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Rihanna Drops Chris Brown

You Finally

Crossed the Line

5/10/2012 7:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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It seems Rihanna has finally had enough of Chris Brown ... the singer has "unfollowed" her ex-boyfriend on Twitter after he released a new diss track that appears to be aimed at her.

The song in question is a remix of Kanye's TheraFlu -- in which Brown freestyles the verse, "Don't f*ck with my old bitches ... like a bad fur ... every industry n*gga done had her."

He continues, "Trick or treat like a pumpkin ... just to smash her."

Hours after Brown released the track last night, Rihanna stopped following Brown on Twitter -- a HUGE move -- and one that's leading many to assume Rihanna believes the verse is about her.

A short time later, Brown unfollowed Rihanna.

We reached out to Rihanna's rep -- so far, no comment.



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what a hobag and he's a punk, they make a good couple...

904 days ago


After all the trouble Chris Brown has had with the media after beating Rihanna, you'd think he'd realize it's not worth it to sing lyrics that encourage violence against women. So when Robin Roberts asks him, "What were you thinking when you recorded this?", he could lose his temper and throw another chair through the GMA window. Some things never change. Chris Brown is an idiot. Hopefully Rihanna is really done with him.

904 days ago


So, Rihanna, seems like you finally get what everyone has been saying from the start... Better late than never!

904 days ago

Travis Lindsay    

You know what they say " Beat me once shame on you , Beat me Twice shame on me , Say something negative in a crappy diss track? Unfollowed! "

904 days ago


"unfollowed"? ooooooooh.... is this a virtual divorce? are tweets community property? demi's using her new maiden tweet name. stephen colbert did not tweet for 2 days... must be dead! really? on a maturity scale, twitter ranks somewhere between cooties and an actual cootie catcher...

904 days ago

myopiniondont mattah    

chris a hoe..rihanna is one too but chris ****ing everything down while she thinking bout him..leave that man whore alone

904 days ago


raquel harper gossa big ol bootie call me senor sweet tooth

904 days ago


We should have picked our own cotton...

904 days ago


They're all freaking idiots!

904 days ago


Rihanna is an idiot! Getting the hell beaten out of you wasnt enough to get away from, let alone de-friend via social media, Chris Brown?! Brown is a low-life loser who abuses women- fact.Then Rihanna goes making a dirty track with her former abuser? After she played the victim card on tv news stations everywhere? How Desperate. Terrible role model for young girls

904 days ago


Didn't they unfollow each other a long time ago? Why do we care?

904 days ago


Well, Rihanna isn't the greatest voice, she isn't the best dancer... but in her new video, she actually proved me wrong... but she doesn't write her own songs! she has a hot body but her face is like... not that much! She's a manufactured product of music industry... sorry to say that. Every year many so called singers are dumped in the radios... a few can make it through and somehow we idolize them and give them some divine persona just because they r popular. Sometimes, they have nice personalities that make them look and sound better, but Rihanna is following Whitney and Britney footsteps... her true personality is not very well perceived and slowly is tearing her apart.
She's always exposing her body insted of her voice... sooner or later, her youth is going to say goodbye and unfortunately she's be remembered for her bad, and not her good. That's a fact! it happened before and i can see that will happen again

904 days ago


God Rihanna... Not everything is about you!

904 days ago


I don't really like Rihanna but I hate Chris Brown even more. His lil piece in Think Like a Man was stupid and reflected his true personality. He's a personality of a loose off the wall bad little child. In fact he's worse. Get them buck teeth fixed, and your nipples look like you've had too much estrogen fool.

904 days ago


I don't see what the big deal is. It's not like he lied on her. She does get around and it's sad because it only shows the world that she is still a immature little girl with low self esteem and the only way she feels loved is by sleeping around. Rihanna is truly pathetic... And someone please tell the "sista" on the show who thinks it's cool for a young girl to be drinking on a surf board in the middle of the ocean not to make such STUPID comments because there are people on this earth who might believe it and drown because someone else thought it was cool... your words were irresponsible.

904 days ago
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