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Lindsay Lohan

In Nightclub Fight Sequel!!!

4/19/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime
Lindsay Lohan returned to the scene of the (alleged) crime!!! We've learned she showed up at The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip Wednesday night ... went to Smoke and Mirrors, the same nightclub where she allegedly pushed a woman 2 weeks ago, and got into it with ANOTHER woman ... and it ended with LiLo on the receiving end of a flying drink.

Here's how it went down.  Lindsay's friend drove her car to the hotel -- LiLo was in the passenger seat.  The driver pulled into the parking garage and hit another car.  Witnesses say Lindsay then called her dad, Michael, for help, and he dutifully showed up. 

So what did Michael do?  He took Lindsay inside the club and the two hung out for hours ... we're told without any alcohol.

Around closing time, a woman in the booth next to theirs made a snide comment about Lindsay showing up with her dad.  Lindsay then got up and screamed at the woman, "Shut the f**k up."  We're told that's when the drink drenched the actress.

We're told Michael then grabbed his daughter and made a beeline for the door.  


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Jay W.     

You sexy... sexy girl !

832 days ago


I thought Michael was in Florida with his goofy girlfriend.
Why doesn't Lindsay stay home?. Just long enough to get out of the spotlight. Girl makes bad choices....

832 days ago


She needs to lay low now for a few months,everyone is gunning for her,or she can take movie roles for B movies and get topless,Bills wont pay themselves,time it take it all off Lilo.

832 days ago


I thought she depised her Father??? More important that that, what person in their right mind thinks that those blown up lips look good????

832 days ago


After reading that I only have one question. Is Lindsay Lohan the next Amanda Bynes??

832 days ago


This can't be real. It's like if someone scripted her demise.

832 days ago


Not the brightest bulb in the box.

832 days ago


How the f-ck do you end up with so much drama by just going to a club, without even drinking ? Her friend had an accident just parking the car and then they dragged that lunatic father of hers into this ? Why would she go there if she was trying to stay out of trouble and she knows people there have it out for her? Is she trying to get her own reality TV show ?

832 days ago


Help, I'm drowning! Quick, someone throw me an anchor!

832 days ago


If Lindsay is not under the influence why is she getting so angry at people!She is definitely under the influence of something getting so angry. I see a date with the judge coming really soon.

832 days ago

Jay W.     

woman in the booth = POS

832 days ago


What the hell is wrong with this chick? She is a stupid ass ho. She should just stay at home.

832 days ago


okay, so it's now official: Lindsay Lohan is so addicted to any attention, good, bad, or ugly, that she'll risk her life and freedom in order to get it. HOPELESS...

832 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Seriously... whatever.

If, at this point, this girl cannot understand that her presence in any nightclub will probably create some kind of problem to her, she'll never understand it.

Keep being stupid, LiLo, but don't come crying when something bad happens - it's not as if you weren't been warned.

832 days ago


TMZ is the epitome of lies.. I remember articles saying how blohan just couldn't stand the sight of her dad... and what are you saying now Harvey? fockin media man..

832 days ago
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