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Jason Trawick

Officially Britney's

New Caretaker

4/25/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears
' fiance Jason Trawick is officially the singer's newest conservator -- the judge in her conservatorship case just signed off on giving him legal power to govern Britney's affairs.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney's dad and conservator Jamie Spears filed the petition earlier this month, asking the court to add Jason as a co-conservator. We're told Britney also wanted Jason on board as co-conservator. 

After the hearing, we overhead the lawyers say Jamie is "thrilled."

The move makes total sense ... considering the two are set to be married.

As co-conservator, Jason is now empowered to help decide how Britney will earn and spend her money -- including the $15 million deal she's about to sign with "X Factor."


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It strikes me as strange that someone judged by the courts as insufficiently in control of their faculties to run their own adult life, make key decisions and independently sign contracts, is even able to enter into a marriage license. Yet she's able to be the headliner in world performance tours, and multi-million dollar TV projects? This comes across as exploitation. Lots of celebrities have bad financial judgment, and hire advisors. For someone to be her legal conservator at the same time he's sleeping with her seems like real "conflict of interest". I'm sure Jason is a good man, and her parents approve of him, but it seems similar to the issue of entering into this kind of a relationship with an under-age child.

890 days ago


I just don't get this. I though the whole "conservator" thing with the judge and her father was when she was recovering from a mental breakdown over 2 years ago... is she still not better enough to resume full control over her affairs after years? how is it possible two years later a judge, her father, and now a fiancé have full control over her legal and finical affairs... just what is still wrong with her?

890 days ago


I don't follow this girl at all but after thinking about it she must be in touched. Why as an adult does she have people over her affairs. I fell bad about talking about her now because she must be really troubled.

890 days ago


I like that he is CO-conservator. And doubt he'd get much in a divorce....I smell a big pre-nup!!

890 days ago


Who is more nuts here, Britney or the people that reckon she is still nuts ? About time she looked after her own assets and finances again ?

890 days ago


This will not end well...

After Profirio Rubirosa (one of the all-time greatest gigilos that ever lived) was done with the one of the world's richest women in the 1940's... she ended up living on a park bench in New York. In fact, the ONLY woman in Rubirosa's life to have not died impoverished was Zsa Zsa Gabor... (ooohhhh... hmmm... how's that prince working out?)

There are some women who are big-time talented and lucky enough to earn more money than they deserve... why is it they are often so foolish as to confuse the bedroom with the boardroom?

As a "Butler to the Stars" I should not say anything badly about anyone famous... But I shall say this, as Miss Spears was nice to me at one time...

This will not end well...

ragsmadison (just Google me)

890 days ago


This is just all sorts of creepy.

890 days ago


If she cant look after and make decisions for herself and has to have a guardian she shouldn't be allowed to get married. Sorry but I think its wrong that a boyfriend has the right to control her money and tell her how to spend it whether or not they are trusted. This is basically abuse he's basically controlling her but the difference is its legal. Also again with the X factor how is this poor woman going to cope? She cannot look after herself apparently so how is she going to look after 5 or 6 other people on this show? They are using this woman as a cash cow and I believe that she is fit enough to look after herself. The reason they will not let her have her freedom and life back is because they want control over her if she had her freedom she'll probably cut all the handlers off and they wont be able to cash in on her. Its awful the way this poor woman is living shes being treated like an animal past over from one person to the other its wrong shes a human being and deserves to be treated that way. She is 30 years old and a mother unless shes very crazy and dangerous which is very unlikely she should be able to have her life back.

890 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

This kinda freaks me out for Britney. I hope Jason is honorable and doesn't take advantage of Britney or his new "role."

890 days ago


She does need help otherwise her money will not last her and her sons like it should to support her life. something Linsay Lohan's family should have done long ago.

Now, this should not have been done with Jason until after the prenup was sign and they were married!! Having this control prior to the wedding is a mistake!!! This is IF TMZ is reporting the FACTS this time. this would mean if they don't last or stay together he could still have control and/or access to funds for quite sometime until it makes it thru the court system.

890 days ago


Something about this just seems so wrong but I hope it all works out for Britney.

890 days ago



890 days ago


Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad idea!

It totally sets up Britney to be taken advantage of or even abused if he turns out not to be such a great guy or if his sudden power to control the money goes to his head.

If she should ever decide she wants to break up - she is stuck because he controls all her money and if she tries to complain or seek help, he will just claim she stopped taking her meds or is 'having one of her episodes, poor thing".

Bad, bad, bad, bad, horrible idea!

890 days ago


I don't like this idea. Britney Spears has a $100 million dollars. And now her fiance has control of all of that money? Come on. Doesn't anybody see the danger here?

890 days ago


Am I the only person that finds it kind of creepy that her future husband will have legal authority to manage Britney's affairs? I'm sure he wants the best for her, but it really seems like an 1800s marriage where the woman was property of the man. Also, I don't think it is right to marry someone that the court says is mentally incapable of caring for herself. If I were him I would wait until she was declared competent before marrying her.

890 days ago
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