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Kim Kardashian

Kris' Media Whoring

Is Keeping Divorce Alive

5/4/2012 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries is the opposite of upset over his divorce from Kim Kardashian -- he's loving the attention ... so says Kim's lawyer.

Disso-Queen Laura Wasser appeared in court today, saying there has been no progress in settling the spoils over the 72-day marriage.  Kind of ridiculous, since there was an iron-clad prenup in which Kris and Kim have all of their assets separated.  Kris is challenging the prenup, claiming Kim defrauded him by allegedly tying the knot ONLY for TV ratings -- good luck with that.

Wasser told the judge ... media attention and Kris' personal feelings seem to be keeping the case alive.  Translation -- he wants the publicity of a drawn-out divorce.

The judge said depositions are now fair game, which means Kim can now be deposed about her motivations for marrying the b-baller.

Wasser also said Kim will be requesting that Kris pay her attorney's fees if they have to go to trial on Kris' fraud allegations and she wins.

BTW, the judge mentioned there's a dispute over jewelry.

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O M G that bitch and her lawyer is crazy.The media whore is Kim and her whole family. I hope the judge is a good one and he sees through that slut. Can you people believe that their calling Kris A media whore?This has to be the funniest thing that I have every read. Go Away Kim,stop trying to make Kris look like the bad person because we all know who the media whore is and it sure isnt Kris. Kris take that bitch down for yourself and for all of us.

873 days ago


With kimmys track record and know con reputation this may not be a slam dunk for her. Espically now with the depositions money and jewlery and she will have to be under oath. That has to be scaring the crap out of her. Wassar may get 1k per hour but I donn't think Kris is going to have to pay for that being it was kimmys con in the first place. Wonder if Seacreast will be call in for a depo being it's his show. Humphries is doing the right thing. He's sticking up for himself and not the wimp kimmy assumed. Go get em Kris.

873 days ago


for all the people who say kris is only known because of kim, you are wrong. he is an nba player who works for his money. he is having his best year ever and this was done as he was trashed daily by kim family and friends. i havent read any olace where he is trashing kim. he is very dedicated to his profession and the team he plays with. she didnt make him but she is trying to ruin him.

873 days ago


the lawyer just discribed her client. they wiil do anything to stay in the public eye and hold on to the money they because of disgusting sex tape. kris hasnt said anything ugly about this famil;y. but kardashians and their friends have daily done and said things about him and have tried everything to ruin him. it didnt work, he had the best year ever (khloe should have been taking care of her husband as he was ruining his nba job, while she was on tv talking trash about kris). the marriage was a sham, he never was allowed to move into her place, she tried to get reggie back before filing for divorce (he turned her down), she was very happy and went of to do job (backlash had her come back and try to clean up mess they made), didnt inform kris of divorce, starts affair with west (repulsive, little man) who she had been around for years and the other men she was seeing, reshooting and editing scenes for her show (to put kris in bad light, calling her poor dead father back from the grave to help save she and her mothers image and money (to me that was the worst thing they have done). i hope the judge lets them have an open court and kris gets annullment, so he can defend himself. he cant speak or defend himself because of prenup, but kim, family and friends can talk trash about him everyday. let if be open for the public and on camera, after all the kardashians love to be on camara.

873 days ago


Kim Kardashian calling someone else a media whore is quite possibly one of the most hypocritical things ever said. The lack of self awareness is astounding.

873 days ago


How much of a loser do you have to be that even the President of the United States makes fun of you? Only the porn star/fake "reality" star fat azz Kimmie. Yuck. Can someone just pull the plug on Seacreast + KKlan + Harvey three-way they got going?

873 days ago


It's a good thing Kim's got a such a HUGE FAT ASS cuz when she gets called to sit for a deposition, she's gonna be sitting for a LONG TIME.
I hope this goes to trail and we can watch her lies unravel right before our eyes! I may take time off work just to watch! Cant wait for MOMAGER to try to spin her way out testifying to the lies SHE generated......
This is proof there IS a GOD!

873 days ago



873 days ago


I can take a lot, but Kim calling anyone a media whore is just too funny!! Gotta love it!

873 days ago


Kris Humphries is such an ******* and you can see why Kim divorced him. You signed an Iron Clad Pre-Nup Kris END OF STORY. Kepp pretending to be a basketball player and move on with your pathetic life.

873 days ago

I am Spartacus    

he's media whoring? That must explain why i always see her in the news (for no real reason because she doesn't do anything) and never see him in the news.

873 days ago


Kim calling Kris a media whore is "The pot calling the kettle black"

873 days ago


She is calling him a media whore? She might want to look in the mirror. It is like the pot calling the kettle black. WOW!

873 days ago


kris a media whore? really tmz ..smh ...who writes this crap

873 days ago


Either Kris Jenner has all the gossip sites on her payroll or she has threatened legal action against anyone who exposes this fraud of a family. Everything we hear is from the Kartrashian PR machine .

873 days ago
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