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Nick Hogan's Crash Victim

Brother Dies After Car Accident

4/13/2012 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More tragic news for the family of John Graziano -- Nick Hogan's infamous 2007 crash victim -- TMZ has learned John's younger brother Michael has died from injuries he sustained in a car accident earlier this month.

As we previously reported, Michael was a passenger in a 1994 Volvo which slammed into the back of a dump truck on a Florida highway on April 3. Like his brother John, he was not wearing a seat belt.

Michael was rushed to the hospital where he remained in critical condition for several days.

Now, officials say Michael has "expired from his injuries sustained in the April 3rd traffic crash."

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Unlike Nick Hogan -- who spent some serious time in jail for the 2007 crash -- no charges have been filed against the driver in Michael's accident ... yet.


No Avatar


Why is this a Nick Hogan story? He was not involved.. had nothing to do with what happened. I do not know the family but it sounds like young kids running free.. doing what they want. A story we hear over and over again!

888 days ago


I feel sorry for the family, but not for him. His brother is in vegetative state for not wearing a seat belt and he learns nothing from it? that's just stupidity at work!!

888 days ago


hulk hogans son is a ****ing dumb ass he should be shot for reckless driving what a ****ing retard ****!!!

888 days ago

arale norimaki    

When will these people learn

Excuses Don’t Save Lives
Seat Belts Do

888 days ago

Minister of Silly Walks    

At least his stupidity genes won't be passed on. A benefit to society. Young stupid minds won't learn a thing till it's too late.

888 days ago


I feel sorry for the family, but for god f'n sakes, your brother almost died and is paralyzed for the rest of his life and you still don't find some time to click that belt? I'm DEEEEEEEEPLY sorry for the family, but karma is a bitch and this just proved it. I'm actually happy that this happens to people who don't listen, but really saddened by the fact that HIS family has to live without a son. Really stupid, but well deserved. Now bash me if you want but my perception of life is that what go's up must come down, and this is just one of it's examples.

888 days ago


What a very sad thing for this family to go through. Can't even imagine.
About seat belts, sometimes seat belts actually trap people inside when the car roof is smashed down, and they die because of the seat belt. Other times seat belts do save people by keeping them in. It's 50/50, really.
This young man is like anyone else, sometimes we forget the seat belt, but it's not important now, he's gone and the family has a lot to mourn. Much sympathy to them.

888 days ago


Evidently, this family isn't too bright. What exactly about seeing your brother forked out makes you think not wearing your seatbelt is a good idea?

888 days ago

Big poppa    

I feel sorry for the parents. How their stupid son's made it that far in life was a miracle in itself.

888 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

Condolences to the family, but I can't help but think that the collective intelligence of the the world jumped up a few points with his loss.

888 days ago


That poor family.

888 days ago

arnetha saulsbury    

Im sadden to hear this, My Prayers are with your family. sometimes in life we can't understand GODS plan.may GOD give you strenght thru this hard times.

888 days ago


How horrible for this family. I don't know what it takes to get people to wear seat belts. And to stop getting into cars with crazy people, drunk people and/or people who can't handle their cars and choose to speed/text/or whatever other irresponsible things they do. Yes, people like Hogan. I hope this accident was just that, something that couldn't be avoided, for the sake of the parents.

888 days ago


Our aunt rolled and flipped her car several times. She didn't have a seat belt and was ejected out. The car was a crumpled mess. She would have died with a seat belt on.
Our cousin rolled down a 300 foot cliff. He wasn't wearing a seat belt, and was ejected out the windshield and lived. The car roof was smashed completely down on the driver's side seat.
Factually, he would have died if he had his seat belt on.
I realize people do get a bit obsessive about seat belts, and even preachy about it.
That's fine. Fact remains...sometimes seat belts save lives...other times they trap people and kill them.
Since it's the law now, we have no choice. So it's not a debate, we're required to wear them.
However, controlling personalities with preachy attitudes who want to repeatedly insist wearing a seat belt guarantees living, and that lack of seat belt guarantees dying...are wrong.
Is what it is, take it or leave it.

888 days ago

Good riddance!    

Oh man, what a horrible thing to happen to this family! Another major tragedy that probably could have been avoided by simply wearing seatbelts. I won't let a wheel even turn unless everyone is wearing them and I have full racing harnesses in my Jeep.

888 days ago
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