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Lindsay Lohan

Settles Beef

With Betty Ford Worker

5/7/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has called a truce in her war with a former worker at the Betty Ford rehab clinic ... the woman who sued the actress, claiming Lindsay brutalized her after being ordered to take a breathalyzer test.

TMZ broke the story ... the worker -- Dawn Holland -- claimed she tried to administer the breathalyzer after Lindsay had returned to the rehab clinic one night in late 2010 and appeared intoxicated.

According to Holland, Lindsay recoiled in anger, grabbing Holland's right wrist ... "twisting and pulling it for 8-10 seconds."

Lindsay acknowledged there was a scuffle -- but insisted she was provoked by Holland ... and any injuries she may have caused were in self-defense.

The case settled for an undisclosed amount -- we're told Lindsay paid something to make it go away, although we don't know how much.


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I guess I'll jump on the negative band wagon -- seems like so much more fun! Does any one ever know what kind of money she had to pay? She can't have that much left???can she???

908 days ago


Good for Dawn, I knew that crazy bitch hit you!~

908 days ago


Wouldn't it be a riot if this woman did press assult charges on Lohan.

All this woman wants is for Lohan to apologize. Lohan won't because that would proove she was lieing from the beginning and was out partying in the club and not home watching TV.

Problem is that no longer matters because as we know she was caught on tape being there.

Lohan loves playing these games see how far she can push her luck and get away with it. And always when caught it's poor little lindsay everyone is out to get me. Christ, she's 26 going on 12.

908 days ago



Stupid Cannes. Eight more days - this is boring.... the food sux, the women are stinky, and they all talk funny..... it's easier to comprehend one of DUIna's cocaine-fueled Twitter rants. I can't wait to get out of here. Hopefully, no evil paparazzi (or Michael Lohan) steals my passport. I think as long as I can find some Slim Jims and manage to steer clear of the French cocaine, I'll survive.

908 days ago


It's amazing how according to Woody they met very briefly twice and now Lohan is claiming they have been friends for years. How the hell does that work? Lohans self hype and over exaggerations.

Lohan is a moron. She needs to keep her mouth shut because she can never backup any of her lies. Just keeps making herself look beyond desperate and a total fool.

908 days ago


Not a good day for Lohan Inc/.....As fast as the stick their finger in a hole a spurting water on the Dam build on The LOng Time Woody Allen Lie another whole of truth by somebody calling them out right on thier lie pops up and spurt they have to plug that one...hell they are down to their last toe now and the holes keep forming....Everybody is aware its a big fat Lie by Lohan Inc even Dax(blondlie boy) pushing the lie isn't going to help it from crumbling down.......
and now this .....Which by her settlting out of court is as good as a admission of guilt ....and shows them up as the Liars they and she are....and how utterly untrustworthy they are.........Keep up the Good Work Lohan Inc...

908 days ago


We know Lohan is a pathological lier. That hasn't changed one bit. She is also an imature brat with a nasty temper.

Look at the crap Havey is pulling in his grabber line. One dinner and Oscar.

908 days ago


As posted by @Help in response to me :-------------------------------------
What I am saying is actual articles from New York Times and the Awl. And if you read the article you will find that TMZ has 8.5 million hits per month. So this little comment section does not mean much. The disgusting part is that you use this "playground" to express sexual perversive content. Did it ever occur to you that Lindsay used the money that she made working on Glee to pay off Dawn Holland.

Sexual Preversive Content because I mention Massingill Douche... will I'm sorry to offend you my dear I never took you as such a prude....and as this little Playgournd not meaning much that is were I beg to different since at least 1/3 to 1/2 that 8.5 millions hits you quote comes from this Lohan Playground I think it does or you wouldn't be wasting the majority of your time on her defending your little paycheck...

and mined your zipper.....So Glee played Lindsay enough to pay off Dawn Holland interesting isn't it ...particlulity if she wasn't guilty of anything now isn't it...according to Lohan Inc...

908 days ago


This morning the 2 radio DJ's on my morning station were talking about what a loser Blowhan is. And then they started on Dina.....! It was hilarious to listen to.

908 days ago


LOL watching Hellp sputtering along here.
Blo could have a MAJOR lawsuit against Holland if the nonsense" it" spout about is even 1/2 way accurate.
Instead, Blo is paying Dawn off. ROFL.

But, hey, Blohan still has her Pitbull suit....for his song causing her, "to be associated in connection with defendants".

908 days ago


all together now:



908 days ago


There was no HIPAA violation since no personal identifying information was contained on the do***ent. The only violation was a betty ford privacy violation for which she was fired. If there was a HIPAA violation Dawn would have been charged.

This sure shut up the enablets they are glad Lindsay paid her off to make it go away!

908 days ago


I have just filed a "cease and desist" order against HELLP.

STAY OUT of my reply sections!

908 days ago


Looks like our little friend called in to TMZ again that her feelings got hurt..
and they axed another of my posts....the one @help is pissing her pants over....for being sexually perversive !!!!!
One little old lady so says privates parts instead of .......... because I mentioned their dragging out all the dirt they can to fling at Dawn is more like it...because that is just what they were doing...seems like that pissed someboby off...
Well Too Bad.......

908 days ago



John Travolta Sued by Masseur -- He Touched My Penis!!!


uh oh.
Maybe HELLP will tell us all how this will impact on Blohan's starring role in "Gotti"??

908 days ago
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