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Kim Kardashian

Rollin' On Kanye's Dubs

5/7/2012 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
MUST be getting serious with Kim Kardashian -- he's letting her drive his $500,000 whip in L.A. while he's in NYC.

We got this pic of Kim driving Kanye's Mercedes SLR McLaren this AM to Barry's Boot Camp in Sherman Oaks.

Kim's family just signed a $40-plus million deal with E! for their reality shows, so she could probably afford to buy her own.

BTW, Kim owns a Range Rover, a Ferrari, a Bentley ... oh, and a Rolls Royce Ghost ... but it's way more fun to drive your boyfriend's car.


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Oh BARF BARF BARF, CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

807 days ago


Just another reason to hate this stupid wh0re. She has a fleet of her own expensive cars but she has to drive around in Kanye's, so everyone knows they're together & in love & all that BS. They are both so materialistic, it's pathetic. And they both call themselves Christians - L O L.

807 days ago


needs those w-i-d-e o-p-e-n doors to get her ginormous rear out of the clue how she can even get into a Ferrari!!!

807 days ago


Men are so STUPID when dealing with a female!!

807 days ago


Kim and her family prey on people who feel like they' don't measure up. It's not their fault people are lost and devoid of any personality. The Kardashian's make a living off hype. Don't hate the player hate the game. Stop filling your heads with b.s.

807 days ago


Ok, forget this beast and tell me ......what the heck is a DUB?

807 days ago


That car is one expensive hog carrier.

807 days ago

Patty Reid    

I love it, she's making herself look like an ass (Oh wait a minute, she is an ass!) more the better for Kris Humphries to prove what a lying, manipulative cheater she is. Team Humphries! And with Kanye West who so obviously hates white people...Maybe he's setting her up, even better!

807 days ago


I am a fan of the show - but who really gives a flying terd????

807 days ago


I am shocked that her big disgusting fat ass fits in his car......ewwww Will these pieces of trash every go away????????? btw, she's getting heavier by the minute....they say black men love big asses.....that's all she can get.....SHE GETS ME SICK>>>>>>

807 days ago


Their PR people called the paps to make sure they got a pic of Kim getting out of Kanye's car. Why would she need to drive his car if she has 3-4 of her own? The K's are going all out to make us believe Kim and Kanye are a REAL couple so people will watch KUWTK.

KUWTK ratings must be down a lot if they have to go to this extreme to get people to watch. Everybody knows this is a fake romance, just like the wedding. Don't fall for their trickery twice guys. No way I'm watching this train wreck of a show.

807 days ago


Boy, honkin' that black schlong has it's priveleges!

807 days ago

Keyser Söze    

884 comment AND COUNTING over this none-news... yet, people are surprise that Levin and his teams keep posting items about the KK Klan.

You really want the Human Toilet and her family out of TMZ^ Ignore every post about her, don't post comment about her, don't even bother reading comments, period. All you lots are doing right now is generating traffic, which makes TMZ righteously think that, deep down, this is the type of stories you crave and need.

I'm telling you, that's the only way you'll get her fat ass out of this site. So can we please try to make the total comments tally way less than 100 next time?

Thank you all in advance.

807 days ago


why is this stupidass a celebrity is she a well known actress i dont get why this b is important shes just a airhead that starred in a porn video she should be ashamed of herself shes not a classy person at all

807 days ago



807 days ago
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