Lane Garrison I'll Fight Domestic Violence Charge Because I Didn't Hit Her

4/27/2012 6:38 AM PDT

Lane Garrison Will Fight Domestic Violence Charge

Lane Garrison -- the guy who never fought the manslaughter charge against him in 2007 -- will fight tooth and nail in the domestic violence case that was just filed against him -- because he says he never struck his ex GF.

We've learned Garrison -- who was charged yesterday with misdemeanor domestic violence -- will plead not guilty this AM. 

Garrison is accused of striking Ashley Mattingly at her Bev Hills apartment last week. The D.A. believes the surveillance video shows the "Prison Break" actor striking Ashley in the face, but Garrison's lawyer, Harland Braun, says Garrison was merely trying to grab his cell phone which Ashley snatched from him.

And there's this twist -- the judge who will arraign Lane today -- Elden Fox -- is the same judge who handled his manslaughter case. Garrison pled guilty in the death of a high school student who was a passenger in Lane's car and killed when the intoxicated actor slammed into a tree.

8:45 AM PT -- Lane will not enter his plea today. His arraignment has been continued to Monday.