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Files for Bankruptcy

4/30/2012 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom files for bankruptcy
We all saw it coming -- Octomom has filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned.

Nadya Suleman filed for Chapter 7 today in federal court -- a month after going on welfare -- meaning she's hopelessly buried in a mountain of debt.

Chapter 7 is the most serious form of bankruptcy -- it's basically when you go belly up -- something Octo is well-familiar with.

The legal docs we obtained do not specify her creditors or how much she owes -- but it's pretty clear ... she's dead broke. 


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907 days ago

Catherine Turley    

seriously, i love you harvey, but can't you sell that teeny weeny mobile and do something noble? can't ET or Extra give her a correspondent job? somebody needs to make a deal with her to take control of her finances in exchange for help. 14 innocent lives are on the line. she has the potential to make money and take care of her kids, but she needs guidance and opportunities. c'mon people.

907 days ago


I agree with Catherine Turley.
We see people like Nadya in our every day lives. You know they are not mentally stable but not quite off the deep end either. They need help to function but noone bothers to help them. If spending all the money she was given on herself and luxeries doesn't prove to people that she has problems, I don't know what will!
There are 14 little children that need someone/anyone that can help to step in and help out. Do not give Nadya the money, it's clear she can't handle it but help her by providing a home at least. If I had the money to help this woman I would because I cannot stand the constant beating down of an obviously unstable person.
I don't think she has any idea what she's doing and who's to say people haven't taken advantage of her on top of her silly spending?
I seriously hope someone steps up and helps this woman. Set up a donation account that is run by a conservator. Anything! Just help those poor babies so they don't have to live with this ridicule for the rest of their lives and I don't have to see this bullying of Nadya every time I turn around! It's really sad!

907 days ago


This really isn't an issue for me ... seen plenty of celebs and corps with TONS more money, hidden assets etc file and keep mansions while there debt is wiped clean. Hate Nadya, and feel she is totally responsible for her perdicament but when compared to some who file and walk away with millions.. I really don't have a problem with her filing, might be the only way she keeps her nose above water.. for a bit anyway. I feel for her kids and if filing makes their lives any easier.. then fine.

907 days ago


She's not broke. She's the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia's new welfare queen, pulling down freebies from our tax dollars.

907 days ago


Well, at least she got her $520 hair styling before she filed.

Her stylist, Stephanie, better hurry up and cash that check.

907 days ago


There isn't a lot of difference between octomom, the Duggars and Kate and her 8. The Duggars and Kate and her ex all had more kids than they could afford, till they hit reality TV. Octomom never got that chance. Wonder why they are all as screwed up as Octomom is. Kate and her brood has faded into the woodwork, no loss there, but the Duggars haven't? Why aren't they getting a daily beating by the rags. Mrs Duggar keeps getting pregnant, regardless of age, health or risk to the fetus. Her elevator isn't going to the top either and neither is her husbands, they're both are as crazy as Octomom. Guess the difference is money, someone chose to glorify their stupidity on TV giving them the means to support their kids, making them look like winners. Octomom on the other hand gets the ridicule which pretty much guarantees her failure.

907 days ago

Joe Totoroto    

Does this mean she gets to live for free? Does anyone know.

907 days ago


TheBestHeEverHad: about an hour ago
correction, jon was employed has a it tech or something with computers & kate was a nurse


It's right on You tube, words coming out of both Kate and Jon Gosselin mouths that they were both unemployed and broke. Kate hasn't worked since the twins were born, she quit nursing to be a stay at home mom. Living on one income and wanted another baby, Kate tried for one more when Jon said no because they couldn't afford it, of course Kate always got her way and she ended up with six more kids and was asked to terminate 5 of the babies growing in her and she opted out of that. Jon lost his job during Kate Pregancy which left them both unemployed until after the sextuplets birth even more so thereafter... they were struggling, so broke they applied for heating assistance at the Salvation Army, then Jon found work again and worked for a few months before Kate talked him into quitting and staying home with the kids and her to do their reality TV show.
hope the link works... scroll down to 06:21 and listen to Kate explain their hardships before TLC came along.
Here Jon talk about their hardships...
Jon explain how he found work when the sextuplets were born, how people help them out of hardtimes and how they even file for bankruptcy. Kate was unemployed the whole time and these were married couples unlike Nadya and they still couldn't raise and support their kids without the help of TLC.

907 days ago


This woman definintely made some stupid decisions but It is sad that she is so desperate to make money for her family. I am a military wife of three. My husband is overseas for the next 11 months. Everyone know that the military doesn't make a lot of money. We are getting by but I wanted more. My friend told me about a business opportunity and introduced me to some really successful people. I started and I am really making some good money. Looking to buy a new home next year. I am only sharing this in hopes of helping this woman get on her feet. If it could help someone else out there that would be great too. Nadya Suleman if you are reading this or even someone who know her check this out please . Google it if you want. It's not a scam. I just want to help.

907 days ago


You watch, sponsors will be coming out of the woodwork to "save" her. Of course it's always forthe children's sake. It's funny she lokes them in a room to get her hair done but never hesitates to use them as her welfare crutch. Think about it, she always says "It's for the children's best interest". That's probably what she said as got the Brazilian Blow-out. "But I HAVE to have it, it's for the children!"

907 days ago


Thomas Jefferson filed bankruptcy. TMZ should be ashamed. You make money by attempting to humiliate Octomom..she is the butt of your jokes and non compassion sit in judgment of a woman who is attempting to take care of 14 children..who appear to be healthy and happy children. I'm embarrassed for you if you dont have the sense to know that now is the time to lend a hand..instead of make fun and suggest she give up her children. She made a mistake by having so many children and she knows it because she cares for them every day. I can't even imagine how she does it yet TMZ makes money from the headlines?..and offer nothing except for judgment? Where is your decency. Pitiful. You've reached a new low. If you can't help her, you should not exploit her.

907 days ago


Cognizant _illiberal, why are you calling txcn an idiot for telling the truth?

Duggars were never rich until TLC same as the Gosselin. Duggars were struggling too, living in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house saving every penny, Jim Bob sold the one building he flat out own to pay for his own campaign running for office for which he lost. But with the help of People magazine and Discovery channel along with other money he saved was able to buy the land his house now sits on. Smart man to claim his home as a church to avoid paying property taxes on it. Being in congress Jimbob knew how to work the system, which explain why he chosed not to live in California with all it's strick child labor laws unlike Arkansas. Getting paid for every child born to him and people he bring into the show exploiting and making money off them too. None of this could be possible if wasn't for the help of people helping build his home for free, donating supplies, appliances and furniture etc and from charitable organizations, discovery channel, people magazine and so on... helping them out. Duggars would have you believe they done it all themselves, but don't be fool. Only reason why he's making it is because he has TLC as Michelle Duggar is unemployed and without Jim Bob she would be just like Nadya Suleman. Period!!!

People claimed Nadya had millions of dollars, not true. But even if she did... remember she had no reality TV show, what shows she had was taking away from her by haters and Gloria Allred and seeing how she was raising, support and feeding 14 mouths plus herself and paying bills when she could afford it-- all on her own with no study income, it's natural that she would be broke and struggling unlike the Duggars, Gosselins and all the rest who relied on TLC. Married or single, Nadya and her significatant other would still be struggling without a reality TV show. So I don't know why you all talking about if she had a husband in the picture she wouldn't be struggling. Kate had a husband and she was still struggling and so was the Duggars.

907 days ago


Cognizant _illiberal: 58 minutes ago

Do you really believe that if Michelle pop up pregnant with octuplets, that she would abort 7 of her babies? Do you really believe she would terminate her pregnancy? I sure hope Jim Bob has one hellava life insurance policy. Because God forbib, since he's getting so fat and out of shape from all that fatty cooking his grown adult daughters be cooking... if this man should suddenly have a heart attack and die on Michelle--well can you see Nadya Suleman in Michelle Duggars? Because those grown arse adult Duggar girls would be out of the house on their own in a heart beat, boys would run wild, Josh used car lot would be no more, family business would be a disaster in the making... Jim Bob is holding that temple of his together for now but if he falls, so would everybody and everything else living in it.

907 days ago


She's a million dollars in debt with only about $50K in assets. She has mental issues. Her kids need to be taken away. She obviously can't afford to take care of them. Declaring bankruptcy will not fix her. She will still put her selfish desires ahead of taking care of her children. Her children are just a crutch for her. She will be back again filing bankruptcy and stiffing her creditors.

907 days ago
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