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The Wanted


for Christina Aguilera

4/29/2012 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two days after calling "Voice" judge Christina Aguilera "a bitch" on the radio in New York, one of the guys from The Wanted seemingly apologized in one breath ... and then took another shot at her in the next.

After a guest appearance on the show, the band went on 92.3 NOW in NYC and said, "She's a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch."

Talking outside the Mondrian Hotel today in Hollywood, the one who calls himself Tom was asked about his Xtina comments ... and in back-to-back sentences he said, "We shouldn't have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"

Neither does humility. 


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Wish he would speak English.

884 days ago


WTF? I didn't understand a word he said. Could someone translate?

884 days ago


It amazes me how a group of nobody's expect some woman to gravel at their feet and call her a b*tch when she doesn't. Its a little early to be burning bridges they're not even superstars yet.

884 days ago


You know what she is a bitch it would not take a genius to come to that conclusion. Without doubt she is one of the best singer's out there but these are only kids starting out and it would not have hurt her to come down off her high horse and acknowledge them. She is lucky to have revived her career on the Voice and she should be humbled to have made a come back after all the screw ups she made the last couple of years. Maybe her bitchy attitude is how she deals with her insecurities.

884 days ago


he still being wanted, because this guy is a nobody.

884 days ago


I'm writing before reading other posts. I think he has overstepped his bounds. He is NEW to the industry, who knows, they may have been acting like BRATTY "we're big stars". WHO CARES, if you're new to the business, you don't go bad-mouthing the ones who have PROVED they've GOT WHAT IT TAKES FOR YEARS and YEARS and YEARS!

883 days ago


shut the F up your ugly dork with your stupid hoodie, you stupid fing poser. Id love to bitch smack u

883 days ago


The Wanted is entitled to their honesty and experiences with other musicians and celebrities, Christina never apologizes for any rude or hurtful comments she has made she just rephrases her usual excure of the media pitting her up against people or rechanging her words. I don't blame The Wanted for saying what they did.

883 days ago


I don't know why Hollywood and the music business is so politically correct. Everytime someone speaks their mind, they have to apologize or end up blacklisted. If she was a bitch to them, then by all means, speak up and don't cave and apologize for telling the truth.

883 days ago


They said "She's a bitch because she just sat there and didn't talk to us". How on earth does that make someone a bitch? Before some of you here talk **** about Xtina just read the article first. Ok? Stoooooopid!

883 days ago


The Wanted is using Christina Aguilera to get recognize by the press. And it's kinda funny how other people call Xtina a FAT BITCH just to make fun of her. Have you ever seen a Fat person?

883 days ago


I'm beginning to like these guys.

883 days ago


I mean, its no news that people don't exactly think Christina is a nice person. A lot of artistes have mentioned it in a more subtle way. Calling her a b*tch on national radio might have been wrong, but we all have freedom of speech, and even famous people (whose words are often exaggerated and blown out of proportion) should get that too.

I think it is actually a breath of fresh air to see celebrities (i try to refrain from that word because not all may agree they are celebrities) say what they mean without caring about what others would say or how the media would take it. Regardless of what happened, it was how they felt, and they are allowed to express that.

That said this is a really silly report. "The one who calls himself Tom". If a lot of people read TMZ, then I guess only professionals should be allowed to write articles. A this is way off.

883 days ago


Then why is everyone acting like she's a real notorious bitch when she called her former Mousekeeter Tony Lucca a one dimensional? She just gave her OPINION! They just love hating on Xtina, give her a break!

883 days ago

JR Jake    

"We shouldn't have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean?"

Yes, but not having any manners could very well cost you everything Tom. I don't know Christina and probably neither do you, but just because someone might disagree with you makes them little more than a person that disagrees with you. Boy, do you have a lot to learn.

883 days ago
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