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Brazilian Blowout to Octomom

Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars

On Our Products!!!

4/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brazilian Blowout -- the company behind the hair procedure Octomom dropped hundreds of dollars on while on welfare -- is MORTIFIED by Octo's reckless spending ... and now, it's hatched a plan to make things right with taxpayers.

BB CEO Mike Brady tells TMZ, "We want to make sure that California taxpayers' money is not going to anything other than taking care of [Nadya Suleman's] children. We don't want to see those kids miss out on anything at the cost of a Brazilian Blowout."

So, a rep for the company tells us, BB is offering to reimburse Octomom the entire cost of her recent Brazilian Blowouts -- plus other hair treatments -- totaling $520.

But that's not it -- BB also wants to give Octomom free blowouts in the future at the company's salon in West Hollywood ... so she's not squandering her limited cash supply on luxury goods. BB will even cover the cost of a sitter while the mother of 14 is getting primped.

To top it all off, BB is offering to pay to fix Octo's toilet -- which might finally allow her kids to poop inside. One can only dream.


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I don't get why people are bending over backwards to help Octonut. She clearly has mental issues. I heard her being interviewed once and she was all over the place. She couldn't get one clear sentence out. I also don't get why people think she should be rewarded for making bad choices. She brought all of her problems onto herself. She chose to have her first six kids and then chose to have eight more when she couldn't afford the kids she already had. Not to mention that she used fraudelent workman's comp money to pay for IVF. Octonut has no business raising one child, let alone 14.

877 days ago


Well that certainly figures. Yet another sucker willing to pay for this woman's crap!!! When will people stop bailing her out and make her actually be responsible for herself as well as all of her children??

877 days ago


WTF is this?! Her bad decisions = free stuff?

877 days ago


Seriously? I had one child via IVF and then when my marriage ended I took out $60...,000 in student loans to become a healthcare professional and provide for my child. My student loan payments are $750/month for the next 10 years. How about giving ME some free hair products and treatments? Oh yeah, because I am not a leech on society and actually take responsibility for my life and my choices.

877 days ago

Joe Totoroto    

Thank you BB, my wife has decided to stop using their products. I had no idea they were so expensive. They should have given the money to charity not that idiot.

877 days ago


Hey folks, so.... can we address the obvious injectables for a moment too? She's been getting those lips plumped up for years (remember? she said she does it to look like Angelina Jolie?), and she looks like she's getting facial relaxers too, plus who knows what other sorts of beauty treatments. But even if she's ONLY getting the lip injections (which I doubt), we're talking at LEAST another $60...0 every couple months.
Don't get me wrong, busy moms NEED to treat themselves now and then, even when they're tight on funds, but my point is that this woman's priority is ALWAYS herself. She always seems to be about to lose her house or about to lose the kids or living in shambles, and yet she always looks professionally coiffed. Regardless of where she's getting her money or what exactly she's spending it on, if she's routinely forgoing basic things her kids need (like sufficient plumbing) in favor of self indulgence, she's not fit to parent them.
To her, those poor kids have truly always been, at best, created as leverage for fame and to keep her from ever having to get a job, and at worst, simply accessories. I truly pity them, and if someone wants to help they should spend that money on psychiatry, as I'm truly worried that someone will wind up getting hurt: not the kids, they'll always be covered by these donations, but people aren't worried enough about who these kids are going to grow into and how they'll effect the people around them. Afterall, parenting isn't just about keeping them fed and alive until they're 18, it's about making sure they don't become crackheads and serial killers. It's hard enough to notice AND address psychological (or drug/medical/social/etc.) issues with one child, nevermind 14, AND when the only parent is dangerously narcissistic.
I get brazilian blowouts (and buy their products), but I'll never purchase anything else from this company, and frankly, despite the fact that I visit TMZ for just this sort of mindless garbage, I'll stop if they continue to provide THIS woman press; EVERY family's got problems, no one wants to hear about the problems this non-famous woman brings upon herself. Unless she's being put in jail and the kids need a home, TMZ's not helping anyone by providing her press, they're just contributing to bankrolling her con artist lifestyle. Seriously Harvey, you need to ban this chick from TMZ, for everyone's sake

877 days ago

Alexis Perez    

How retarded is that! Lets punish the people who do things honest and right, and reward the idiots who have 14 kids they cannot afford but giving her thousands of dollars worth of EXTRAS to make her feel good about herself! Give me a break! I work my a$$ off everyday WORKING full time, going to school full time and raising three kids. Barely making ends meet, I could never afford a Brazilian Blowout, and would NEVER use taxpayers money to get one!

877 days ago


With every picture posted of that POS, she literally gets uglier. Don't know WTF she's doing, but she's a mess.

877 days ago


Don't you love it when people reward others for being ****ty! Here - we will give you what most working people can't/won't waste their money on - all because your welfare ass needs more handouts.

BB you SUCK!

877 days ago


So lets reward her for using welfare money for hair care. Great.

877 days ago


OMG!!! I am also a struggling single mom! Can I have free hair products too?

876 days ago

athena lebron    

If she ever new york she can stop by my salon and I will be more than happy to do her hair for free there nothing wrong with helping out someone she has 14 kids that all she does all day is take care of kids so what if she got her hair done people could be so mean :(

876 days ago


Seriously???!! I have 2 kids and I work full time. I can't blow $500 on my hair. Why should BB give her free treatments and babysitting. This woman made poor choices in life, yet she keeps having people give her free house cleaning, job offers, offers for free schooling and babysitting for her kids while she does classes. But she has turned those down and continues to get socail assistance and blows it on herself? And her home...who in their right mind allows their children to draw all over the walks like that?? Excuse me, but isn't this a rental that she nearly lost because she couldn't pay? I wonder what her landlord thinks of the condition of the walls and the holes in the doors. I know 14 kids is a lot, but I teach Kindergarten. I have 22 5 year olds a day in my classroom, and the walls don't look like that. It's obvious she has a few screws loose, and her priorities are not where they should be. If you can't afford to get your plumbing fixed for $100, bcause your hair needs doing? Girl, thow a ponytail in there and fix the toilet! And also, DON'T have 14 children if you can't afford them! It's common sense!!!!! I think this chick honestly thought she'd get a reality show a la John and Kate and she'd have it made and when that didn't happen, she was up **** creek. Well, good luck to you. I think it's sad California's tax payers have to support her and it's sad for those kids to live that way. It's a terrible example of society rewarding stupid people for stupid decisions. 'Oh look, Pari******on is on tv about a sex tape, oh now Kim Kardashian made a sex tape.' Fast forward a few years 'Hey, let's give Kim a $40 million dollar reality tv show.' So now, stupid 18 year olds all over the US make sex tapes with their boyfriends hoping to be the next KK. Stupid stupid stupid.

876 days ago


REALLY!!! WTF why are people constantly bailing this woman ( and I use that term loosely) out? I mean why on earth would anyone reward someone for this kind of behavior? Why give this "woman" free stuff and reimburse her for an unnecessary expense. She keeps getting rewarded and these kids keep getting screwed.

876 days ago


Well, at least taxpayers' money isn't being spent on her fancy hair treatment.

I wonder if she can even list the names of all her children? At once... without help... in a court of law.

876 days ago
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