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'The Bachelor'

African Americans Will Sue --

We're Not Wanted

4/17/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are about to get a thorny rose -- in the form of a lawsuit.

We're told the 2 plaintiffs -- both African Americans -- went to a Nashville hotel to audition for the role of bachelor. Christopher Johnson -- an aspiring NFL player -- claims when he arrived a producer asked him what he was doing there.

Johnson and the other plaintiff, Nathaniel Claybrooks, both say they were taken to the side of the room and left out of the normal audition process. Neither was called back, and they believe it's because of their race.

They will be filing a class action lawsuit in federal court Wednesday AM. We're told ABC, Warner Horizon Television, Next Entertainment, NZK Productions and creator Mike Fleiss, will all be sued.



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I don't even watch this show, but I always wonder why there were only white people... not only the bachelors or bachelorettes but the contestants too... right???

920 days ago

Tom Cruise    

African American? Which is it, your either one or the other? Give me a break most blacks have never even been to Africa. All this PC crap is ruining this country.

920 days ago


The truth is......why has there not been a Black contestant? Thats a good question rather you are for the lawsuit or not.......

920 days ago


Roxy- your an ignorant fool. Us "blacks" dont want you either.

And Ragan- Black is not in any way the majority. Get your facts straight

920 days ago


i swear black people r the laziest. anyway to get a quick dollar. get a job

920 days ago


These comments are to much for me and they actually sound a little like there some hate going on. Blacks still get discriminated against that has not changed. read your comments the are very sterotypical, blacks on foodstamps and things of that nature. Blacks are still being hated on and white privilege exist. You want the race card to stop being used then take a stand on the crazy things going on in america. Not all blacks are trigger crazy, Not all blacks are on foodstamps. Come on people it sounds to me like your mad at the wrong people it clearly states they were not even able to audition, sound fishy to me. Aleast close your mouth annd open your eyes. Im not saying that they're right I dont know what happen but Im a college grad. black male never been in trouble with the law but still get followed like im stealing and harrased by police it happens.

920 days ago


And for the person that said blacks are just americans not african americans. You are really messed up IM AFRICAN AMERICAN. Thats were my family originated from not america.

920 days ago

Grouchy Smurf    

The nice thing about Facebook is that they track your activity all over the internet. Doesn't matter that you use different handles as everything goes in to a big database based upon your IP address and the presence of that Facebook cookie. And in the near future everything you've ever done on the Internet will be publicly attributed to you. So have fun making your racist comments thinking nobody will ever know it is you, because you little Facebook idiots have already made sure that for the rest of your life everyone will know you're a hateful little racist. And if you doubt me, just Google it.

920 days ago


are they discriminatory for not having on black guys? yep. does that make them racist? nope. just stop watching the show if you feel it doesn't cater to you, guys. right argument but wrong forum in which to argue it.

920 days ago

Brown-the color of s**t    

Three letters: TNB!

920 days ago


I don't know why some idiots think they can sum up the world from their own experience or better yet, the media. This world serves up bull**** in all forms and only a jackass loser would think they have it all figured out. Like think someone is white just because they said they are black first... could happen because they know some idiots will think they are white for speaking against certain blacks. As for this show, producers tailor every detail about these shows, sitcoms and movies. So it wouldn't shock me if they went as long as they could with the image they desired.

920 days ago


Wow what's next, the losing team in sports suing and being awarded the victory just because their team has more black people than the winning team? ...Oh wait, that team did win.

920 days ago

Michelle C.    

@ S. Your comment you made is irrelavant to the subject.. How did your comment "I'm suing the U.S government because I am white and can't get receive food stamp, and cant collect disability because I'm not a crack head that really unfair" have to do with what's being discussed here? Now you are being racist, in other words what you are saying is, 'only blacks and crack heads are eligible for public assistance or are on public assistance.. I am not a TV watcher myself, but I know of that show and I have always thought to myself, "why I have never seen a black bachelor or bachelorette." I am not (African American)but I am black and I don't see it as blacks pull the race card I see it as puting it out there that racism is still alive in America.. And for the record Affirmative action as no place in this discussion ( one don't have anything to do with the other)!!!

920 days ago


So if I'm FAT ca I sue for fat discrimination? There are never fat people on that show either.

920 days ago


Im black myself and I think this is probably true and i support this. But dont get me wrong but ever since mary j blidge's "crispy chicken" the whole black community just went crazy. they thought it was rascist just because mary was singing her heart out about some chicken? maybe she just really loves chicken with a passion. I typed it #LIKE A BOSS!!!

920 days ago
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