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Octomom's House

Gets Graffiti-Scrubbing Facelift

4/26/2012 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's graffiti-riddled den of filth is morphing back into a normal-looking house -- at least for now -- because the entire interior just got a fresh new paint job ... and TMZ got the photos.

As we first reported, La Habra Police Department and the Orange County Dept. of Children and Family Services showed up at Nadya Suleman's home Tuesday, after receiving a complaint that the mother of 14 lets her kids live in horrendous conditions.

But today, -- the website that pays celebs to talk to their fans on the phone -- donated the company's first month of profits (over $10,000) to spruce up Nadya's house.

A rep for the website -- which employs Octomom along with several other celebs -- tells TMZ, cleaners have already started painting over the giant murals of graffiti inside and outside of the house, patching holes in the wall, and fixing the doors.

As for Octomom's stylist's claims that only one toilet works in the house -- we got video of Octo proving it's no longer true ... you see her flushing THREE toilets.



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No longer true and NOT true are two different things.

880 days ago


If she can't handle her kids writing on the wall she should just paint every wall with that chalkboard wall paint and give them a bunch of chalk? But only a person in their right mind would think of that!

880 days ago



All these companies played right into her hands. She orchestrated this from start to finish.

880 days ago


ummmm...did the cleaners punch all those holes in the door...that weren't in the "last week" photo???

880 days ago


Didn't I read on this very site that her house was going to be auctioned off next week? Why spend the money on the repairs? When a home is auctioned off isn't it sold AS IS? Someone spent the money for those repairs - why?!

880 days ago


Octo has developed into a major grifter. The house will be back to the way it was in about two weeks. Then some other idiot will bail her out again. Take the kids away and she won't be entitled to sheit.

880 days ago


If she gets to keep the kids she should only be able to do so by agreeing to monthly random visits by child services. Although if they were taken away permanently they would have a better chance of not being screwed up mentally by the time they are adults.

880 days ago


why must everyone else feel the need to donate money to her when she knowingly puts her kids in these situations by not having a clue what is a priority with her that she "earns"? she will always do something to keep herself in the spotlight. she even looks "special" in the last photos.

880 days ago


Just in time for the bank auction Monday.

880 days ago


dial a star isn't doing well if they only made $10,000 in one month considering how much they charge per minute.

880 days ago


OMG...they're taking a crap outside!!!!

Like none of you have ever done that as a kid...or an ADULT!!!!

880 days ago


Why should this woman get a real job when everyone keeps handing her free stuff? If "sponsors" would stop, them maybe she'd grow up and take responsibility for her kids and life.

880 days ago


I love that all these places are "donating" free stuff to her and rewarding her for being an irresponsible selfish parent. REAL parents put their childrens NEEDS ahead of their WANTS aka a $520 hair treatment when you can get a haircut for $15.95 at SuperCuts. Might not be the same as a brazilian blowout but it gets the job done. $520 can do a lot for a family with 14 kids, the problem with Octotrash is that she isn't thinking of her children. I'm disgusted that people are bailing her out AGAIN, can you imagine how much freakin money she blew when she cashed in on her childrens birth? And here comes the gravy train YET AGAIN.

880 days ago


OH, HELL NO. she got MORE stuff??? Why are people bailing her out YET AGAIN????? If the house is going under auction, why even bother?? I know, so her kids won't be taken away. Maybe now the lightbulb is going on over her empty head that if she doesn't do something then they WILL be taken from her. NAAAA, that would be beyond her comprehension level.
What I don't get is that she goes to the media and pleads poverty and shows her disgusting house to get stuff but when questioned she acts all angry and self righteous and says " everything's fine" or " That's not true", yada yada yada. I guess when she gets the "things" she wants she then gets all ungrateful and mad until there is something else that she wants or needs. Then the dirty little cycle stars all over again. STOP GIVING HER THINGS. That's the ONLY way that she will learn and get over this self entitled attitude that she has. When they take her kids and she is living in a cardboard box somewhere, then MAYBE she will get over herself.

880 days ago


The house is scheduled to be auctioned on Monday. Who would offer to purchase this dump for a penny? Of course they are trying to slap on a coat of paint and make sure the plumbing works. That's a no brainer, doesn't make her a good mother. Just confirms my opinion that she is an opportunist, POS squatter.

880 days ago
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