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'The Bachelor'

African Americans Will Sue --

We're Not Wanted

4/17/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are about to get a thorny rose -- in the form of a lawsuit.

We're told the 2 plaintiffs -- both African Americans -- went to a Nashville hotel to audition for the role of bachelor. Christopher Johnson -- an aspiring NFL player -- claims when he arrived a producer asked him what he was doing there.

Johnson and the other plaintiff, Nathaniel Claybrooks, both say they were taken to the side of the room and left out of the normal audition process. Neither was called back, and they believe it's because of their race.

They will be filing a class action lawsuit in federal court Wednesday AM. We're told ABC, Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions and creator Mike Fleiss, will all be sued.



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most of you are IGNORANT...and keep saying "im not allowed on BET can i sue"...have you EVER WATCHED BET, their are MULTIPLE white cast members in EVERY show, bieber just won a BET award 2 years ago, tom cruise, GAGA, robin thicke, ben stiller and TONS of white celebrities have all been part of 106 and park (their main show)..BET itself isn't even black owned, it owned by VIACOM which its ceo's are all white

869 days ago


It is pretty obvious they don't want black people to star on that show. That in and of itself isn't really something the law should be involved in. However... if it happened like these people said then they may have a case. If the studio wanted to cover their butts they should have treated every auditioner the same and then just pick who you want at the end.

869 days ago


Maybe the contestant just wasn't attracted to black men. I have a certain "look" that strikes my attention when i see it. I like Andy Garcia, he's Cuban. I like Andre Agassi, he's part Armenian/Iranian (I think), I also like white guys with more chiseled features. I'm not attracted to black men, as this person may not have been, either. Doesn't make me or them a racist. So why do the black men have to get their panties in a wad and CRY racism?!?!? You know what they say: "A skunk smells his own hole first." I think that's the case here. The men are racist....not the chick/show.

869 days ago


While I'm certain you're right, it could also be because you're just plain ugly.
Just say'n.

869 days ago

Meredith Butler    

That is just stupid... please do not give them any air time by telling this story on the show. Just so stupid!

869 days ago


Lets see if any white person can compete on "Miss Black America"? Or sue over not being allowed on the "Black Music Awards". This black and white thing is trumped up by our own Government. They shouldn't even care what race we are. We are Americans from the United States.

869 days ago

Meredith Butler    

That is just stupid, from start to finish. There are black only pageants, colleges,television stations, and clothing lines. My son can't go to a black college and my daughter can't enter a black pageant, and God forbid we show up at Black Bike week! Yet these people think they have a reason to sue? Just stupid...

TMZ, please don't give this story feet. This is not worth anyone's time.

869 days ago


Have you people seen his picture ...Hes butt ugly ...stop playing the race card...racism comes in all colors ..

869 days ago


Nice to see there are no racists on here

869 days ago


@Meredith Butler - just shut up. You sound very disgruntled and like a total idiot. Just stop. You need to check your facts and then come back with something more intelligent, if possible. Just STOP!

869 days ago


All of these ignorant remarks sound more and more racist as I go down the page. It's so sad. I wouldn't sue because the show is fake, stupid and a waste of intelligence. But I sure as hell wouldn't let it go so white people can have their own... How stupid does that sound? 90% of the shows on the tv are geared for towards white people...from commercials to soaps. You give black people channel freakin' 13 and nobody watches that channel. And some of you fools actually have the nerve to get upset that a black person would be upset over such a racist act? On here talking about affirmative action? What does that have to with anything? Please. And for the idiot who actually said "white people don't want to see black people - it would be the end" (you sound like a fool, Justsayin).. then I would ask you to stop listening to our music, stop watching us on the basketball court and football field, stop trying to tan and have your lips injected...stop trying to prove you have a "booty" too..and stop trying to use our slang. Not cool is it? Sounds stupid, right?

In a perfect world people should be able to enjoy shows with all colors of skin, enjoy sports and music no matter which color face you see. I'm so sick of you old-timers who can't let go of the 1930s when you were "safe" in your all white areas and watching your all white shows/movies. Get with the times, the younger generation doesn't care as much as you do and seem to be a lot more progressive. And if you're so afraid of seeing interracial couples then stick to Big Texas (another all white show).

Disgusting hypocrisy!

869 days ago


This type of BS just makes racial tensions thicker and makes the general population roll their eyes when a real injustice is done. What a sign of our times. Go ask Obama for a handout. Maybe you should get a real job.

869 days ago


Man, I am black and this is so freaking retarded. Black reality shows are full of ghetto fighting women who make us educated normal black women look bad. NO, do not get black women on this show. Besides, when it is time to vote for any show, we don't vote. Blacks will not watch unless there is DRAMA. Please Bachelor Franchise, do not allow black folks, we will drop your ratings. Money is not worth dignity, and the Caucasian audience will not watch. Get a Mixed man, and put him in with Asians, Hispanics, Italians and whites. That would be a better show, ok maybe one black woman, but please let her be EDUCATED.

869 days ago


The race card is getting really old. Time to stop playing the color of your skin as a way to make your money. Seriously you can have an all black college and nothing be said but let there be an all white college and it is racist. It is old people.

869 days ago


It's a t.v. show catering to a specific demographic. They can choose whoever they want (or not want) to be on the show!

869 days ago
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