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Lane Garrison

Cheating May Have Triggered

Domestic Violence

4/27/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lane Garrison's girlfriend told him she had been cheating on him during their 8-month relationship, and that may have triggered what appears to be a brutal confrontation later that day.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... according to the police report, the night before the incident, Lane got drunk at the Playboy Mansion, and got thrown out. Lane's girlfriend, Ashley Mattingly, was also at the party and apparently the incident was the final straw for her.

The next day -- last Saturday -- Mattingly texted Garrison that she was breaking up with him and confessed she had been "seeing someone else" while dating him.

According to the police report, later that day, Garrison went to Mattingly's Bev Hills apartment, waited for her and when she arrived he said, "Baby I love you. Come here." They began to argue and according to what Mattingly told cops, Lane grabbed her by her hair from behind, threw her to the ground and began punching and kicking her in the face and head.

The surveillance video (below) -- obtained by TMZ -- only shows one physical incident -- where Lane appears to slap Ashley. But Ashley's account is backed up by 3 witnesses who spoke with cops. According to the police report, one witness said he saw Lane punch Ashley in the face and head. The second witness told cops a similar story.

A third witness -- Stephanie -- told cops she saw Lane bang Mattingly's head on the mirror and then punch her 4 times with closed fists. Stephanie says Lane was screaming, "F**k you bitch. You cheated on me."

Ashley says the day after the incident Lane called her and said he was going to kill himself.

Lane also spoke with cops and claimed he never struck Ashely during their relationship.

We know Lane says he wants to fight it, but when he sees the police report we're guessing he's going to cop a plea. His bigger problem is that he faces a parole revocation for a 2007 manslaughter conviction.


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You can slap your wife for cheating on you...but not your girlfriend. If you want exclusivity...marry the bitch first.

878 days ago


Crazy deal. This guy did prison time for killing someone in a drunk driving accident, and yet he's still drinking?

Dude, get to rehab and get sober.

878 days ago


This guy already did state prison time for vehicular manslaughter and yet he's still drinking and running wild?

Somebody get this guy into rehab.

878 days ago


I can't tell if he is just reaching for her quickly or slapping her . It happens outside of video view . Without sound to give the video more context it is useless.

878 days ago


Violent drunk bastard. He needs to go back to prison.

878 days ago


If you're in a relationship and you find out the other one has been cheating on you I believe that person has the right to hit the cheating partner. I would and I'd go after the one the other who they've been cheating with. I may do more then hit. What makes them think they can do whatever they like? Just like Tiger Wood, yes he deserved to be hit with a baseball bat.

877 days ago


This guy is one bad Lifetime movie away from being back in the Trailer Park. Murder, and Domestic Abuse top his acting credits. And really, who cares if the girl cheated on him, NOTHING in the world gives a guy a good excuse to slap some chick around. Have some restraint and be a man. This Lane Garrison is not even a flash in the pan. I'm sure he'll spend more time in a jail than in a movie.

877 days ago


Oh she was "thrown to the ground, punched and kicked" now? Has anyone SEEN her supposed "battle scars" photo she took after the beating? It looks like a minor rash, and only on her chest. You don't come out looking like that after getting ground and pounded. This chick has changed her story more times than the drunken captain of Natalie Woods' boat. First he just slapped her after stalking her, then he didn't do anything and she called him there, now we're back to being stalked, but beaten like a UFC fighter, with no physical proof. Someone REALLY wants her 15 minutes of fame.

877 days ago


I'm not saying she, or any other woman deserves getting beat down, but you want to get with bad boys, and now you want to roll on him because he's being..bad.?? None of that seemed to be a problem when he was arrested for vehicular manslaughter and what led up to that? Puleese!!. She knew how volitile he can be, thats why she text him.

873 days ago

ted 409     

so she gets mad at him for getting drunk after cheating on him. thats about right . anymore i just figure thats going on anyway

858 days ago
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