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Offered Free Security

Following Death Threats

4/14/2012 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The death threats Octomom received after news broke she had gone on welfare were so bad ... that a few security companies have reached out to her offer up free protection services for her and her family ... TMZ has learned. 

As TMZ first reported, Octo had her car window smashed in with a handwritten note that said, "Leave California or you will die!" The threats started after TMZ reported Octo began receiving $2,000 a month from the State of California, which could only be used for food.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ that numerous security companies have stepped up to offer her free protection. We're told they have offered 24/7 security guards, multiple people for the kids -- all for free until she moved to a new home, the location of which will be secret for as long as possible.

According to our sources, the companies told Octomom they were making the offer because they felt people had gone too far with their threatening behavior.


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bj brigham    

The $2000a month is for food only...the total is somewhere about 135, 000 a year including housing and it includes for a disabled child which is a large amount ,plus clothes, somme people get just 2000 to keep your disabled child at home..i guess a lot of people only read that amunt for free health care..lots of dough..remember she said she would never take money and she was going back to work,,so stupid,,she thought she was going to hit it big for a tv show and be kate +plus might be 174,000 a year.

860 days ago


What kind of nut-job would threaten to kill a stupid broad who couldn't keep her legs together? She hasn't hurt anyone; she's just a moron who hasn't a clue. She hasn't broken a law. She hasn't really done anything wrong. There are a lot of criminals out here who really deserve those death threats. You knuckleheads send your threats to someone who deserves them.

860 days ago

Roni Mist    

this is so sad, those poor children. Maybe this will open her eyes and shut her mouth and she will learn to keep herself and children out of the media. Go somewhere safe and secure for your family and stay away from the media be a parent and protect your children. Take it from the rest of us, you can survive in this world without your every move being do***ented on television or in the media. I hope she takes a long hard look at herself and her choices, she is endangering those children and can easily loose them. I hope social services is watching this closely. God bless those babies.

860 days ago


Yes, Nadia has made some seriously bad decisions...but what's done is done. Leave the woman alone. Those poor kids never asked for any of this... so whatever people do to Nadia, they are harming the children as well. As other people mentioned, the kids still need to eat. Although some people may think it's not fair that she's getting $2000 a month, it would be less fair if those children starve just because people have a problem with Nadia. Like I said, what's done is done. Let sleeping dogs lay.

860 days ago


my octomom is a disgusting slob signed your mom

860 days ago


free services = free publicity

same thing as attorneys donating their services on high profile cases

860 days ago


I'm surprised they haven't taken her kids away yet. it's not right to send her death threats, but this whole octomom situation isn't right either.

860 days ago

Tigers Wood    

Octomom is no different from all the other octomoms out there, you see them at Walmart with there many babies that are on welfare.
All these moms with 4,8,10,14 kids do not realize that their kids are going to reproduce exponentially over the years to create a problem on earth some 20 years from now. The Catholic Spanish are still programmed to be fruitful and prosper as the Bible says.

860 days ago

jim bob    

She broke her own window and wrote that note look at it

860 days ago


I hope she gets the food stamps and any other state help she can qualify for until the kids turn 18 solely because of all the hate spewing out of the fine upstanding citizens here.

860 days ago


Oh goody, she loves freebies. She must be trying to outdo the Kartrahians for publicity getting stunts. Ugh.

860 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Nothing since Octo looney today, TMZ. Did you search the entire thirty mile zone? Nothing at all going on in Hollylalawood today?

860 days ago


Leave this woman alone, and someone please give her a legitimate job, a reality show or something so she can pay the bills, whats done is done, the children should be first priority. You can see she is a bubble off but cares for her children, it is too much stress keeping it together with so many children and no funds, she needs help...these kids at least need a chance at a decent education....with a half way stress free mother....

860 days ago

Ms. Underestimate    

This sounds like something she would do to her own car for attention. She is obviously THAT kind of person. Hello?

860 days ago


This is exactly why you don't want to become known for any reason. There are too many crazy people out there who will try to harm you or your family. It's best to stay anonymous. And nobody should have ever reported that she got help paying for food for her kids. That is her business and nobody elses.

860 days ago
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