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'Bachelor' Racism Lawsuit

Producers Encourage

White Power Mentality

4/18/2012 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The producers of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" are responsible for encouraging racism across the country by refusing to cast black people in the shows' central roles -- this according to a new class action lawsuit.

Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks filed the lawsuit today in Tennessee federal court against the shows' producers -- claiming they both auditioned for "The Bachelor" in Nashville in August 2011 ... but were brazenly denied based solely on the color of their skin.

Christopher and Nathaniel claim producers were afraid to cast them for fear of alienating "the show's majority-white viewership."

As a result, the guys claim producers are teaching the public how to be racist -- by demonstrating preferences for white relationships over non-white and interracial relationships.

They might have a point too ... because the show has never once cast a person of color -- black, Asian, Latino, whatever -- in the central role as Bachelor or Bachelorette.

"Bachelor" creator Michael Fleiss has even acknowledged the problem -- stating long before the lawsuit was filed ... "We always want to cast for ethnic diversity. It's just that for whatever reason, they don't come forward. I wish they would."

Chris and Nathaniel are now demanding a change in "Bachelor" policy -- requiring producers to "consider persons of color as finalists for the role of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette."

Oh yeah, they also want money -- an unspecified amount of punitive damages.


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I do not care what color you are if you are gay, is my opinion..ok if you can have transgender shows only transgender or gay shows only gay or bet for the most part black only why can a white show be white or a non gay couple be couple like ms. universe..same thing it is for women..what is wrong with that? what is wrong with marriage for male and female we had the word first and give gay marriage gay marriage or another name..why do straight people have to give up eveything and include everything..gays dont and i love em just the same..they forget sometimes there are straight people too...we have rights to some stuff too that was ours first dictionary and bible definitions..ok if they are not allowing blacks so be it...better stop now..its a male looking for a female. vice versa wrong....all color should be allowed for the straight show. i think all should be treated far as me putting the stuff of gay marriage it was a add remind people straight people still exist too and want to keep some of our history while giving of course same sex couples all the same rights..

915 days ago


I am so sick and tired of "black people", not African Americans playing the race card. It's getting so old!! This country is ridiculous with your "political correctness"!! Give me a break already. Use something else besides, "I am black so they have to be racist!!" You people are so stupid and intelligent blacks never pull the race card. Why isnt BET racist? Why isnt the Miss black america considered racist? why? Get over yourselves. I am Commanche indian. We were here before all you people. You want to talk racism? Maybe listen to some of Chris Rock's stand up. He talks about how native americans have been far more oppressed than black. And I am sure you "all" will listen to him because he is black!!

915 days ago


Total abuse of the legal system! They need to reevaluate themselves and realize they just weren't good enough prospects to keep the attention of 25 attractive women let alone the people that watch. The guy in the pink shirt keeps on stumbling over his words, and the other guy is just not attractive. Who wants to watch that?

915 days ago


Hey wonder if I can get in on this! I'm half Mexican, short, & fat, there is no way in hell I'll ever get chosen for the bachelorette! Where do I sign up to make me some $$ from this worthless attention whore lawsuit!?!

915 days ago


Such a waste of the courts time and money that could be used for good. SHAME ON YOU!!!

915 days ago


Here we go again... Always the victim. Wake up WHITE America, time to be heard. If I were black, I would absolutely be embarrassed.

Try working, that is how you get paid!!

915 days ago


the judge should toss out this suit. Dont get why these guys would want 2 b on that stupid show. Find a better way 2 meet yr
future mate, forget the bachelor.The white bimbos on these shows
problably dont wish to meet a blk guy unless he is a pro-athlete
w/millions $ contract under his belt. Get a life

915 days ago


They're suing over the right to be part of a trashy harem...or have a fake engagement with a member of a trashy harem...

915 days ago


...although it couldnt hurt to light a fire under tv networks asses for modern day

915 days ago


Are you kidding me? So basically, they are suing ABC because they weren't chosen to be on the bachelor. How pathetic. I'm SURE they are suing for money too. Typical.

915 days ago


OMG...This is crap...What about Tyler Perry and his crap, Where are the WHITES in that show...Stop crying guys and forcing your issues on society.

915 days ago


I'm soooo tired of RACE...people need to stop bein RACIST. Until they do, I'm gonna sue every one cause I'm black. Cause whenever I don't get what I want that's what it is...RACE. And so what if I'm the only one bringing up RACE. It's still their fault.

See...Simple logic will tell you that if I am gonna sue over race then I musta known something before-hand. That's why I went on the show! Duh! So like I said...They ain't gotta say it, but that don't mean I can't profit! We do it the "RACEY" way! - I be where the RACE be!

915 days ago

derty ernie    

My wife thinks I'm crazy but I told her you will no longer see a commercial that has just white people in it but there are commercials with only black people in it. Also the person in the commercial who plays the dumb idiot is always white, never black.

915 days ago


Really brothers is this something we want to use the race card for. I dont want to see no white dudes on The Game, Lets Stay Togather or any other show thats prodimatly black. I like Kim & Kroy but but I rather the cast of RHOA be all black. My point is; If the bachlor wants to limit its bachlors to white dudes only who am I to judge.

915 days ago


I hope this lawsuit goes nowhere. TV producers should not have to include any race if that is not what they are looking for. Are white people going to start suing BET or democrats suing FOX News or gays suing TBN???? This is soooo stupid. A Shows producer has the right to cast whomever they want this is casting not hiring. This is just a case of these guys and this attorney looking for a quick buck.

915 days ago
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