TMZ Live Junior Seau ... The Suicide Mystery

5/2/2012 10:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: NFL Legend Junior Seau's Death -- Suicide Mystery

Junior Seau's death investigation could have a major impact on the NFL -- wait till you hear about a dark trend among former football players. Plus, the emotional reaction of Junior's family members outside his home.

Also, Kate Upton busting out her 'cat daddy' -- too sexy for the Internet? We'll tell you about the backlash ... and the ridiculously OVER-tanned mom who got busted for sunburning her kid. What's wrong with people???

(0:00) The Hudson family murder trial just got nasty -- the defense claims Jen's brother was a drug dealer.
(7:10) A bunch more names were dropped into the hat to be "X Factor" judges ... and they're all young.
(10:30) NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead of a bullet wound to the chest ... we'll tell you how it's connected to the devastating head drama suffered by footballers.
(18:10) Kristin Cavallari's cat is out of the bag.
(23:45) The "Shark Tank" judge that wrecked a Ferarri calls in ... you won't believe who gave him another sets of keys to a Ferrari right after he ruined the last.
(27:56) Kate Upton's bikini dancing video was taken off YouTube ... and we can't figure out why.
(30:52) Would Evan change places with L.A.'s most hated man ... Frank McCourt?
(34:12) You won't believe what washed up.
(38:43) The most heinous tan you'll ever see in your life.