He does't seem like the Beatles type to me. He doesn't strike me as much of a hippie. I think he is more of a Jesuit soldier. I think he would like to be on a crusade for the pope. Maybe he listens to some sort of Gregorian chants or monks doing their thing.

926 days ago


the whole story is ridiculous! Everyone should eave Mel alone and move on now. Can't wait for more of his awesome movies to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

926 days ago


Not here defending Mel for some of the things he's said in the past and/or done but don't worry about whether he can get financing for his movies; he is worth at least 1/2 billion (it was a billion but he had to split it with his ex-wife). The man may be a raving lunatic, who knows, but he is a brilliant film maker and actor, and if we quit seeing the films of people who we didn't agree with morally or otherwise; we would all be staying home. I personally won't see another Woody Allen movie after he married his step-daughter, but that's just me; if you don't like what a film maker does or says or an actor....stay home, & don't rent or watch the movie.

926 days ago
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