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I'm Buying a DUNGEON

With Masturbation Money

5/6/2012 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

has deep, dark plans for the money she's earning with her new solo masturbation video -- telling TMZ, she wants to buy a "dungeon" with the cash ... to keep her and her 14 kids safe from the prying eyes of the public.

Of course, "dungeon" is a metaphor -- what Nadya Suleman means is she wants to buy a house that's far away from everything ... preferably in a low-key gated community ... where she can "hide."

Octo was on her way into Makeup Mandy in West Hollywood this week -- to get a spray tan for her big shoot -- and she told us, "The only dream I have is to buy a safe home for my family."

Octo wouldn't comment on how much she's getting paid for the gig -- but she did say she's extremely nervous. That makes 6 billion of us.


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Yeah right, sure she wants to hide. She's another Kate G or Kim K, they would die if they weren't getting attention from the media

866 days ago


More like get a decent house with decent rent. Oh wait, that makes sense and she doesn't get to spend money on herself. All these interviews and two days of shooting, who in the "F" is watching those kids...uncle Chair again?

866 days ago


Did her bankruptcy lawyer not tell her that any "big" money/gifts she earns or receives after filing a bk would be taken from her to pay back her creditors?

She can masturbate until she's blue in the face, but that money will be seized if it's over a few thousand and divvied up between her creditors.

She'll get absolutely nothing for this latest embarrassment she has bestowed upon her already humiliated and neglected children.

866 days ago


She just declared bankruptcy and is going for a spray-on tan? She'll never learn.

866 days ago


Nayda you need to talk to your bankrupty lawyer. Any extra money you make during bankrupty goes to creditors not a new home . People shouldnt judge this women there are alot of people { not all }that are on welfare and unemployment that are using the system, whats 15 more . Amerca is full of illegals using the system and people are picking on this women. whats the big deal anymore Americas system is losing control.

866 days ago


Mannequin------She went to a DR,a Medical Professional.she did not 'SCREW" every boy in town,like most girls do.'WHO'S THE FATHER"THE ADULT MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL,Who in there right mind would do what he did ,SHE SURE GOT HELP.----MRAKULOUS----SHE HAD C/SECTION,Don't let YOUR FILTHY MIND worry about the other part.A "whore is someone that sleeps around,from what I am reading,most comments on here could far surpass octo mom ,with 'WHORE

866 days ago



866 days ago


i hear housing in mexico is cheap , try there

866 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

I understand wanting to get out of the public eye and god knows we would all be grateful for that but she needs to face reality. Learn how to live within your means. There is nothing wrong with spending on something nice here and there but that comes after all your bills are paid and your kids are taken care of. You really have no one to blame for the media attention but yourself and now you need to deal with it.

866 days ago

I AM Not A Lawyer    

she is so Fine!

866 days ago


I thought when she said "dungeon" she was going to go the dominatrix route--nothing would surprise me where this "person" is concerned. Where is CPS given the squalor her kids are in?

866 days ago


If this dumb bitch was BLACK the COUNTRY would be up in arms, there would be endless stories of welfare fraud, NPR would do a backhanded "compassionate" story on how this poor pathetic black woman managed to be so f*ed up and turn it into an indictment against ALL blacks---and make some reference to slavery and poverty. But she's not black, she's WHITE and the mainstream media [except TMZ, or course] are pretending that she's perfectly normal, like Chaz Bono, Lindsey Lohan, John Mayer and the rest of the white nutcases. This woman IS WHITE TRASH!!! That her house is always trashed isn't a function of having 14 kids, it's because she's trash. She doesn't give a gnats ass about her kids. She's doing this porno gig---that she swore she'd NEVER do, not because she destitute, be because she a exhibitionist, media-whore and she can always depend on TMZ to keep her in the limelight. Unfortunately, the plight for her kids is abysmal... and that bitch doesn't care because it'll bring her even more attention. I can guarantee you - I don't care if they paid that bitch $5million she'd be broke before the cheque cleared. She has the same welfare mindset as a lot of those ghetto ball-players who manage to blow threw multi-millions in a year.---THEN---continue to think and act like they're in the hood, beating women, stealing, drugs, getting fired, then bankrupt and beating women, dodging the IRS, stealing and beating women. So to all the "disable", parasitic, social security Internet trolls---if you're going to be a hater, be equal opportunity 'cause those monthly cheques are eventually going to dry up.

866 days ago

buzz kill    

Maybe once she gets over her nervousness they can get her to make a video were she beats off homeless men.

866 days ago


Why dont you ppl worry about your own lives life would be much easyer for you guys

866 days ago


she said be kind with the comments cause her bigger kids read them so why would she go as low as pron.she should just keep the foodstamps and cash assitant

866 days ago
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