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Cesar Millan 'Dog Whisperer'

Divorce Settled

Must Pay Ex a Fortune

4/21/2012 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cesar Milan
is divorced, and he's now half the man he used to be -- in the wallet.

TMZ obtained the final divorce docs which were just filed, and they show Cesar pulls in an impressive $170,000 a month. 

Now here's the bad news ... for Cesar. He must now pay ex-wife Ilusion a one-time payout of $400,000 ... but that's just the beginning.

Cesar must also pay his ex $23,000 a month in spousal support. Add to that another $10,000 in child support.

Cesar did get something in return -- lots of confidentiality. The docs say any "intimate, personal and/or private information about the other party ... including details of their personal and/or sexual relationships" must remain confidential. 

And, of course, any "photograph, film, videotape, recording ... which is not commercially available" must remain private. 

So that's how lawyers describe sex tapes.


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Yet another reason to never get married

924 days ago


Gee, Wonder just how many dogs have been euthanized, or dropped off at shelter because of Cesar Millans training methods.

As a matter of fact, Im a dog walker, and came across a woman regularly while walking a dog on her regular route daily, who, her and her son used the Millan training methods, throwing the dog down on it's side was her sons prefered method. I told her I didnt agree with Cesars dog training methods. I saw this woman and her dog every day. I dont see them any more, havent for months now. My guess is, the dog became agressive after being thrown and choked to the floor by her son, every day by using Cesars method, and they more than likely took the dog back to the shelter.

Betcha lots !

924 days ago


His (ex) wife Ilusion was with before he became rich and or famous so how is she a gold digger? I believe she also has her charity org that works with troubled youth using rescued dogs and has never tried to chase fame for herself. His behavior and choices (and need to hide them) are not her fault. Silence should come with a price and he's paying it.

924 days ago


Good thing his ex knows so much about training dogs. Wouldn't want her getting paid for other people's efforts or anything.

924 days ago

Jay W.     

If he's batting for the other team now... hopefully this doesn't devastate his kids.

924 days ago

lost grrl    

Lot's of people bagging on her for taking support...let's break it down. There are a few reason why women get spousal support. Other than general income inequality the big reasons (especially when it comes to households like this).

The first is that his wife has most likely not worked outside of the home. She stayed home to raise the kids. Of course she can go to work now but she will have to pay for child care and she has a huge disadvantage in the workforce since she has likely not worked for years and years. She won't have the experience or updated skills/education to allow her to be an effective sole breadwinner. If the situation were reversed, and the man chose to forgo a career while the woman worked, the man would get spousal support. Essentially the homemaker is being compensated for their "job" since they sacrificed a career in favor of staying home and taking care of the kids. It is cases like these--where one spouse worked and the other stayed home to raise the kids where you see the larger spousal support.

The second reason is the kids. Women almost always have physical custody. Yes, there is child support awarded but in most cases judges want to make divorce as easy as possible on the kids. When possible, it is preferable that the kids don't have to move out of their childhood house. Obviously child support doesn't pay rent/mortgages so if the non-custodial parent can afford to ensure that their kids don't have to go through a divorce AND a move (or leave an expensive school, stop attending expensive lessons, etc) that is preferable. If the mom stayed home all of the kids' lives forcing her directly into the work force would add additional stress on the kids. This is why a lot of times spousal support is limited in the number of years someone can receive it...slowly the kids acclimate and it is less of a shock for the mom to now be working out of the home. Again, these reasons apply to the male if the situation is reversed.

924 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Anyone who says he (or most men) got screwed in the divorce obviously don't know much about the economics of marriage and divorce; women are usually far more financially damaged by divorce, especially if they have left the work force to be stay-at-home moms.

924 days ago


cesar have a girlfriend jahira over almost 3 years now!! She travels everywhere with him also his younger son calvin! so he pays a lot for his cheating !!!!! andre is the only son who's living with his mom!!!!!

924 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

So the Dog Whisperer turns out to be a dog himself huh? What a shocker...

923 days ago


If he'd just come out and admit he is gay no one would care and he could avoid paying his ex hush money.

923 days ago


Illusion got a VERY LOW settlement and payout. It's a joke compared to what his company cesarmillan inc is worth. It's worth almost $100 million dollars. He's not only on Nat Geo but he sells DVD, Books, Magazines, goes on speaking engagements, and other products.

I don't understand how she got so little money out of this considering they were married 16 yrs.

923 days ago


The reason for the confidentiality clause is he is a closet gay dude and got busted by his wife. That or their marriage was a convenience marriage and he doesn't want the truth to get out.

It all has to do with his gayness.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

923 days ago


Before anyone calls me misogynistic put your thinking cap on. This is why a lot of todays men don't want to get married. Often times it has nothing to do with commitment. Who wants to be committed to a future liability if things go wrong? Man or woman. It has a lot to do with what happens if the marriage fails. She generally pays nothing in terms of finances only receives and he gets taken to the cleaners. Even if it's a little bit of money and she complains it's not enough, she's still getting something and he's giving. Rarely the other way around unless it can be proven without a reasonable doubt she's good for nothing and he's clearly the better person of the two. If a marriage fails, it isn't equitable in every definition of the word for the man but very for the female unless she ends up with a deadbeat.

For the most part but not always, marriage is a commodity for women. For men it's a liability. From day one women are pretty much taught that their marriage day is about them. Not about her and her future husband but about her big day. The people that last in marriages for decades until death do they part like some of our parents and other people, found needles in a haystack with each other and were lucky. So for those who have wonderful marriages, this isn't about you. This is just insight from the obvious.

923 days ago


He did not want anyone to see him actually fu**king the dogs and not his wife this dirty flea bag .

923 days ago


Thats why Clooney won't marry. NO matter how SWEET and KIND they are during courtship, soon as that "I do" and paper is signed, its hell from there on. Then they take HALF of your earning and make you pay hundreds of thousands a year till you DIE! hahaha... sucks for the man!

923 days ago
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