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Trey Songz & 'Storage Wars' Star

Trademark Battle Heating Up?


4/17/2012 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Has R&B superstar Trey Songz counter-sued "Storage Wars" star David Hester in their trademark battle over the term YUUUP! ... YUUUP

Do both Songz and Hester each claim they have the trademark to the term YUUUP! and sell merchandise with the term on it? At least according to court docs filed in New York??? YUUUP!

Did Hester originally sue last year, asking a judge to allow him to continue selling merchandise and using the term ... even though Songz had sent him a cease and desist letter? YUUUP!

Did Songz, in papers filed on April 2, claim he's had the right to use the trademark since back in 2009 ... while Hester only filed his trademark in 2011? YUUUP!

Does Songz want a judge to void Hester's trademark and award him damages? YUUUP!

Has a judge ruled? Nope.


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Trey's is Yup
Dave's is Yep.

Case closed.

897 days ago


Rappers have got to be the most narcissistic, pathetic idiots known to man. I say that all the time....should I worry about getting sued?!?! Bunch of Jack wagons!!!

897 days ago


the judge needs to kick them both out the court room...I think owner (a girl it seems) should CASH IN two people fighting over a name she owns? GET A LAWYER AND SELL THAT BABY got to be worth $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

897 days ago

Diana Conlan    

I have a great distaste for Dave Hester! He should have to pay up on the YUP He is simply annoy'ing with his Yups!

897 days ago


stopped wat4ing da s4ow cause of fat boy...

897 days ago


What an awful show. People bragging how smart they are about buying a storage bin. Wow. Hester's the worst, but that hairy guy in the tank top probably never made it past 3rd grade. "That's a 30 dollar bill all day". Huh? Waiting for a gust of wind to blow the auctioneers toupee off.

897 days ago


Storage Wars is about two seconds from fading into history anyway. By the time this lawsuit hits the courts it will be irrelevant.

Anyone remember Pawn Stars?

897 days ago


Will anyone even remember Dave Hester in 10 years? Nooope!

897 days ago


This is so duuuuuummmmmmbbbbbbb. i'm copywrtin that.

897 days ago


Uuhh Duh people, the reason if will be a problem is cuz Trey says it in almost every song, and being a fan of storage wars (my husbands fault) to see Dave pull up in a shirt that has YUUUUP on it that he is probably selling and making a profit on, and to have a big ass truck that will hold a full house that has YUUUUP on the side that is making the word more money, along with hats that he is selling... yea bottom line if you have a slogan or word... get the **** trademarked so if someone else comes along they wont make money off of it. So I think Trey needs to get it, and money off all money he has made off the Yuuup brand. REal ****,... only smart people that make business investments will understand . I can BET hella money that Blind fury got Y>A>G>A trademarked cuz anyone could come behind and make a shirt that say Young ANd Gifted ALways and he wouldnt be able to do ****... and none of us knew what YAGA was before Blind fury..

897 days ago


IT'S A FREAKIN WORD actually... no... it's not even a word... it's an utterance. Them trademarking an utterance like "Yuuup" is like me trademarking "Yeah" or "Hey" or "Yeah Hey" or "Hey You". It's STUPID. I think people shouldn't be able to trademark something under 3 syllables long, and adding extra letters doesn't count. Seriously now. Besides... Barry makes the show. No one watches for Dave.

896 days ago


just as an FYI... no one can use the phrase "Just as an FYI" cause I've trademarked it. Anyone who types that now owes me money. :P Obviously I'm kidding, but see how stupid that is? I want to amend my original statement. trademarks should only be given to words more than 3 syllables AND it should be a non-commonly used phrase that is specific to the person saying it. "Yup" is too common to be a phrase specific to any one person saying it.

896 days ago


Hester is a douchebag. I hope the judge throws the book at the jackass

896 days ago


Dave Hester is a wart on the azz of mankind. I will be so glad when he's no longer on the show...will he be missed when he's gone ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!

896 days ago

Roni Mist    

OMG.... HOW STUPID!!! I agree with the other readers, how is he a Star???? He is so annoying I can't even watch the show and has anybody else noticed that he DOESN'T say Yuup, he actually say YEEP.... come on tmz plese find other stories....this is sooooo not interesting

896 days ago
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