Ryan Seacrest Idol's Ebola Monkey

4/26/2012 6:55 AM PDT

Ryan Seacrest -- American Idol's Ebola Monkey

A very sick Ryan Seacrest made it through "American Idol" last night, but in the process he may have infected every single person who shares the stage with him.

We broke the story -- Ryan came close to bailing on the show. He had a terrible stomach virus, was throwing up the night before and all day yesterday, and went through 2 IV bags in a matter of hours. He didn't make it to the rehearsal and Nigel Lythgoe was ready to step in.

Take a look at the video. He hugs and kisses Jennifer Lopez, hugs Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, puts his arm around Jessica and shakes her hand, puts his arm around Skylar, shakes Joshua's hand twice, puts his arm around Phillip and does the same with Hollie.

If only Rene Russo were in the audience ...