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Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen

The Manhattan Dinner Mystery

5/6/2012 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lindsay_woody_videoLook out Scarlett Johansson ... Woody Allen has a new buxom, young muse in his sights ... and that muse is Lindsay Lohan.

The unlikely duo was spotted out in NYC last night at fancy-schmancy Philippe restaurant -- and we're told this isn't their first spin on the friendship bicycle.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Allen and Lilo have been friends for years now and he's one of her biggest supporters -- never jumping on the judgment bandwagon.

We're told there are no projects officially on the books right now, BUT sources tell us they've been throwing around the idea of Lindsay being in one of Allen's future films -- which would be huge for Lilo, since his last flick, "Midnight in Paris," was nominated for a bunch of Academy Awards.

We're also told Lindsay has nothing but respect for the quadruple Oscar-winning director and would LOVE to work with him.

Um .. duh.


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TMZ your title! Buxom?That's like comparing pancakes to melons.

902 days ago


Lindsay has changed more depends and cleaned more bed pans for her lovers then a Nurse

902 days ago


It's going to be a great movie. That's all I have to say

902 days ago


Eli Manning Scores Big On Saturday Night LiveEli Manning Scores Big On Saturday Night Live

If Eli Manning has as good a season with the New York Giants that he had as host of Saturday Night Live, his team is headed to the Super Bowl.

The superstar quarterback was amazingly good in sketch after sketch, straight through from the monologue.

One of our favorites had Peyton Manning's little brother -- there was an entire sketch about the plight of younger siblings -- as Miss Chicken Fried Steak in a Miss Drag World competition.

Eli didn't take kindly to finishing third out of three competitors, even when the pageant host, played by SNL's fabulous Kenan Thompson, encouraged him to "have some dignity."

Miss Chicken Fried Steaks was in mascara-blurring tears but it will leave you laughing.

902 days ago


I used to be a huge Woody Allen fan, never missed one of his movies. Then all that came out about screwing his almost daughter, molesting his other kids etc. His own son changed his name and wants nothing to do with him. Mia Farrow is a bit of a weirdo but I believe her on this. I wouldn't go to one of his movies now if he paid me to go.

902 days ago


The problem with Lindsay is she doesn't even know who she is. She always latches on to an icon and sucks the life out of it before moving onto another movie icon. First it was Marilyn Monroe and now Elizabeth Taylor. She wants the idolization that they got and tried to get it by dressing up like them and portraying them in movies. She doesn't even realize that it takes hard work to be a good actress. She feels she is entitled to roles just because she is Lindsay Lohan. It's time that everyone learns to tell Lindsay NO, now that would be some interesting reading if that should happen.

902 days ago


My oh My......touchy , arn't we TMZ ..... Lets see what did I say that you didn't like this time....
.Did I threaten somebody...... NOOOOOOOOOO
Did I use profanity against someone....NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Did I Break any of the cortesy rules for posting ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO


By axing that comment you only comfirmed to all how close it was to the truth....

LOL.....sorry I won't pick up my marbles and go home mad....... LOL


902 days ago


GC, you're on FYAH today, keep it up!!!

902 days ago


They axed the one from 4 hours ago around number 90 right near helps ..HINT..HINT... were I was referring to the other Lohan go to site for all Photo OPs they use..and pointing out the fact that the lead photo was splicted together to look like Lindsay and Woody were walking together when in fact the tape show the opposite were she and Greasy Gavin is blocking the door till the Papz get into position to talk the money shots...which proves my humble opinion that is was a pre arange set up that Woody Allen didn't know about...another Lohan Inc production....which apparently was a dam pretty good quess for them to kill it so quick....

901 days ago


They should do a remake of the movie "Barfly". Lindsay knows every aspect of the script, barfight and all. She just needs to show up "as is"

901 days ago


Now let the countdown began on this see how long it take before it disappears...they do like me you know ...LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

901 days ago


Woodie, give it up. Young airhead pretty girls will never desire you. You are like Yoda is search of Cinderella. And oh by the way, the movie Manhattan was totally unbelievable. which is why you yourself hated it.

901 days ago


Pervert meet skank. Skant meet pervert.

901 days ago


and to farther my guess as to a setup photo Op....I present you with the shots from CG net.... everybody who comes out that door turn away from the papz going left...all but Lindsay who walks slowly right at them so they can get the best straight shoots and not the side shots that show her double chin....your tendency is to turn away from the camera if you know they are taking pictures with you unknowing, she doesn't...She knew they were there... and look at the cloths everybody is wearing....Woody Allen very casual skuffy even his wife and kids in casual jeans and tee tops usual out to get a bit to eat on Friday night attire...Lindsay on the other hand is dressed up in designer dress , coat, heels and even stocking dressed to impress as we say....which kind of kicks the planned dinner out the door...I think she high-jacked his Friday night family dinner out ..and pushed her way in....Those are not happy faces coming out that door hell they look like they are fleeing the black plague....LOL

901 days ago


She never had dinner with him. She was, however, in the same restaurant and then she phoned the paps and walked out of the restaurant at the same time as him after rudely introducing herself.

I'll bet on it.

901 days ago
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