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Secret Service Hooker

We DID Have Sex ...

And He Ripped Me Off!!!

5/7/2012 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colombian prostitute behind the massive Secret Service scandal is finally admitting she had sex with one of the agents -- claiming he seriously short-changed her for her services, paying only $50 ... when she explicitly asked for $800.

24-year-old Dania Londono Suarez appeared on "Today" this morning with a translator -- claiming the agent was very direct about asking for sex when they met at a Cartagena bar last month.

Dania says she told him up front ... a night with her would cost $800 -- but the next morning, after they had had sex, the agent grew "very angry" when she asked for her money.

According to Dania, he threw her $50 and kicked her out -- and that's when police got involved.

The agent in question has reportedly resigned.



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Skippy La Rue    

doesnt $800 buy you a nice house in Columbia??

835 days ago


Enough TMZ, and the Media stop glorifying these whores all they want is attention there are better things to focus on..the secret agents have been fired, resigned and so on..time to move on...

835 days ago


She looks like a man.

835 days ago


Did we fly a Colombian prostitute over here so that we could pay her to be interviewed on tv - trash talking one of her johns? Is this really what we enjoy watching ? Well, along with teenagers getting paid for getting pregnant,

835 days ago


hey whore always get at least half up front.

835 days ago


Riiiiggght, sure he did.

835 days ago


He shortchanged you? Whore, news sites are paying you for your crap info. If anything, you shortchanged him.

835 days ago


No way she is telling the truth. In a developed country I suspect $800 would be a lot, in a developing country it is outrageous. I bet she figured out who that guy was and after the fact raised the price to an astronomical level. Serves him right though. If you want to do that on your vacation I don't care. If you do it while in service to our country, especially when on a high profile mission like protecting the president, then you deserve what you get.

835 days ago


Ummmm, really....and we need to pay an ugly azz Columbian prostitute to be on the morning shows, why????
AND, she needs a translator to be ON this show?? Sooooo, how does she expect to understand what the guy said to her???
Maybe he said, "HA!! You fugly, and I'm only givin you fiddy dollah"...
It could happen....

835 days ago


In Colombia, you could get that hooker, her mother, sisters, cousins, their friends and a shetland pony for $800. (and sill have cash for carry out and beer)

835 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

All this for short changing a hooker... lol. So, I should be good on my security clearance.

835 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

First of all, that's too much money. Secondly, maybe he didn't think she was worth it afterwards.

835 days ago


Pig, Look at your face there is no way you are worth no 800 dollars,whores go for a dime a dozen in colombia, and I'm sure that anything that comes out of your slutty mouth is a lie.

835 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

you know what i think it is? this secret service d0uche probably thought to himself that he can do what he want and can treat this girl however he likes. thinking "shes a prostitute" etc. yes, shes a prostitute, but thats her job and HE went to HER for services, so why not pay her the $800? the fact that he threw her $50 and kicked her out says a lot about him and im glad she got the cops involved.

835 days ago


Although, prostitution is NOT glamorous by any means & this woman is plain wrong for her choices in life, I do have to say that it kills me to see the amount of ignorance here in the comments. Many of you here speak of ColOmbia as if you've ever been, You evidently haven't even bothered to GOOGLE the damn country, let alone Cartagena where all this went down. DO YOUR F***ING RESEARCH before making FALSE comments of a place you clearly know nothing about. Oh, & allowing the American media to educate you is your first mistake & labels you as IGNORANT! Btw... it's CoLOmbia NOT Columbia!

835 days ago
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