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John Travolta

Story Behind

'New York' Photos

5/9/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta
's people say they have specific information about the photos they say place him in New York City the day he allegedly assaulted a masseur in Beverly Hills, California -- and the information they say proves Travolta was firmly ensconced in the big apple.

According to Travolta's people, the file time stamp shows the picture was taken at 4:30 PM. The second picture was taken at 5:21 PM -- both on January 16, 2012.

We could not confirm whether the times on the files were EST or PST. If it's PST, it would be theoretically possible -- though difficult -- for Travolta to have flown across the country and made the fitting.

Travolta's people tell us ... the pictures were part of a fitting session for his upcoming movie, "Killing Season." 

And Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ he has proof his client was not only in NYC on January 16, but he was there the day before as well.


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Even though John Travolta is a pilot with his own private jet, an attorney could easily get flight information like flight plans and takeoff/landing times. John doesn't have a right to privacy when it comes to airports, flight plans and America's airspace. Post 9/11, I think the government makes you list who everyone on the plane is before you can take off ... especially the pilot and crews.

866 days ago


yeah like thats hard to fake, takes less than a minute on my camera.

866 days ago


Who cares - I'm glad it's all 'coming to a head' hahaha. I love my Johnny, weenar groper or not. Team Travolta!!!

866 days ago


Once a sweathog, always a sweathog.

866 days ago


Has no one noticed the time on the reciepts?? It was 11:38PM. If this had been the first time he had been accused of dipping in the Man Pond it would be a different story. But it isn't. If he is gay or bi, that is fine. But remember, he is a Pilot and does own his own plane. I didn't see anywhere in any story where it indicated what time all of this was suppose to have taken place. He could have flown himself or taken any flight and arrived on the East Coast later in the afternoon or evening. Secondly, those photos are not from that date. He is younger and slimmer in those photos. IMO, he is guilty. I have always thought he was gay since his days on Welcome Back Kotter. I hope the REAL truth comes out. If you are gay Travolta, admit it and move on, for your family's sake!!

866 days ago

buzz kill    

A picture means nothing these days, with digital technology a pictue can say anything you want it to.

866 days ago


I'm wondering why you're not checking into the questionable practices of Okorie. On another site, someone who apparently knows him said they should check into him and the validity of his clients, if he actually has clients. Apparently he's trying to make a name for himself or get famous.

866 days ago


Travolta must not be living in reality if he thinks he can keep trolling massage therapists for sex and get away with that forever? If it weren't for Hollyweird and Scientology he'd have been openly out long ago. Good luck trying to lie or pay your way out of this one JT.

866 days ago


I could take a pic today and time/date stamp it for any date within the last 20 years. I'm not saying he is guilty, but this alibi is laughable.

866 days ago


Something about this story sucks.

866 days ago


Nice photoshop job! Was there a phone booth in the area where he changed clothes? Who took the photos? I can fake time and date stamps with my camera, too. lol! If he's innocent, then there is a conspiracy to rip him off for millions, so I hope someone out there is doing some very careful detective work and following the paper trail, the pings, the rings, and the tings~

866 days ago


Funny how he's a pilot n has a private jet so I can believe him being in two different states in one day. Those pics are ridiculous, y would he want to change clothes within an hour( which were both casual clothes) if those pics are "real" I pay attention to details not the media so for "his people" to claim its absurd Well thats like a loving mother admitting their child is ugly,of course people who get paid by him are willing to lie for him.

866 days ago


I have always loved John Travolta even back in his Welcome Back Kotter days, thought he was pretty respectable at least by Hollywood standards. But I do think he is gay but his belief in Scientology is so strong that he's never been able to just be free and live his life, that stupid Cult has ruined his and probably his son Jet's life; you can't control who you are and he's just being stupid.

866 days ago

keef 87    

Starting to wonder about old Johnboy!

866 days ago


Travolta isn't going to fool anyone about being in New York on the day this incident happened. If Travolta has a Gulfstream G650 (the Ferrari of jets) he could go from L.A. to New York in about 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic to and from the airports. The G650 flies as close to the speed of sound as it gets ... 0.925 Mach. Maybe more with a good tailwind.

866 days ago
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