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Acura Super Bowl Commercial

Only Light-Skinned Blacks

Need Apply

4/18/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You know that Acura commercial with Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno that aired during the Super Bowl -- well, we got hold of the casting call document, and they were very specific/exclusionary about their dream African American car dealer.

According to the casting doc, the role of African American car dealer would be played by a "Nice looking, friendly, Not too dark" African American car dealer.

Casting document for the Acura NSX Super Bowl Commercial
We just got hold of the document from an African American actor who didn't fit the profile, and who's pissed.

We made lots of calls, trying to find out why "dark" African Americans weren't right for the role.  Someone associated with casting the commercial tells us ... one of the reasons for the "not too dark" restriction was because lighting and special effects would get tricky. 

We made calls to Acura but no one got back to us.

Acura just apologized for the wording in the casting call document -- claiming, "We apologize to anyone offended by the language."


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Man I wanted that roll, but am white. I am pissed and suing they didn't even let me try out.

While I am at it Jersey shore is on my radar too, but I want on that show but am too pale.

The man is killing my acting career. Oh well there is always the bachelor.

921 days ago


Bridget, you're going by websites. I'm going by EXPERIENCE. Sets require bright color CLOTHING on people of ALL races but NOT WHITE color clothing because white clothes and studio lighting don't mix due to reflection of lighting. That's why people shooting in stdio usually wear bright colors mostly. Black and grey are fine but preferably if they are paired with something brighter though they may still suffice on their own depending on camera quality. If it was about skin color and darkness not being good for lighting then Oprah would never be allowed to wear black, now would she? We all know she wore black a lot. I'm not going to argue with someone getting feedback from websites who obviously isn't knowledgeable enough about the subject at hand. Sigh.

921 days ago

Tony the Giant    

You don't live off of an controlled environment of racism. (Where you are doing as others tell you to do) Naw, you don't ride or die like that. You know what I'm saying? You tell them like I do, to kiss your mf a--!!
You tell a dog what to do. You don't tell no other human what to do. And outside the family too. You ppl. really got life f--!! up.

921 days ago


Tell the faux-outraged blacks that they can't every gig out there. Are you going to be "pissed" if they wanted a female?

921 days ago

Tony the Giant    

But here is what I'm saying Bridget. I know you are one of the professionals when it comes down to alamode and style, and things that are fitable or not. But that is material quality that you are talking about. But when it comes down to racial color. Professional Customer Service skills will not allow for you to expose that. You keep them discrepancies to yourself, and try to figure out some other reason to deny a person the opportunity they are looking for. I was looking at your earlier comments, and yours are one of the best. I was getting ready to get back at you about that.

921 days ago

Elevate Yourself    

Would a deeply tanned white person do? I could use the money in these tough economic times.

921 days ago


Here we go another black suing because he's descriminated against! It is getting REALLY old.

921 days ago


LOL...There's lots of dark skinned actors, musicians..etc...For example (Gabourey Sidibe)she's as dark as a charcoal, so what's all the bs about lightening and special effects?!...

921 days ago


Go Jerry and Michael Richards. YES!!!!

921 days ago


Good grief people, they do this to white people too! A white person could be too tan or too white for a role and get passed over. This was not a racial thing otherwise there wouldn't be a black person in the commercial at all!

921 days ago


What's the big deal? If the character had called for a blonde, would all the red heads have been pissed? How about if they were looking for someone over 6'. All the short people going to get pissed? They were looking for a specific type. Get over it.

921 days ago


I'm reading this completely different. I think what they mean is that the role will not be too dark comedy wise. Not that they don't want dark skinned people! TMZ are you causing an uproar over nothing perhaps? :|

921 days ago


I don't mind people commenting on this, but please try to re-frame from using the N word. And please don't group African Americans as a whole in this. Not all of us act the same way.

921 days ago


So What!! Which also means No Whites!!

921 days ago


I think we should fight for equality among races when there's something to fight about and I'm the first to shout 'enough'. When we start calling something like this 'racism' we're diluting the problem.

This is an ad. I'm 65, I wasn't picked for a swimsuit ad; is that ageism? I'm a short Spanish lady and I wasn't picked to be a runway model; what do we call that?...

A producer has a vision and that's his freedom of choice whether he wants tall, homely, blonde, a kid vs. adult and having been around for a while we have come a long way .

921 days ago
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