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Junior Seau ...

The Suicide Mystery

5/2/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Junior Seau's death investigation could have a major impact on the NFL -- wait till you hear about a dark trend among former football players. Plus, the emotional reaction of Junior's family members outside his home.

Also, Kate Upton busting out her 'cat daddy' -- too sexy for the Internet? We'll tell you about the backlash ... and the ridiculously OVER-tanned mom who got busted for sunburning her kid. What's wrong with people??? TMZLive-Download-Podcast-Graphic

(0:00) The Hudson family murder trial just got nasty -- the defense claims Jen's brother was a drug dealer.
(7:10) A bunch more names were dropped into the hat to be "X Factor" judges ... and they're all young.
(10:30) NFL legend Junior Seau was found dead of a bullet wound to the chest ... we'll tell you how it's connected to the devastating head drama suffered by footballers.
(18:10) Kristin Cavallari's cat is out of the bag.
(23:45) The "Shark Tank" judge that wrecked a Ferarri calls in ... you won't believe who gave him another sets of keys to a Ferrari right after he ruined the last.
(27:56) Kate Upton's bikini dancing video was taken off YouTube ... and we can't figure out why.
(30:52) Would Evan change places with L.A.'s most hated man ... Frank McCourt?
(34:12) You won't believe what washed up.
(38:43) The most heinous tan you'll ever see in your life.


No Avatar


The video isn't working for me on this page only, works fine on the front page. Tried different browsers to no avail.

902 days ago


Same thing for me jack. I had the nfl dead guy conference up and LIVE appeared in that view window. I think they put the feed in the wrong link

902 days ago


Harvey, love ya, but enough with the connection between suicide and concussions. Concussions don't create depression. Seau had underlying issues, obviously since he used to beat his wife. Don't blame physical job issues. He probably witnessed his dad hit his own mom when he was a kid too. Just because he was a football player, doesn't mean he's exempt from the same psychological issues 'normal' people deal with all the time. No excuses.

902 days ago

Francisco Beltran    

jr seau was such a cool guy. he didnt only help his nfl teams but the community as well. he would give back to the community with whatever he could. one of my friends told me that he was with his family a his restaurant and jr overheard his mom talking about how the paper towels in the bathroom were so soft and he came back and gave them a couple packs of the paper to take home... RIP he will be missed

902 days ago

Flying Blind    

Simon doesn't know that much about music. He doesn't play any instruments nor can he sing. He just had his daddy's money when he kept failing. Daddy kept propping him up until he got a hit singer or two.

google it!

902 days ago


Concussions don't cause depression, or suicide. Accept that he already had underlying issues. Being tight with the church is a good explanation for why it was so well hidden, not to mention untreated.

902 days ago


Gang on TMZ Live, mouths don't move with sound. Like watching a foreign Film.

902 days ago


Newt Gingrich is more than $4 million in debt -- TMZ is going to hound him for his reckless spending and analyze his every purchase just like with Octomom, right? RIGHT???

902 days ago


maybe he was diagnosed with something and couldn't handle it?

902 days ago


"Honey, is this thing loa...."

~Junior Seau~

902 days ago


SHARK TANK is a rip off from Canada,our show is called dragons den and has been on the air for at least 7 years,You Yankies steal everything and call it your IDEA!

902 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Who is kate upton and why is she famous?

902 days ago


Gaaaaa! Ryan have you ever heard of soap/shampoo? You always look worse than a poor homeless person. How could you show up to work like that everyday.

902 days ago


When is TMZ Live actually on? on t.v. it's 3pm but it's seems you guys actually are typing it right now. I thought it was a 1pm. please anyone help me out on this question.

902 days ago


ok im sad to hear about seau but i wana see kate upton again

902 days ago
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