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'Basketball Wives' -- Nia Crooks

Charged with Battery

for Insane Slap Attack

4/20/2012 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Nia Crooks has been charged with misdemeanor battery for pimp slappin' the taste out of Jennifer Williams' mouth back in January ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the Broward County State's Attorney's Office tells us ... officials decided to file the charge on April 10 ... after Williams filed a criminal complaint.

If convicted, Nia faces up to a year in the slammer.

During the incident, which aired on last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" -- Nia can be heard threatening to slap Jennifer ... to which Jennifer replied, "I wish you would." Her wish was granted.


4:39 PM PST --
Nia's lawyer Marc David Seitles tells TMZ ...  "We will vigorously defend Nia against these charges. The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur."

The lawyer adds, "Given that Jennifer herself has previously instigated fights on the show, to cry foul now is absurd and a desperate attempt for publicity and money. We will fight until Nia is vindicated."


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What a dumb ass lawyer, how could you defend someone against something millions of witnesses watched. Signing that contact only means they can't blame the producers or network for their injuries, but they can file CRIMINAL charges, it may not hold up under civil charges with the contract, but even if Jenn dropped the charges, the prosecutors have enough evidence to charge her themselves. Battery is a crime in Broward county, and these bitches must learn, that you can't just go around slapping folks for 5 minutes of fame. I hope Evelyn's ass is next!! BAM Biches!!

912 days ago

leslie penn    

They all need to act like grown women. She hit the woman so this is the result stop acting act little girls in high school. I hope she goes to jail then maybe they will learn to act like adults.

912 days ago

Miss SweetT    

And Nia and her vultures (lawyers) will not win. Done deal. This incident in FL was clearly not a stand your ground moment and I hope they take this show off for the sake of our youth.

912 days ago


this ish is ridiculous first of all the heffa had no business putting her hand s on her so she got want she gets evelyn with her fake skankie ass had the nerve to cry because Jen put Nia down how soon she forgot how she talked about royce and how about when tammi was going to sue evelyn after she told her she slept with her man and that she was a non factor and they all sit around and talk about jen like a dog shaunie in my opinion aint **** she the biggest creator of chaos and when **** go down frains innocent hoe makes me sick

911 days ago


I just watched this episode and it's disheartening to see these woman so out of control. Jen has become a human punching bag and it's not right. I believe that much of the anger towards jen comes from her not feeding while maintaing her composure as much as possible under the cir***stances. She's classy and they attribute that to her acting like she's better. She doesn't need to change anything about herself to appease those woman and i support her in pressing charges because i would have done the same thing. You don't put your hands on someone because you can't control your temper. Some of those woman really need counseling and anger management to get to the real issues. They act like the only way to resolve an issue is to fight and then they try to justify the behavior. And why as woman do we need to degrade and disrespect one another by referring to each other as bitches?

911 days ago


When you all see yourselves after the taping of the show, please tell me you all feel like straight up fools, because that's exactly what you look like. well at least jennifer and nia.Stupid stupid stupid! Oh did I say stupid? Oh yea stupid and immature and like wild aniimals.Enough is enough already!

911 days ago


I don't like the fact how nia respond to when she was classified as being black like being black or in the more appropriate way of classifying a person of color "AFRICAN AMERICAN" is a crime by saying "qoute "I'm mixed" unqoute." Like being black is a crime or something, Well remember this mixed nia "blacker the berry sweeter the juice girlie!!!

911 days ago

mad max    

jen got class, sue both of them. they need dr drew to calm teir attitude,

911 days ago


Woo!, Grown woman acting like children. A friend is hard to come by 14yrs., That's alot of time to be with someone and then a few words on the computer stops it. Life is to short and it's hard to earn the respect and trust of a friend. In my book Evelyn was never Jen's friend. To just say were done after 14yrs., For Evelyn, to be in the public eye and jumping off tables and fighting like a 16 year old is stupid. I had a bestfriend of 40 yrs. who recently died, it was the most heartbreaking thing that a person could face. I could say anything to my friend, or to her about her man, kids, anything and we took each others comments and use them for the better of each other and grew. A friend is hard to get and to keep. Everybodies mad at Jen, Why, because she's doing better for herself, because she's not sitting around feeling sorry for herself and moving on. I wouldn't want an friend who's always showing her a**, being loud, and mad at everything. Yes, it's a show but, come on people have feelings and life is to short and God don't like ugly. And Old girl could have changed the locks and got new keys.

911 days ago

Alicia Webb    

Well if she didn't put her hands on her this would not happen to her(Nia).I don't blame Jen for filling a lawsuit. Everybody on the show so busy kissing Everlyn ass they don't see her wrong doing. I m glad it's not me because she think she bout this life I would fix her and her ugly ass friend (Nia).

911 days ago


Good for Jen for pressing charges. Jen, Keisha and Royce are the only three on the show that carry themselves with self-respect. I must say I was never a fan of Jen's until this season. Inspite of how you have been treated on the show you have carried yourself with self respect and dignity. Good job! Let your attorneys do the fighting!

911 days ago

Z Harrell    

I am glad Jennifer filed charges against this moron and where did she come from anyway. She got some nerve going around putting her hands on someone and at her age anyway just another one of Evelyn's followers. I am starting to see that Tammy is starting to worship Evelyn too. These girls need to run into the right ones they know who to do this too. Evelyn jumping across the table she is really setting a good example for her kids. Tammy while you are wasting time rasing all of this hell trying to act like a peace maker go and get a makeover and get some class about yourself know wonder your husband left you. Shani needs to stop trying to act like the peacemaker she is not. Jennifer good for you girl it is about time, there is no sin in being classy and I hope your self defense class pays off.

911 days ago

Janica Brown    

If Jenn and Evelyn were good friends and had a disagreement and now she can't make up with her then she was never her friend, she was hating on her all the time. (jealous) She was all up in Jenn's relationship but Jenn can't say anything about hers. Tammy is pretending to not take sides and pretend she is trying to stop the fight but laughing behind Jen's back. But what kills me is that Tammy is eating up Evelyn's butt. Siding with Evelyn about where she come from you take a whipping and suck it up. But when Evelyn called her a NMF and made T-Shirts she too was threating to file a law suit against Evelyn. So Tammy need to sit her NMF a** down. Shaune is afraid to tell Evelyn when she is wrong. Shaune dosen't have leadership, she is a whimp. Where did Nia come from? Shaune was wrong for allowing her to go along knowing she had a problem with Jenn. I too am sick of this zoo of a show.

911 days ago


Good!!! People have to learn you can say whatever you want, that still doesnt give u the right to hit ANYONE. Of she is sorry now, this show is really starting to be GHETTO fied!!!!

911 days ago


I read eariler these women give black women a bad name, thats a laugh because they are not all black and thats the problem, Jen & Royce acts like a women were the others act like they just come out a low class boxing ring, Sisie and the new girl are ok.Jen did the right thing in pressing charges, If it had been me I would would push for a felony, when someone comes at you to do harm to your body with an object or just their hands that is aggravated assault, Evelyn jumped up on the table like what? the wicked witch, what was that for she looked like a dam fool.some of these women act like they are really from some where else wanting to make an impression on the camera, you know what I am talking about get some people on camera and they will show their ass .

911 days ago
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