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Kardashian Family


With E!

4/24/2012 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


2:04 PM PST -- Sources connected to  the deal tell TMZ ... Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kris and Bruce will get the lion's share of the money ... and they are each getting equal pay.

We're told Kendall, Kylie and Rob are on a lower pay grade -- and will be paid equally as well.

Scott Disick and his son Mason have a separate deal. Ditto for Lamar ... who hammered out a package deal to appear in both "Khloe and Lamar" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

We're told the new deal ONLY includes existing shows -- so if Kim and Kanye get a new spinoff show ... they will have to bang out a new contract for even MORE money.

The Kardashian family has just signed on for 3 more seasons with E!, and it's the richest deal ever in reality TV ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the deal tell us, the family will get more than $40 million for 3 more seasons of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."  

The 6th season of the show averaged 3 million viewers. The 7th season begins airing May 20.

Our sources say the $40-plus million deal does not include product endorsements and other items associated with the show that Kim, Kris and the rest of the brood are able to hock.


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thats it ! i'm going to become a celebrity's best friend. leak a sex tape. get ATTENTION from that and start getting money for acting like a moron .. when others are working their asses off IM GONNA GET MILLIONS for talking with an annoying stupid baby voice on television. NICE to know what this industry is about :)

875 days ago


E is going down the same path that Oprah did for her OWN network by overpaying UNPOPULAR people to star in shows on their network. All the X-fans that now disapprove of them will stop watching their shows.

875 days ago


I think its an incredibly sad time when kids are starving in this country and these bumbling idiots and joke of a family are raking in millions. I am not hating on their wealth, I am wealthy myself, however, just this year I forfeitted three separate salaries from three of my many business and donated it to the food kitchens in and around the Orlando area, as well as the numerous homeless programs. I would respect this family if they took the money and gave it to the many needy organizations that desperately could use it to help those not as fortunate. Shameful. I for one have never watched, nor will I watch this show. Kills brain cells.

875 days ago


Agggh! Please no more of this show or any show connected with it!!!!

875 days ago


i always knew money never worth

875 days ago


again with these trashian fat *******s...seriously one day this will end, and believe me there are more Haters out there that truly hate there guts, and i am one of them, and it's not jealousy in the least...the morons who love these peices of garbage must love the black kocks too...they truly are the most disgusting fat ass ugly pieces of **** to ever exist along with pimp mama fat ass.....ewwwww

875 days ago


I'am so tierd of seeing thses dum ass on tv e really needs to get a diffrent show.

875 days ago


oh god... expect even more publicity stunts, sham baby rumors, shame engagements scripted fights, looming divorce threats, and i swear watch a scripted death scare even come up..... i cant believe how much money that gets thrown to these idiots. Kris jener must have really sold her soul to the devil for this type of publicity that her and her family is getting.

875 days ago


What a shame these people who continue to be inexplicably labeled "celebrities" will earn so much while others (like teachers) earn so little. If shows like TMZ would quit talking about them maybe they wouldn't be. So, TMZ, you're part of the problem.

Of course I feel the same way about the endless stream of overpaid rappers and athletes I've never heard of that consume so much of your program, so maybe it's just me.

875 days ago


Otta love why haters spend their time being idiots posting BS about a pretty awesome American family!!!

875 days ago


Not trashy, human. Looked in the mirror lately?

875 days ago


Hush haters! They are a family like many of us. They just happen to have a public life and make money off of it. Geeee I'd be happy to be paid for what they go thru!!!

875 days ago


This pisses me off so much. I and many others bust their a*** off barely making ends meat and these talentless tr*mps make millions for doing exactly what? They have no talent. They can't act, sing, tell a joke, have a personality, they are not models and their biggest claim to fame was a sex tape with a D list rapper. What the hell is the world coming to?

875 days ago


Ok we got a mom and dad who loan out their kids to make them money and weather it be a sex tape a sex scene having one night stands after the other they don,t care their motto is SHOW ME THE MONEY. So no suprise to see how they have all turned out, pathetic, no educations to speak of and NO REAL JOBS. tHE KIDS WILL WAKE UP ONE DAY AND SAY WHERE DID MY LIFE GO, OH i KNOW SPREADING MY LEGS AND CONING PEOPLE.

875 days ago


Trash, trash and trash.

875 days ago
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