One Direction We Were Afraid The Wanted Was Gonna Beat Us Up!

4/13/2012 11:25 AM PDT

One Direction: We Were Afraid The Wanted Was Gonna Beat Us Up!


The boy band One Direction was so concerned the other big boy band, The Wanted, was gonna beat on them, they tried to flee a Burbank studio ... but then The Wanted boys showed up.

Here's what we know ... On April 4, One Direction was rehearsing for SNL at CenterStaging, a Burbank rehearsal studio.  Sources connected with CenterStaging tell us ... security for the band became aware that The Wanted was about to show up to rehearse for their "American Idol" performance the next day.

We're told the boys from One Direction -- all of them except Liam -- were scared because the British tabloids have been writing about tension and smack talk between the 2 bands.  The One Direction lads talked about the guys from The Wanted being tough guys (which apparently is true) and they were worried about getting taunted and manhandled.

Our sources say One Direction decided to abruptly end the session and leave, but before that happened The Wanted showed up. The security team for The Wanted spoke with security for One Direction and discussed One Direction's fears. Security for The Wanted then told band members about One Direction's fears, and Max (from The Wanted) bolted into the studio where One Direction was wrapping up, laughed and gave Liam (he's from One Direction) a hug. 

We're told everyone got a laugh out of it -- except Louis from One Direction, who wouldn't go near the boys from The Wanted.

We love boy bands.