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'Two and a Half Men' Ad

You Don't Have to Settle

for Ashton Kutcher

4/24/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen Two and Half Men billboard ad
Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen ... and he never will be ... at least that's the message an L.A. TV network is trying to convey in a new marketing campaign.

KTLA in Los Angeles has plastered billboards all over town promoting the syndicated run of "Men." The billboards feature Charlie's face next to the words, "The Original" ... and if it seems like it's a shot at Kutcher ... that's because it is.

A mole at the station tells us ... the marketing people are playing off the premise that "Men" was simply better with Charlie. They believe fans miss him ... and will be more into the reruns because Charlie "was the show."

Can't argue with facts.



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911 days ago

My Big Salami    

Charlie Sheen is the man! The only people who hate him are just jealous. The guy bangs the hottest women, partys like a rock star and bangs like a porn star! Come on how can you hate on this guy? He is what the old "Rat Pack" was...He is the last of the Mohicans!...A true Hollywood living legend!!

911 days ago


I have watched both the original Men and the new Men and like them both. Charlie Sheen probably put the signs up. Ashton is not trying to be Charlie in the new Men. Charlie's character was killed and he's not coming back and their ratings are still high.

911 days ago


Ashton sucks.

911 days ago


Blah I can't stand Ashton Kutcher. He could easily be put on the short list as one of the most annoying and untalented people in hollywood. I honestly can't figure out why some people like him.

Much prefer charlie. With all his issues atleast the boy can act.

911 days ago

Don Pedro    

We look forward to the "new" 2 1/2 men each week....we could care less about Charlie Sheen.

We do not plan on seeing his new show either.

911 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

the show is awful now
who are they kidding
I cannot watch
cannot stand ashton and that awful british woman who always looks like she just sucked a sour candy
if they want to save the show at all they should focus more on allen's character and the son and less walden ugh

911 days ago


Charlie rocked it, but the Kutcher version stinks. They have virtually killed off Jake, who was 100 times funnier than Kutcher, and Berta actually cleans now. WTF?

911 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Big deal, they've been saying that in the commercials for the reruns forever.

The new show would be better if they had more focus on the original characters instead of Ashton's character and his bland girlfriend.

911 days ago

two cents    

I love it! AK is no Sheen. I can't stand the new shows and enjoy the "originals" much better. Definetly "winning"!!! lol

911 days ago


I agree 200%..Charlie was Two and Half Men. I don't watch and can't stand the new one..It's just not funny and not good. They should never have gotten rid of Charlie...the shows done!!

911 days ago


why is sheen acting so bitter. Sheen got himself fired. Kutcher never did anything to him. The show was getting old with Sheen.

Sheen just seems pissed because the show is still on the air. He still is as nasty and vidictive as ever. Well let's see how well his Anger Management show works.

Sheen get over it. You got yourself fired move on already. Everyone else has.

911 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Charlie WAS the show. I watched it a couple of weeks ago with Ashton and it was TERRIBLE. Jake was a pot head instead of a slow but adorable boy, all the men ever want is to get laid, even their MOTHER is now in a lesbian relationship. WTF happened to the funny show about a successful jingle writer who let his brother and nephew move in "for a few days" There is no more "at home" scenes, everyone is somewhere else. Chuck Lorre BLEW IT when he let Charlie go and I am glad that people are LOYAL to CHARLIE SHEEN for making that show the success it WAS.

911 days ago


This is just so awesome. 2.5 Men is just not the same without Charlie. "Kelso" can't, and NEVER WILL fill Charlie's shoes. This should be a call to all stations to not purchase the "new" episodes of 2.5 men.

911 days ago


This is awesome. 2.5 Men is just not the same without Charlie, and "Kelso" can't, and NEVER WILL fill Charlie's shoes.

911 days ago
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