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'Basketball Wives'

Boycott Reunion Show

Over Face-Slap Lawsuit

4/19/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Basketball Wives Season 4 Cast
Several "Basketball Wives" are adamantly refusing to tape the big upcoming reunion show next month, TMZ has learned -- and it's all because of the face-slap lawsuit Jennifer Williams filed against Nia Crooks.

As we reported, Jennifer is suing Nia for assault and battery over a January 21st incident at a race track in Florida -- when Nia slapped Williams in the side of the head after a nuclear argument (below). Jennifer says she was injured badly during the attack.

But according to sources at VH1, the castmates are convinced Jennifer's lawsuit was filed out of spite and desperation to dredge up drama around her character -- in the vain hope of securing a spot on the show next season. Our sources also think Jennifer's claim of emotional distress is BS because she never missed a day of shooting.

We're told several prominent castmembers have vowed to shun her completely ... refusing to even speak to Jennifer -- and are threatening not to attend the reunion show early next month if she attends.

And there's this -- the contract signed by the "Wives" castmates specifically states .... "Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project.""

Stay tuned.


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Shaunie's nostrils I cant stop laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha there even big on the computer screen oh lord have mercy!

918 days ago


First of all, what was Nia doing on there?? She's trying to get her 10 seconds of fame. She is Evelyn's assistant. Really, I believe it was a setup by VH1, for ratings. Why in the world would they bring Nia on there?? It really makes them look ignorant. You're supposed to be friends for years, but when it can't go your way, you calling your so-called "friend" of many years a "B"? Go peacefully and walk away. Evelyn needs to get help for her drinking problems. She's an alcoholic, Tammy's an alcoholic and Susie's an alcoholic. Everytime Evelyn is not getting her way, she's trying to bully somebody. But she knows who to mess with and who not to. She's always getting drunk, throwing drinks or something else. One person she had best leave alone is Kenya. Kenya doesn't have it all upstairs. If Evelyn keeps on, she's going to be damaged. I want somebody to land a punch and kick her a**, royally. The one that they call immature is the most mature of them all -- Royce. Grow up and stop having a distasteful mouth, ladies. If Ocho is still with Evelyn, it's for publicity and a new upcoming show, I guarantee you. Because there's no way that his children's mothers would want her ignorant behind around their kids. She's foul. And Keshia has good character, but she needs to stop letting them run over her. Step up, girl. You don't have to do all that cursing like them, but defend yourself, if they keep stepping up in your face -- ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!! Because I guarantee you Evelyn or Nia will not attempt to land a lick on the body of Kenya, Tammy, Royce or Shaunie. Because they know that licks will come right back at them. They know who to mess with and who not to. Grow up and become real women. You're just fulfilling the stereotypical description of women of color that is put out there by racist people, by acting ignorant, sleeping around, fighting trying to show off and keeping up with "the Joneses." Why don't you show success without ignorance?? We don't need to know how many penises you've had in your mouth, how much your shoes cost nor what type of car you're driving. Give back to your community. Be a positive role to our girls. Also, be a positive role to our young men coming up. Don't have them thinking that our race of women are not good enough.

918 days ago


Well she got her wish.

918 days ago


shaunie set jen up and try to act like she dont know whats going on . she have getto ass tami do all her dirty work and jen is right you cant just be hitting people and get away with it.

918 days ago



918 days ago

jac smith    

what a bunch of trash these fake housewives are. They are house hoes

918 days ago

jac smith    

what a bunch of trash these fake housewives are. They are house hoes

918 days ago



918 days ago


I think it's so twisted that the women aren't upset about Nia hitting Jen. How can they get mad at Jen for suing. Was she just supposed to do nothing? Tami and Suzi are mad, i'm sure, because they have both been sued for the same thing. Evelyn is probably upset since she could easily be sued for her behavior as well (AND we all know she's been following Tami around like a faithful pup ever since Tami knocked her around, too). And, of course, Shaunie would be upset because these lawsuits could put her show (and money) in jeopardy. If someone hits you, you don't have to just take it. We all have the right to fight back the legal way. They're too old for fighting over who wants to be somebody's friend. Jen is so much better than that show anyway.

918 days ago


This is the BIGGEST TRASH on TV. Black women need too take a stand AGAINST the show, it's a SLAP In all BLACK WOMENS FACE IMO. I've watched maybe 30 mins to 1hr max just too see what it's about. FCKN AWFUL, JUST %1000 TRASH. MS. ONEAL, I bet you're proud uh? NOT you MS. should be ASHAMED of yourself. TRASH...

918 days ago


Evelyn scary ass was scared to slap Jen herself. So she had her country ass friend do it. Jen ill come on ass your friend and beat both they asses!She woulda had a well whooped ass slapping me!And Shaunie thats why Shaq isnt with u or u dont have a rich desent man cause your a low life **** and I feel sorry flor your kids!

918 days ago


I don't condone violence but Jennifer kind of had it coming. I think it's completely ridiculous to sue and have the nerve to say she was injured badly, really?? I am glad they are boycotting the reunion and they shouldn't speak to her stuck up ass. That being said, Tami and Evelyn should be ashamed, they both have children--great role models, not!

918 days ago


How silly!!!!!! These women will do anything for attention...even if it makes them look like wild baffoons. But their show is not different from Jersey Shore or the's all about that five minutes of fame...even if they look like fools :(

918 days ago


That's crazy as hell Jennifer is the victim out of this. First crazy as Evelyn smackes her in the head now this Nia chick slaps her face come on. Evelyn incited this fight with the drinks with Nia. Evelyn is just pissed becase she's not licking her Ass to get along with her. I dont like Jen nor Evelyn for the two of them together was a hot damn mess.

918 days ago


I'm sick and tired of these bitches thinking they can swing at people and not be held accountable! They think they are above the law and can slap, punch and whip ass whomever they please and choose. F*** that, they should get sued and go to jail. Then they WILL learn their lesson. Keep your grubby, nasty, skanky paws to yourself OR pay UP! I'm sick of Evelyn and Tami hitting people and bullying everyone that shows any sign of normalcy.

918 days ago
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