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Patrick Dempsey's Heroic Rescue


4/28/2012 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick Dempsey Car Crash rescue photos
"Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey's rescue mission in Malibu this week was even more badass than we thought -- just take a look at the scene of the accident!!!

TMZ broke the story ... a teenage driver crashed and flipped his Mustang on the road right outside Dempsey's Malibu home -- and the actor came to the rescue, crowbar in hand to pry the doors open.

Dempsey successfully pulled the driver from the wreckage -- a 17-year-old named Weston Massett -- who tells TMZ, when he opened his eyes, the actor was looking right down at him.

Massett asked, "Are you famous?" ... and Patrick coolly replied, "I'm a doctor."

We're told Patrick called Massett's mother and told her about the accident -- keeping her calm the entire time. Massett was then airlifted to a nearby hospital, and Patrick followed to make sure the kid was okay.

Miraculously, Massett suffered no serious injuries -- just a concussion and a "stretched" optic nerve. He's expected to make a full recovery.

There was also a passenger in the car, Dylan Miller, but thankfully we're told Miller suffered no injuries whatsoever.

Wear your seat belts, kids.


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Hope these kids were drug and alcohol tested.

872 days ago


That's not a Mustang!!!!!!

872 days ago


It is great that his first instinct was to try to help someone in need but the first thing you learn in any first aid class (or even from watching tv) is that if the person is not in immediate danger of additional injury - fire, falling debris, etc. You DO NOT MOVE THEM. Because unless you are a trained medical, law enforcement or rescue person, you have no idea what to look for regarding possible neck, spine, head, internal injuries and could well do significant further damage by moving them. Dempsey got damn lucky but, I wouldn't be surprised if next year we hear about him getting sued by one or both of these guys.

872 days ago


Stop giving idiot teenagers Mustangs!

872 days ago


That's not a Mustang!!!!!!

872 days ago

Sam Karr    

Finally! So nice to see an article about a real celeb doing some good, instead of all the kardashian bs.

872 days ago

HONCHO 69    

Glad to see that TMZ knows how to post something other that.."Kim Kardashian just farted out of her ballon *******, or Linsay Lohan just took a piss!"

872 days ago


i thought you never move any one, can cause damage?

872 days ago


TMZ, stop promoting this as heroism. If those kids had internal or spinal injuries, moving them could have caused paralysis or death. Unless your properly trained to deal with severe injuries (playing a doctor on tv doesn't count), call 911 and wait.

872 days ago


I pray that Weston Massett has a full and speedy recovery and God bless Patrick Dempsey for reaching out as he did !

872 days ago


17? Try 15 - maybe 16. He's a Freshman at Westlake High School in Westlake Village, CA - driving illegally with only a permit - and with a young passenger...not to mention speeding!

872 days ago


17? He's a freshman at Westlake High School...15 maybe 16 and driving illegally with a permit and speeding. Let's give all the facts eh?

872 days ago

NYC Paramedic    

I was a paramedic in NYC and Boston. I applaud Patrick Dempsey's desire to help, but unless the car is submerged in water or on fire, or you have to get to them immediately to stop liofe threatening bleeding or make sure they are breathing; "heroically removing" someone who according to this report had a concussion and may have not been fully aware of the situation, ie, may have been confused, etc at first is not a good idea. Anyone like this with a spinal injury is a huge lawsuit and/or potentially terrible outcome waiting to happen. Patrick may have not considered this, most do not, and really let the EMS/Fire service do this stuff. Watching on TV is not the same as really knowing what you are doing. If something bad had transpired because of this needless action, it would not have been celebrated You all know how it works, do something and if you are a celeb, you are a her. F... up and you're celebrity status is a curse. If there was no immediate need to remove this guy from the car, it is not heroic to remove him it, is a potential disaster. Unfortunately, I have seen this occur, and it never had to happen.

872 days ago


Kids will make mistakes.....thank god this one didn't take a life. Get better Boyz. Westlake Football Needs you Wes! Turn this into a positive!

872 days ago


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872 days ago
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