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'Basketball Wives' Producers

Jennifer Williams' Suit Is a

HUGE Slap in Our Face

4/22/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Williams
' "face-slap" lawsuit is the giant shovel digging her reality TV grave ... TMZ has learned ... 'cause we're told "Basketball Wives" producers are PISSED!

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... Williams was already on thin ice with the show -- even before her slaptastic showdown with Nia Crooks -- but now that she has filed a lawsuit ... that ice is breaking FAST.

We're told producers think the suit is BS ... claiming Jennifer never had a problem with fighting before and insist this is a desperate publicity stunt to keep her storyline interesting -- securing her a place in season 5.

But a source tells us the stunt is not working, adding, "Filing broad lawsuits when you are as much to blame for the drama, is not the way to get your contract extended."

Ouch ... now that's gotta sting.


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alisha smith    

well i am sorry but i have to with Jenn an her dission because its never ok for someone to get slap an there face for nothing. the hole time shes sittin there she didn't say anything to them thay started with her. so how is that bs grow up that mean ya'll condon the voliance come on. an evealyn how could you be so ****ing nasty to your best friend of so many years an yes people change they do but you just think you the **** now.i dont like you.

880 days ago


She deserves it. She thinks she's all that she's the bum -itch. smooches

880 days ago

tonia tucker    

it not about securing a contract.... it all about respect jennifer have all the right to file a lawsuit because i know it was not in the script about getting slap what about evelyn throwing bottles at people face and shaunie didnt do anything about that it could hit her in the face if she didnt duck, i feel that if they cant controll they temper they need to go amd see someone for help because the next time someone will being going to jail.

880 days ago


Is this really a huge slap in the face, who else is going to protect Jen. lets face it you have some cannon balls on the show and you let them get away with everything,
Evelyn needs help mentally because she thinks she is so pretty that her **** dont stink, as well as neia she looks like she has a problem blinking her eyes all the time when I saw her in the dress shop on the show with Evelyn she even acted like she just left some type of rehab but to be so combative. Tammie tends to go off as well I do not feel that your actors need to feel this is what the public want to see , this type of stuff was surpose to end in high school or junior high now you have women on television fighting like it's their way or not, and whats so silly is that it is about nothing, you change friends so dam what, you may say something on blog so dam what words never hurt anyone but a dam fool, give us public something other than this

880 days ago


Jennifer ! dont be scared by that crap. life goes on and it will go on even without the reality show. you are owesome and classy. climbing tables and fighting back takes away alot.

880 days ago


No one deserves to be hit like that!! If someone doesn't want to hang out with u anymore, get over it and move on. Anyway, Nia is sooo ugly, I hope they don't plan to write her into the show. Nia has a bad weave, bad skin, cheap makeup, ugly clothes. Why would they even put her on TV?

880 days ago


sure jennifer can find other work. why must these ladies engage in fist fights. It is tacky and it sends the wrong messege to young black women who already face huge obstacles in this society. Evelyn is a rediculos older woman with no class. Her and Tammy have daughters that are watching their behavior. Money is fine earn it and live well but selling your soul and your dignity is a high price. VH1 you are losing viewers. Jennifer williams have more support than you think!

879 days ago


The producers need to be slapped....LOL. What the Ham Fat are they trying to promote? What they need to do is change the name of the show to Ex-Basketball Wives. They have grown women acting like kids and treating Evelyn like she is God. Shawnie is the ring leader and Tami is right behind her. You producers want to film something, come to my hood. All you gotta do is sit on the porch and get a show from the people walking up and down the street. Most reality shows have a lesson to learn and something positive coming out of what you just saw. This show shows nothing. Just violence and sex. Are these they prople we want our kids looking at? What kind of effect do you think they are giving their own kids. They will look at these shows one day and Evelyn needs to sit down. I feel sorry for her daughter

879 days ago

Betty Strodes    

Evelyn and her ass istant both need therapy along with Tami. It is never ok to slap someone because she has an opposing opinion. And, being a "snob" is less of a reason to physically attach. It is my hope that Jennifer wins her suit.

879 days ago


Jennifer has every right to file this lawsuit. Go ahead Jenn sue the show too, cause now you know what they're really about...ratings!!! These people are low lifes that don't care about decency anymore. Shoot, if they can call you ghetto bougie, why can't you talk smack about Evelyn's go-fer whatever her name is....GO JENN!!!

879 days ago


So, if the show is scripted, my scripted response would be: Jennifer never fought before. I am disappointed in Shawnee. Evelyn is a nut case. Tammie is a fence sitter-money more important than morals to all three. Evelyn and Tammy are both afraid of each other. They both should join some sleezy women's wrestling show. Shwanee knew that mess was wrong. You could see it all over her face. It's sad not being able to be real on a reality tv show. Jennifer is classy and uses her brain. The show would last a lot longer if they focused on her message and style. It bottoms out soon with all the fighting from Evelyn. Nothing to think about after a while. No story line; just Evenly's big fat lips all puffed out and fist swinging, and oh, running on tables like a little yellow ape.

879 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

Boycotting the Basketball Wives of Miami and Los Angeles
VH1 and its corporate parent, Viacom Entertainment has aired 4 seasons of their Basketball Wives television franchise. The show was initially promoted as an avenue for viewers to grow, learn and discuss the successes and perils of life as a “basketball wife.” However, the show has proven to be nothing more than a set of glossy choreographed boxing matches marked by superficiality and monumental levels of bullying. In the year 2012, where we have a bi-racial president and an African American first lady, we need not be “tragically colored.” The reality series perpetuates the most vulgar stereotypes about women of color particularly, Black women. The show has very few redeeming qualities if any at all. Young people across the nation tune into to the most grotesque illustrations of black femininity. Women well beyond their child-bearing years, cursing, fighting and destroying property. One would have to assume that the show’s wild success presents a complicated problem for thoughtful, scripted and well crafted television. American popular culture has taken on a particular tone similar to that of Ancient Rome. Americans have become a ravenous community obsessed with the “spectacle.” Romans were consumed with their violent gladiators and many Americans are consumed with their tragic reality t.v. “stars.” These questionable activities occur all in the name of entertainment. Hollywood is a beautiful cultural mosaic made mostly out of broken dreams and broken people. But, we refuse to partake in Black cultural degradation and misappropriation. In the year 2000, we thought that the matrix would hijack us little did we know that we would run towards it with open arms. It is beginning to border on exploitation and we are all finally tapping out on this one. We are people of color and we are talented, determined and cosmically powerful. We embody light and love. We do not want to see these types of representations of Black women on VH1 in the form of Basketball Wives Miami or Los Angeles!

879 days ago

Isis Phoenix    

Boycott the Basketball Wives Reality Series

879 days ago


Jennifer, I'm not mad at you in the least. If the hatters want to physically attack you girl do what ya gotta do. Shawnie is no better, she all on Jennifer too, so don't be fooled by her. She's what I would call two faced. Shes the one throwing the rocks then she hides. Tammi the same way she talk with Jennifer and stabs her in the back with Evelyn. By the way how did Tammi and Evelyn get so chumps not lot ago Tammi was the non bleep bleep factor(LOL)

879 days ago


If I were Jennifer Williams....I wouldn't give a flying f$@@ how mad the producers are...Nobody and I mean nobody has a right to hit you(especially these old grown a$$ women). Jennifer said it best "who fights at this age? I haven't really watched this since the 2nd season. I this Shaunie is a slimy snake. Shaunie doesn't care about any of these women and Tami, Evelyn and the rest need steady income. Jennifer had it right again when she said get a "REAL" job. Shaunie should be ashamed of even putting garbage like his on TV.

879 days ago
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