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Clooney's Obama Bash

Willkommen Wolfgang!

5/10/2012 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wolfgang Puck and his band of merry caterers have ARRIVED at George Clooney's house for the ginormous Obama fundraiser tonight -- and they're already carrying in trays of delicious, fancy-people food.

Among the delectables -- racks of meat, an assortment of sauces, apples, cherries, watermelon, an array of breads, Evian water, and beer. Delicious, delicious beer.

As for what brews -- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale ... and Obama's favorite ... Bud Light.

As we first reported, the Spago impresario was hired to feed the 150 people who are each shelling out $40,000 to rub elbows with Obama at Clooney's pad. We're told the food's expected to be "better than the Oscars."

Wolfgang and Co. are under orders to keep everything top secret.


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Pudding Tang    

outright ass kissing silliness all over the place

834 days ago


Yup, 47 MILLION Americans on food stamps and Obama hangs with the 1% eating food we'll never see in our lifetime. So, can someone please tell me why anyone would vote for this guy who is the epitome of hypocrisy?

834 days ago


why are my taxs going to pay to protect him at a private party...he's a millionaire, let him pay for it

834 days ago


The most disgusting thing about this BS is that the food most of which will not be eaten will be thrown out.

Not to worry we get to pay for our fearless leader's security.

I have never heard of a "fundraiser" in someones home before.

All this is, it's a party DISGUISED as a "fundraiser" (got to keep it legal) with a $40,000.00 cover charge.

Yeah, Obama this looks real good right after your token gay marriage BS for re-election votes. But that was not political.

Notice how Obama blew it right back on each state like it's always been. Which means he has no intention of doing anything. He won't do a thing.

Obama has been asked this question a hundred times and blew it off. Now that it's re-election time...How can anyone not see how hollow and token that is.

834 days ago



834 days ago


All this fuss is not fair to the neighbours at all. I would sue and not stay indoors just because they say to.

834 days ago


It's not surprsing his favorite beer is Bud Light. Neither one of them have any taste!

834 days ago


Good Lord, the paid trolls are all over the place attacking the President. The baggers are out if force. First of all even Romney has fundraisers in private homes. Every politician I know locally also does it both Repug and Dems. What the President isn't allow to have fundraisers for his campaign? And for your education, because you trolls seem to have a lack of it, Obama has no choice when it comes to the Secret Service policies and procedures. Are you complaining when you are paying for Secret Service protection for Romney who is unemployed hiding his money in the Caymen Islands? NO So cut the crap. Secret Service go wherever the President goes. Or do you just want to lock him up in the White House and not allow him to campaign or raise funds for his campaign. Get a grip. You are all just mad that they aren't raising funds for some idiot bagger. Obama has a RIGHT to campaign and raise money for his campaign and for your information half of what he raises does not go to him but the Democratic National Committee for other candidates. You all need to educate yourselves or isn't that important to you, an education?

834 days ago

Michelle would be really nice to give the President of the United States the respect he deserves. His name is President Barack Obama....NOT "Obama". Regardless of whether you are a republican or a democrat I think President Barack Obama still deserves his due respect.

834 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Hollywood demagoguery at its utmost finest. Disgusting, obscene and shameful considering so many people are out of work, have lost their homes, and are going hungry.

834 days ago


So, Obumbler had a AMY Carter ( ala nuclear proliferation fears coming from a child) moment with his two daughters about the aspects of same-sex marriage! But, NOTHING was conceived or planned about this BEFORHAND! YEAH RIGHT!!! He was "against it" BEFORE he was "for it"! Now, Prez FLIP-FLOPPER have finally evolved his thinking on this topic for $40,000 per plate reasons for suddenly endorsing same-sex! YEAH!...IT'S JUST ALL ABOUT THE CASH FOR HIS RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN...NOTHING MORE! He'll gladly take these Homosexuals and Hollywood types MONEY that are in favor of this, promising them anything...and delivering them NOTHING! We've all heard this broken record of presidential rhetoric dribble before...haven't we? Remember all those imbeciles believing his hope and change CRAP! How'd that turn out for EVERYONE!??

834 days ago


It's not surprsing Obama's favorite beer is Bud Light. Neither of them have any taste!

834 days ago


It's a shame what politics is these days - Hollywood worship of play actors, lavish parties, wasted money on lavish food (while at the same time trying to take little kids' cupcakes away from them). Reminds me of Roman orgies.

834 days ago


Even though I can't stand Obama, I don't fault him for this. What is he going to do? Turn down a fund raiser like this with all these famous people? Of course not. The people that disgust me are these celebrities. I can't stand to even look at their butt obnoxious liberal looking mugs. Liberal face. That is what I call it. It is that half dopey looking, spaced out, crazy looking expression they always have. Just seeing cLooney's or Cher's or Streisand's or Sarandon's or all the others stupid a$$#hole faces makes the vomit start to come up my throat and my bowels and anus start twitching. They are disgusting, vile pigs.

834 days ago


HAHA Sierra Nevada! Great Choice Mr. Clooney. I like you more and more

834 days ago
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