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Pregnant Man's Wife

I'm BROKE and Homeless

4/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man's estranged wife Nancy Beatie says her life has been HELL since getting kicked out of her house 2 months ago ... telling TMZ she's been forced to live like a vagabond -- selling scrap gold and sleeping in her car

We broke the story ... Nancy's husband -- transgender man Thomas Beatie -- recently filed for divorce, claiming Nancy is a violent alcoholic. A judge then issued a restraining order against Nancy and limited her time with their 3 kids to just 6 hours per week.

Nancy now tells TMZ ... since being tossed from the house, she's been forced to mooch off friends and at times sleep in her car because she can't afford even the cheapest hotel.

"I'm house sitting right now, cleaning it for another two days ... but I don't know where I'll go after that."

Nancy says she's out of options ... and has resorted to pawning anything she can because she has no other way to make money.

"I have some junk gold that I grabbed when I had to leave ... broken rings and bracelets not worth much but it's a start."

Nancy says she vows to challenge the custody arrangement in the hopes of spending more time with her kids ... "When I have to leave them, I have to hold back tears."

The next hearing for the case is set for May 7 ... where a judge is expected to rule on child support, spousal support and custody.


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omg, does she hear herself?!?!? She's broke, she's pawning everything...get a job you idiot!!!

873 days ago


Try this: Stop drinking, and get a job.

873 days ago


Disgusting creatures.

873 days ago


All you kids reading this, take note: Get an education so you can get a *JOB* and support yourself.

873 days ago


Broke, Homeless, able bodied, sound mind....easy fix....get a job.

873 days ago


Good,these freaks should live with the muts,disgusting..and not the being gay part,being a man and pregnant is a crime against us all,its sickening and she/he should of been killed after birth

873 days ago


Who cares....TMZ has started to be nothing but kartrashian, lohan and black rappers, its off my favorite places now! When they actually start reporting bout celebrity gossip, I'll be back!

873 days ago


Not a True Transgender, if she wanted to be a true man she wouldn't got pregnant and had babies. still a womwn no matter what she does.

873 days ago


Here's a crazy thought...has she considered getting a job?

873 days ago


Hey, how about you get a job. Your going to need to support those kids and yourself. This time try not to drink all your money

873 days ago


their kids are going to be so "F"ed up. First their MOM is pretending to be a man (can't change your DNA sweetheart. If your chromosomes say you're a woman, you're a woman.) and claiming to be a pregnant man which is going to confuse the hell out of them one day... then their other mom is a lesbian who is now straight because the other, other mom is now saying he's a man... and the biological dad is someone they may never know... and now they come from a broken home because mom and mom/dad broke up. Way to selfishly "F" up your kids. Having normal parents is hard enough... should have thought about the future before going on every news media proudly announcing you're a pregnant "Man".

873 days ago


Hey, If I were married to another woman I'd be drinking too. The whole situation was a mess from the beginning, it finally got to her and she snapped. Who wouldn't?! Those of you saying she should get a job..yes that would be great, but this has all happened in a matter of weeks. No one can get a job that fast. Even if she cut out the booze and cleaned herself up, she is an emotional wreck as any woman would be in this situation and could not hold down a job. She needs some help to get herself together and get away from that freak show of a husband/wife she had. She needs to get those kids back because she is the only chance they have of growing up normal in any way.

873 days ago


Maybe octomom, ninermom and these media whores can move in with Kate and her brats.

873 days ago


What about her older children... won't they take her in? I guess this is what happens when you drink heavily and punch your partner in the crotch!

873 days ago


"I don't know where I'll go after that" about you get a job like the rest of us.

873 days ago
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